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Best Battery Storage Company in San Diego

Why You Need Solar Battery Storage

If you’ve recently had a solar panel system installed or are thinking about going solar, there is an invaluable addition to your solar energy system that is often overlooked: solar battery storage. While solar batteries are still a developing technology, there have been major strides in recent years to make the technology more accessible to consumers in the San Diego area.

Solar batteries, like the Tesla Powerwall, allow homeowners to store any energy produced during the sunniest time of day and used later on – whether at night, during peak use hours (when getting grid electricity is more expensive), or even for emergency purposes. These batteries are extremely user-friendly, offering capabilities like connecting to your smartphone or tablet for quick usage review.

Claim Freedom From SDGE with Battery Storage

Over the last several years, energy storage technologies have majorly improved. These advancements have resulted in modern batteries being able to not only store more energy but are compact in size and affordable in cost. That means now is the time to invest in solar battery storage for your home.

Here are just a few of the reasons why solar battery storage is the next step for San Diegans:

  • Protects against spikes in Time-of-Use rates
  • Provides safety net of power in case of SDGE power outages
  • Allows you to be less “tied” to the SDGE grid
  • Helps maximize your solar investment and adds value to your San Diego home

Essentially, a solar storage battery ensures your San Diego home is never left in the dark and never at the mercy of your electrical grid.

Semper Solaris is the best battery storage provider company in San Diego.
Semper Solaris is the best battery storage provider company in San Diego.

Take the Next Step Towards Energy Independence in San Diego

Battery storage allows you to take advantage of Time-of-Use rates. While solar energy has grown in popularity, energy companies have realized they are going to lose out on money if they don’t find a way to charge primarily solar clients more. That is why new SDGE Time-of-Use rates have been mandated.

Most people’s solar panel systems are likely producing the most power during peak sunshine hours — which is often when they are away at work. Most power utilities have realized this, which is why there is a shift of peak use hours into the evening rather than the middle of the day. This could cut into some serious savings that solar customers deserve by causing a majority of their energy production to go towards these up charged peak use hours.

San Diego Leads the Way in Solar Energy Production

That is where the battery solution comes in. A solar battery equips homeowners to not just fight back, but protect their investment and ensure they have hours of solar power to fall back on during those peak times, rather relying on credits to cover grid electricity. It protects your solar savings and helps you become more independent from the grid — which means you stay more in control over your utility costs.

Talk to a solar professional at Semper Solaris today to find out if solar battery storage is right for your home!

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