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Add more Solar Panels

Add More Solar Panels + Keep Your Current Net Metering Plan.

(Keep Net Metering 1 or 2!)

Is your electricity bill still high even with solar panels? It's time to boost your solar production! With us, you can seamlessly add more solar panels and keep your current NEM metering plan.

Yes, for a limited time, we're here to help you increase your solar power output while preserving the benefits of your existing plan.


Take Advantage of This Limited Time Opportunity

The benefits are UNreal!

No Change in Net Metering: Enjoy the added benefits without any changes to your current agreement.

Increased Energy Production: Produce more power to meet all your energy needs and further reduce your utility bills.

Local, Veteran-Owned Excellence: Trust in our military values and local commitment to providing you with the best service and quality.

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Time is running out!
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Now is the time to expand your solar system!

 There is a new rule allowing you to add panels to your home without having to switch to Net Metering 3. That means more energy and continued savings, without any compromise.



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