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Semper Solaris Serves All of California

Imagine if there was a gas station that was $4.00 a gallon for gas and there was another gas station that was $2.50 a gallon for gas. You look across the street and there’s somebody in a big old cadillac filling up for $4.00 of gas, and you’re wondering why in the world would he be over there. Right now, if you’re paying electricity to a utility company you’re the fat cat at the 4 dollar gas station and everyone’s looking at you like, why are you still paying 4 dollars a gallon for gas when right across the street you’re getting the same gas for $2.50 a gallon?

Don’t be a fat cat! Go Solar American Style with Semper Solaris! They are a multi-award winners and US Veteran Owned!

Please fill out the forms to receive your $550!

Save on Your Electricity Bill & Help A Friend, Call Today! (888) 210-3366

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