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Solar Battery Solution in Chula Vista

For the residents of Chula Vista, harnessing solar power has always been a priority. They are known to be eco-friendly and environmentally-conscious people. At the same time, there are a significant number of other benefits of using solar power. In Chula Vista, the utility often implements disruption in supply on a rolling basis. They do this for various reasons but primarily for avoiding electrical trigger to forest fires. During low humidity and gusty winds, the utility usually implements such power cuts, which can, at times, last for days.

During such periods of a power outage, solar power is of great help. Chula Vista has been witnessing rapid growth in solar energy production by homeowners. With the abundant sun and the Pacific Ocean in the background, Chula Visa is well-positioned to take advantage of the solar energy revolution that is sweeping the San Diego county.

To add to the solar energy-momentum, local roofing, and solar power company, Semper Solaris has been pushing the installation of solar energy panels and systems in Chula Vista homes. The company specializes in providing the entire range of solar energy solutions, including the installation of solar panels.

San Diego county is one of the few regions in California that has seen unprecedented growth in solar power production. Semper Solaris is fast emerging as a leading company offering a complete range of solar power solutions to people in Chula Vista and the whole of San Diego county.

What is Battery Storage?

Battery storage is a device that can store excess power generated by the solar panels. Homeowners can use this stored power during an outage or when the electricity rates are higher during the day. These devices are significant technological innovations that not only save solar energy but also manage it by keeping you informed about the level of charging and other vital details. You can access these details on your mobile phone or similar devices.

Battery storage is an excellent solution for homeowners who were not able to fully utilize the power that their solar panels were producing. Now, with these devices, they can store the energy and use it when they need during the outage or at a strategic time in the day when electricity rates are high. Semper Solaris markets two very innovative battery storages: Tesla Powerwall and Enphase.

Tesla Powerwall Residential Battery Storage

Saving Money With Battery Storage in Chula Vista

Battery storage can be a great way to save money by reducing electricity bills. Without these devices, the extra energy produced by solar panels would go to waste. But once you have these smart battery storages, you have more freedom about how you want to use your solar energy. There is no chance of any amount of energy going waste. There is a higher degree of efficiency and productivity when it comes to using power at home. You can use the stored energy in place of regular electricity and save money that you would otherwise pay to the utility.

Semper Solaris is a market leader in solar energy in Chula Vista and San Diego region and can do the solar backup battery installation. Besides saving money, your battery storage can help you make money. Now the local authorities have allowed the homeowners and businesses to sell their excess solar power to the grid and get paid. Besides the installation of solar power systems and battery storage, Semper Solaris can also help you sell the excess solar that you generate. You can contact Semper Solaris for more on this.

Semper Solaris for Battery Storage in Chula Vista

Semper Solaris is a prominent solar energy company in Chula Vista that sells the whole range of solar energy solutions to the residents of San Diego county. Its battery storages Tesla Power all and Enphase are tow most innovative productions in their category. So if you are looking for solar batteries Chula Vista or solar battery storage Chula Vista, you should contact Semper Solaris, and their executive will give you all the information that you need to make an informed decision.

Semper Solaris is inspired by the Marine Corps and believes the strict and purposeful military values. Its name means: always faithful. And the company tries to live up its name and the army values it cherishes: personal courage, loyalty, duty, selfless service, respect, honor, and integrity.

Choosing to do business with Semper Solaris is an excellent move as the company remains tied with lofty ideals of the Marine Corps.

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The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.

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