Enphase Encharge Battery

Microinverter-Based Battery Storage System

Easy Access via the Enphase Enlighten App

Limited 10-year Warranty

Product Features

Power in Your Hand

The Enphase Encharge Battery can be effortlessly accessed through the Enphase Enlighten app which speaks directly to your Enphase battery system. With Enlighten, you can actively monitor how much energy your home is generating and using. The Enlighten software is easy to navigate and accessible on any device, so you can have insight into your home energy whenever and wherever you like.

Innovative Design

Enphase has a sleek, durable, and innovative design that offers next-generation microinverter technology. These microinverters are embedded in the battery itself and are “Hot-swappable” meaning they can be individually replaced if one goes bad. This ensures there is no “single point of failure,” the hallmark of the Enphase system.

Effortless Back-Up Power

No matter what may come, blackouts or grid shortages, the Enphase Encharge will detect the outage, disconnect from the grid, and effortlessly transfer your power via the Enpower Smart Switch. Within a fraction of a second, your home will be fully powered by a process so seamless, you won’t even know there was an outage.

Sourced & Stored Energy

The Encharge battery will store your backup power whether connected to solar panels or the grid. You can either combine your solar system with the Enphase Encharge battery and store your surplus solar energy, or charge your battery from the electrical grid and use it as a backup generator.

Save Big on Your Electric Bill!