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Tesla Powerwall

Smart Battery Storage System

Intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard to adjust and control storage

10-Year Limited Warranty

Product Features

Operating Modes

Powerwall is designed to be easy to use and accessible via its Tesla mobile app. Within the mobile app, users can adjust and control their storage to meet their home’s needs. There are also operating modes to help use and distribute energy to specific periods. Self-powered, Backup, and Time-Based Control all provide the user unique settings depending on how they wish to use their Powerwall.

Simple Design

Just like most of Tesla’s designs, Powerwall is compact and straightforward. Being touch-safe, weatherproof and quiet, Powerwall is also an all in one battery, meaning there is an internal inverter to operate the system. Powerwall can be floor or wall-mounted inside or outside the home and is always connected to monitor energy in real-time, so you are always aware of your energy consumption.

Backup Power

Whether connected to the grid or a solar panel system, Powerwall can be used as a backup system in case of a power outage or a rolling blackout. You will not even notice when the backup mode is on as Powerwall will seamlessly switch to this mode and will stay powered for 7+ continuous days*

Energy Storage

Powerwall can store any surplus energy produced by your solar panel system to be used at a later time or during peak hours. If you install Powerwall without a solar system, then it can be charged by the grid and you can use it as backup power later. All stored energy can be tracked and adjusted in the Tesla mobile app.

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