Switching to solar can save money on your electric bill

Solar, Roofing, Heating, and Air Conditioning in Redlands

Veteran-owned Semper Solaris is a top California Solar and Roofing Company that provides services to the jewel of San Bernardino, the City of Redlands, California. We are energy experts always looking to improve energy efficiency for our clients. 

Solar Power in Redlands

The City of Redlands is going green. Clean, renewable energy is the future of this city.  Solar power is the number one energy source globally, clean, efficient energy protecting the great outdoors.  With an average of 279 sunny days a year, solar power in Redlands has a very bright future.  

A Solar panel installation in Redlands is a cost-effective, money-saving opportunity knocking. And the cost is lower than ever before.  Homeowners in Redlands are taking advantage of the low prices and getting a significant return on their investment. 

Just imagine your elation upon discovering that solar power can eliminate your electric bill. A bonus is that adding a new HVAC along with solar panels lowers the cost of your solar installation by reducing the amount of energy you use on a daily basis.  

Semper Solaris in Redlands

Semper Solaris is the best solar power company in Redlands for reliable service and quality workmanship. We offer top-of-the-line, high quality solar panels from trusted brands. Our customer service is exemplary.  We will guide you through going solar, from the initial evaluation and permitting through financing, tax incentives, and more. 

Solar Battery Storage in Redlands

At Semper Solaris, we think solar battery storage is a good idea. Why? With more affordable solar batteries these days, a solar backup battery will maximize your investment by storing the power your panels produce. Then, when they are not producing energy, you won’t need the utility company at night and on particularly cloudy days. Just use the stored power instead.  That’s money in the bank.  

A solar backup storage battery is a worthwhile investment for the safety and security of your family.   If a power outage or disaster strikes, you won’t be stuck in the dark wondering what to do.  Your ability to get information, communicate, and call for help will be there when you need it most. 

Roofing Done Right in Redlands

The number one job of your roof is protecting your home from outside elements. It must be waterproof, windproof, provide ventilation and sufficient insulation. A roof that is old, weathered, or in disrepair can’t do its job.  Holes, leaks, and other unseen problems in your roof can go undetected long enough to do serious damage to your house. 

The determining factor for installing rooftop solar panels is the condition of your roof.  Semper Solaris will inspect your roof and do calculations to determine its weight-bearing capacity. It may need replacement before we install your solar panels.

A roof must hold the solar panels for 20 years or more.  If you install solar and your roof together, you avoid the expense in the future of removing the panels to build the roof.  As a bonus, solar panels are protective and will extend the life of your roof by several years. Find out more about roof replacement with Semper Solaris. 

Semper Solaris is the best roofing company in Redlands and Owens Corning Platinum Preferred contractors. We build our roofs with cutting-edge materials and technology.  Our beautifully designed and constructed roofs will boost your home’s curb appeal and provide the very best in home comfort.  

Whether you need repairs or replacement of your roof, want to go solar, invest in energy-efficient HVAC or add a backup battery, Semper Solaris is the right company to call. We are veteran-owned and operated, reliable and trustworthy—and committed to doing the very best job for our valued clients on every project. 

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Heating and Air Conditioning in Redlands

So, when we realized how beneficial heating and air was with solar, we knew it was time to expand our horizons and add heating and air conditioning to our list of services. Solar panels merged with new energy-efficient heating and air conditioning in Redlands is an unbeatable combination that is more robust and effective than either standalone system. 

The newest state-of-the-art heating and air conditioning technology reduces waste and greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, it increases home comfort by giving you temperature control, better air filtration, and ventilation.  If your HVAC system is older than ten years or more, investing in a new heating and air conditioning system is a cost-effective investment that will pay for itself. 

The Department of Energy estimates that 48 to 50 percent of residential energy usage goes to heating and air conditioning. Inefficient, outdated machinery that is energy-hungry wastes energy.  You can take control by upgrading to an energy-efficient HVAC unit. Considering the record high temperatures in Redlands during the summer, can you imagine running your air conditioning all day long without paying a penny more? 

An HVAC installation from Semper Solaris will save energy and money. Don’t forget about the amazing heating and air conditioning warranty that it comes with. The only thing you have to lose is a ridiculously high electric bill.


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