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Looking for solar panel installation or roof repair in California? Here at Semper Solaris, we love working with homeowners who want to cut their energy bills and lower their carbon footprint by investing in renewable energy. And we do it all backed by the military values of honor, integrity, discipline, and hard work.

As a veteran-owned company, these values flow directly from the top down to every employee wearing a Semper Solaris logo on their shirt.

Our customers appreciate our competitive prices, our commitment to offering only the highest quality American-made solar panels and roofing equipment, and our great customer service.

So, are you ready to go solar?

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Dan and Mitzie Talk About Their New Solar Panels

Dan and Mitzie Talk About Their New Solar Panels
Megna went solar with Semper Solaris.

Megna went solar with Semper Solaris and eliminated a $300 bill
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Gary & Tiffany’s Review and Zero Energy Bill
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Patrick Reviews His Solar Panel Installation
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Is Solar Worth It? Alan Shares His Story
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Richard’s Roofing Review
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Mitch’s Solar Install and Review

Go solar in 3 easy steps

Energy Use & Site Analysis

Our friendly representative will visit your location, provide helpful tips on energy use, crunch the numbers on your usage and determine the best way to deploy your solar array to save you the most money.

Preparation and Installation

We take care of all plans, permits, and engineering and then our skilled technicians will arrive to install your system in just a few short days. We specialize in perfection.

Power on and Enjoy

All of our systems come with easy performance monitoring. You can just sit back, relax and enjoy as your savings rocket sky high.

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Save $500 when going solar!
Save $500 when going solar!


We Still Have a ZERO Bill!


“We are incredibly happy with the results and have immediately witnessed the cost savings. We can’t tell you how happy we have been with this entire process.” – Dan & Tracy Jackson // Semper Solaris Customer

A Company Owned by Veterans That Hires Veterans

Semper Solaris is a veteran-owned company, and we understand how challenging it can be to transition from the military into civilian life. That’s why we make hiring veterans a priority.

[Meet the veterans at Semper Solaris]

Veteran Owned Products Made In America
Semper Solaris - Roof Work

Enlist the roofing experts

Why wait until your whole roof needs to be replaced? Repair it now before the damage spreads!

Solar Maintenance, Diagnosis, and Repair Service

Is your solar power system a few years old? Is it not producing the amount of solar energy it should? Are you seeing cracked glass on one of your solar panels? For all of these solar problems, and more, Semper Solaris is the solar energy company you want servicing your solar power system.

Semper Solaris Workers Performing Maintenance Work on Solar Panels

Featured Customers

Jackson Residence Solar Installation Project Complete

Jackson Residence, San Diego 92131, 18 Panels

Dear Mr. Almond, I just wanted to touch base with you and let you how pleased we have been with Semper Solaris’ professional service. Every question we had in regards to getting solar electricity was answered to our full satisfaction so that we understood everything. I was so pleased with the immense amount of time…

The sun. Even from 93 million miles away, it has enough power to support all life on earth. And if you’re lucky enough to live in California, you’re in the perfect climate to harness that power for use in your own home. With moderate temperatures year-round throughout most of the state, clear skies, and plenty of sunshine, solar power is an ideal renewable energy source for the nation’s most populous state.

Californians have taken that message to heart. Based on the number of solar power systems currently installed in California, the golden state is already the solar capital of the United States, and the trend isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon. With traditional energy costs constantly on the rise, and environmental concerns growing, it makes sense that saving money and reducing dependence on non-renewable and Earth-harmful sources of energy are powerful reasons so many Californians have chosen to install solar panels on their homes.

But don’t think you’re entirely on your own when it comes to going solar. In an effort to promote the use of clean, renewable energy sources, both the federal and state government, along with many cities, offer rebates, tax credits, and incentives to homeowners who choose solar power over traditional sources of energy. So whether you own a home or a business in California, there has never been a better time to join the solar revolution.

When you choose Semper Solaris for your solar power needs, you aren’t just choosing a business; you’re choosing a business that puts pride in service, customer satisfaction, skilled workmanship, and the highest-quality products at the top of our list of “must haves.” We’re a local business, and we love our state and our country. In fact, Semper Solaris is owned and operated by veterans of the U.S. Marines and other military divisions. Our very name comes from the Marine Corp motto, “Semper Fidelis,” which means “always faithful.” We take that idea seriously; it is our vow to remain faithful to the military values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage. That’s why our company is one of the fastest growing operations in the state of California. We keep our promises to our customers, and it shows; nearly half of our customer base has come from referrals. Feel free to check out our rave reviews on Yelp and you’ll see why Semper Solaris has such a solid reputation.

But we don’t stop there. We also take pride in using the best solar panels on the market: SunPower panels. Designed in the United States, SunPower panels are highly efficient – in fact, they are the highest efficiency panels on the market today. Plus, they are sleek and attractive — no more ugly panels marring the good looks of your home.

Give us a call. Our highly trained technicians will assess your energy needs, develop the best plan for your solar energy system, handle all of the necessary permits, and then install your panels within a few short days. And it will all be done right the first time: guaranteed. That’s our passion and our promise.

There are a lot of solar panel companies out there, so why should you choose us? Well, to start with, there’s our insistence on the best solar panels and the best customer service in the business. But the benefits of harnessing sun power don’t stop there. We’re also determined to save you a bundle on your utility bills. Here are a few of the perks you’ll be able to take advantage of.

If you’re still not convinced, give us a call and we’ll be happy to set up a free consultation. One of our Semper Solaris experts will sit down with you and explain how the entire process works. You’ll be glad you made the call!

We are proud to offer solar panel installation and roof repair throughout California, including:

  • San Diego
  • Los Angeles
  • Bay Area
  • Orange County
  • Fresno
  • San Francisco

We work and hire local, giving back to each community.

[See all of our locations]

Many of our customers discover that they need to make roof repairs or even replace their roof before they can install solar panels. Our experienced crew is licensed for both solar installation and roof repair. By taking care of your roofing and solar needs as part of a single project, we can pass big cost and time savings to you!  

[Request a roof assessment]

Already have a solar system, but it isn’t working as well as it should? Ask us about our solar panel repair services.

Interested in getting off the grid? Solar batteries are getting more efficient every year. We can give you solar battery recommendations and install solar batteries.

We want to give you big savings if you choose to work with us for your solar installation or roof repair. We are also proud to offer additional discounts to active duty military, military veterans, and first responders as a special thank you for your service.

[View our current special offers]

You save big on your energy bills and your solar panel installation. Contact us to learn how you can get solar panels for $0 down and zero payments until next year!

Step One – Energy Use & Site Analysis

Our friendly representative will visit your home, crunch the numbers, and recommend the solar panel system that will work best for you..


Step Two – Preparation and Installation

Once you give us the thumbs up on your solar project, we’ll take care of all the plans, permits, and engineering. Then, our skilled technicians will install your system in just a few short days.


Step Three – Power On

Sit back, relax, and enjoy as the sun powers your home. If you’re curious, you can always use our easy-to-understand monitoring software to watch your panels work.

As long as the sun is shining (and even when it’s not), you can be harnessing that renewable energy. It all starts by scheduling a free energy analysis or roof assessment. Don’t let any more sunshine go to waste!

[Schedule a no-obligation energy analysis] [Schedule a free roof assessment]


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