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Courtney's Corner

At Semper Solaris, we strive to make your solar, roofing, heating, and air conditioning experience as smooth as possible. We value our customers and their experiences. From start to finish, our team is there every step of the way. Here at Courtney's Corner, we highlight just a few of the happy experiences we have had.

After installing solar panels for his home, William N. noticed his electric bill went down tremendously.

After an initial review of five to six solar companies, Emil decided to stay local with Semper Solaris for his home solar panel installation for the following reasons.

Marv didn’t expect how quickly his solar installation was going to be completed and he was pleasantly surprised.

Bill was thinking about solar to help reduce his electrical costs in his home. He chose Semper Solaris after doing a lot of competitive research.

When Sean moved into his new home in San Diego, he noticed that his neighbors were paying as much as $400 to $500 monthly.

Jorge’s last electric bill was $300 month and the next bill he received was credit.

Sally was paying close to $500 a month for her electricity bills.

For Russel, this is the second home that he has contracted Semper Solaris to install solar panels for.

Al Owens was so impressed with the job Semper Solaris did on his neighbor’s solar panel installation that he immediately contracted Semper for his own home.

No natural gas, high electricity bills, and long summer nights is why Matthew installed solar panels with Semper Solaris.

In order to be truly sustainably aware, Justin went with solar panels to provide electricity for his home in San Diego.

John Carlson is anticipating to pay $0 in electrical bills!

Bill Carpenter needed a roof replacement for his 30-year old home. Semper Solaris has met his expectations and the whole process has been extremely efficient.

Four kids, a large house and a pool, Angela’s electricity bill was through the roof.

Semper Solaris stood out to Mike for the excellent customer service, top-notch equipment and professionalism displayed by the contractors.

Hear real customers talk about their experience installing solar panels.

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