Solar Panel Manufacturers

At Semper Solaris, we pride ourselves on offering the finest solar installation services on the finest solar products. That being said, here is a list of our top solar panel manufacturers.

American Made Solar Panels

Going solar, American style is what Semper Solaris does best. With Semper, you have the freedom to choose American made solar panels if that’s what you’re looking for.


Silfab’s core mission is to improve access to clean energy and reduce carbon emissions. They have committed to providing flexibility, stability, and customer satisfaction. Silfab offers quality North American-made modules, as well as fantastic customer service and an excellent purchasing experience.


Silfab Solar Manufacturer


LG builds efficient and powerful residential and commercial solar modules. They are known for having first-rate manufacturing, superior development standards, and stringent research. LG solar modules take up less space than most modules while producing the same amount of electricity as other lower efficiency modules with less.


LG Solar Logo


Solaria mass produces hyper-effective and long-lasting solar modules in North America. They have a 25-year warranty but are designed to exceed the length of the warranty. With Solaria, you can trust that you will be delivered a reliable power generation every day.


Solaria Solar Panels

Why is adopting renewable energy so vital in America?

Not only is the American solar industry creating jobs, improving our economy, and reducing electrical costs, it’s also protecting our environment. We are also reducing our carbon footprint and taking a step towards preserving the natural beauty of this country that we love.

Investing in renewable solar energy is an easy way to ensure you are protected from increasing electrical bills as well as taking part in protecting our environment from pollution and waste.

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