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Among the Leading Local Roofing Repair, Solar and Battery Storage Installation, and Heating and Air Companies in San Diego

Your San Diego home deserves the best systems (as do you). Luckily, our expert team here at Semper Solaris is on hand to help with this. After all, as one of the leading local roofing repair, solar and battery storage installation, and heating and air companies in San Diego, we're here for you. No matter what your home might need, if you're looking to lead a greener life, we can help.
Our passion and expertise are unrivaled in the local area; meanwhile, our dedication for quality sets us apart from the rest. In short, if it's not good enough for our own homes, we won't rest until it is. We never compromise on quality. So, discover the most effective, reliable, and professional solutions for your home with help from our team. Why choose anyone else?

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Solar Energy
San Diego

Cost Savings. Financial returns and lower monthly utility bills are major incentives for going solar.


Battery Storage
San Diego

Battery storage can provide you additional control over powering your home


San Diego

Roof replacement at the right time is crucial. Don't wait too long to replace your roof


San Diego

Team up with Semper Solaris to install the perfect HVAC system today!

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Solar Panel Technologies to Transform Your Home

Solar panel technologies have come a long way. As such, now could be the ideal time to invest in solar for your home - and we're here to help. Our experts use only the best, state of the art solar panel tech to ensure your home is as green and efficient as possible!
Cut your energy bills, live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, and enjoy enhanced power security at all times. There's a lot to love about solar power for your home - and our experts would be happy to walk you through this if you need further support.

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Effective Battery Storage Installation In San Diego

You've got the solar panels. But to make the most of them, you need reliable, efficient battery storage systems. Fortunately, this is where we can help. Our top-quality solutions are among the most reliable and professional in the region. So, if you've been looking for battery storage installation in San Diego, why partner with anyone else?
Of course, we understand that your time is precious. Luckily, we work tirelessly to deliver fast, efficient solutions - helping you get on with your day! So, contact us to find out more. We're here to help with your battery storage installation in San Diego - and are proud to deliver the most efficient solutions in the industry.

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Among the Leading Roofing Repair Companies in San Diego

Even with the best HVAC systems in your home, you'll still lose heat to the outside world. Effective insulation is crucial in this regard. Luckily, our top-quality roofing repair solutions can help.
As one of the leading roofing repair companies in San Diego, we understand how important your property's roof is. After all, a large amount of heat from our homes is lost through the roof; that's why it's so important to reduce this, where possible.
Luckily, our team can keep your roof looking its best. This simple change helps reduce leaks and dampness in your home, cuts energy losses, and even adds curb appeal to your home. So, what's not to love; discover the best solutions for your home today!

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Heating and Air Solutions in San Diego You Can Count On

Quality HVAC systems are vital to keep your home warm and comfortable. Luckily, this is where our experts can help. Indeed, as heating and air experts, our San Diego team is often praised for their professionalism and experience.
We work tirelessly to deliver effective solutions for your home, to keep your property well ventilated and warm. After all, a damp or cold house can be unhealthy; luckily, you won't have to worry with our leading solar technologies.

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Helping Veterans One
Solar System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.