Solar Battery Benefits in Santee, San Diego

There are many benefits of solar batteries, but the biggest of them is that they use sunlight to produce energy, which is entirely eco-­­friendly. When there is a power outage in Santee, solar batteries in Santee can power your house and allows some of the home appliances to work. It may work as a friend to you when there is a problem with grid electricity.

Nowadays, solar batteries are also used in industries. These batteries help decrease our dependence on fossil fuels. Fossil fuels create pollution, which is very harmful to all living organisms. Fossil fuels are a limited source of energy, while solar batteries are renewable sources of energy. This way, these batteries also save the world.

There is another benefit that whenever you want to use your solar battery, you can use it. When you use your solar batteries to power your house, your electricity bill will automatically decrease. This way, you can save some money. You can store the extra electricity from your solar power system and sell it to the utility and earn some extra cash.

How Does Battery Storage Work?

A solar energy power system includes an inverter, solar panels, a performance monitoring system that can track your data of electricity and equipment to attach the solar panels to the roof. The solar panels gather energy from the sun, which is stored in the inverter. Whenever you need power in your house, you can use power from your inverter.

When the solar energy fully charges the inverter, you can also charge the battery storage with the extra power that your solar panels are producing. Once the battery storage is also fully charged, you can keep it for future use. During the extended period of a power outage, the solar backup battery can provide power to your house. You can also sell power from power storage.

Many high-quality battery storages are available in the market, which has a lot of user-friendly features. Some advanced models of battery storage can keep you updated about charging levels and other details like how much energy your house requires and how long the battery can last.

Types of Battery Storage

Batteries used in house energy storage are mainly of three types:

  • Lead-acid: The lead-acid battery is a time-tested technology that has been in use for decades. They have a shorter life span and DoD than any other types of batteries. It is also one of the least expensive options for home energy storage. If you are looking to go off-grid and create a reliable energy option, lead-acid batteries are a good option.
  • Lithium-ion: Lithium-ion is the most preferred home energy storage battery in the world. Lithium-ion batteries are compact and lighter than lead-acid batteries. They also have a higher depth of discharge (DoD) and has a long lifespan than any other batteries. However, they are more expensive.
  • Saltwater batteries: The saltwater battery is a new battery storage system in the home energy storage sector. Unlike other options discussed above, saltwater batteries don’t have heavy metals. It uses saltwater electrolytes.

Batteries that contain heavy metals such as lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries require a unique process of disposal while a saltwater battery is eco-friendly.

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Semper Solaris for Battery Storage Installation in Santee

Semper Solaris is a market leader in solar energy and battery storage installations. Its presence at Santee, where it has carried out countless solar systems and battery storage installations, is more pronounced.

Santee is only 18 miles from the Pacific Ocean and is known for bountiful of sun. If you are looking for solar battery storage in Santee, Semper Solaris is the best company for the installation of any solar energy solutions.

Semper Solaris provides solar energy, roofing solutions, air-conditioning solutions for homeowners. It is a popular name in San Diego, where it is almost synonymous with solar installations. San Diego is one of the largest centers of solar energy-related companies. Semper Solaris is a solar energy company that is engaged in the local level business of solar panels and battery storage installations.

If you are ready to get solar battery storage in Sante, contact Semper Solaris. Our expert team is prepared to help you choose the right battery storage for your home’s needs.

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