Double Tesla Battery Storage unit installed into a home in San Marcos.

Why Get Battery Storage in San Marcos?

The climate of San Marcos throughout the year makes it an ideal place for battery storage. The warm weather of this place can change things by reducing the payments of your power consumption bills along with maintaining its daily productivity. Another reason to choose San Marcos for battery storage is 38% higher rates of electricity in this city as compared to the cities in various other states.

You can opt for solar batteries in San Marcos to store the solar energy of 265 sunny days every year to reduce the consumption of electricity and power bills in San Marcos. Moreover, the storage of solar energy in the battery in San Marcos can also protect you from outages for several years and reduce the emission of carbon along with lowering your power bills.

In California, you can also avail of specific incentives by installing the solar energy panels on your roof and start generating and storing energy in the batteries. If you are the owner of a solar energy plant, then you can also get 30% credit in federal tax along with the local rebates, depending upon the performance of the solar system installed on your roof.

To install a solar system at your home, you will have to contact an experienced solar company. It will allow you to switch to the source of renewable and eco-friendly energy in a very affordable manner.

Along with purchasing the panels of the solar system, you will have to buy solar battery storage in San Marcos to use the stored energy later on whenever required. Moreover, according to the policy of NEM or Net Energy Metering in California, you can also allow you to get credit bills for the excess energy created by you. Thus by getting battery storage in San Marcos, you can avail several benefits.

Benefits of Battery Storage Installation in San Marcos

How Does Battery Storage Work?

The storage system of solar batteries in San Marcos includes rechargeable batteries that can store energy generated by solar panels on the roof of your house. They can provide power to your business or home whenever required. These batteries are different from regular batteries as they include advanced technology to perform impossible and challenging tasks at the time of load shifting or peak consumption hours.

The energy generated by your solar system can be used at your home or business during the daytime. When you install solar battery storage in San Marcos with your solar panel system, then you can store the excess energy created by your solar system to recharge your battery. You can use this energy to provide power supply to your entire home when your solar panels are not producing energy. You can also send the unused energy back to the grid so that you can use grid power when your battery is discharged.

Enphase Encharge Battery

Save Money with Battery Storage

Thus, the solar battery storage in San Marcos allows you to save money in the long run by using the energy generated by the solar panels on your roof. Though initially, you will have to spend some money to install solar panels, later on, you can enjoy the energy generated with the help of sun rays for which you need not pay any money. You can reduce the consumption and bills of grid power by using the energy stored in your solar batteries in San Marcos.

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