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Best Solar Company in Pacific Beach

Solar Installation in Pacific Beach

Though P.B. may be known for its electric nightlife and beach vibes, it’s the year-round sunshine that gets us the most excited. Semper Solaris serves homeowners throughout Pacific Beach and surrounding San Diego communities.

Over the years, we have completed thousands of solar panel installations and earned countless 5-star reviews from our loyal customers. We chalk it up to our simple philosophy of putting our customers first and maintaining our military ethos. That’s what makes our service, products, and installations consistently excellent.

If you are interested in adding solar panels to your home, now is the time — and Sunny Southern California is the ideal place. With minimal days of rainy weather, Pacific Beach offers reliable sunshine that homeowners can take advantage of. You can save on electricity bills, help cut back on your carbon footprint, reduce your grid dependency, and bolster the value of your home by investing in solar. Average returns on solar investments for homeowners range anywhere from 10% to 30%, falling most commonly in the 20% range. After paying back your system in just several years, you’ll be able to capitalize on your upfront investment while enjoying green energy.

Interested in learning what type and amount of solar panels you’ll need for your home? Semper Solaris has the answers. Feel free to reach out to our Pacific Beach solar contractors at any time.

Maximize Your Savings in Pacific Beach — Save Money by Going Solar!

Finding the Right Solar Contractor

Going solar is about more than just installing solar panels. If you want to slash your carbon footprint, boost your property value, and save on your monthly electricity bills, you need to make sure you go solar the right way. That means working with a trusted solar panel installer who will maximize your investment and ensure you capitalize on all available rebates and incentives. That’s where Semper Solaris comes in.

What makes us the solar company you want?

  • Locally and veteran owned
  • Run on a military ethos
  • Prioritize integrity and quality of service
  • Only top name brands and products used
  • Discounts for military, police, and fireman
  • Unbeatable prices for Southern California
  • Straightforward, clear communication

We are proud to make solar easy for our customers to understand, whether they need to schedule panel repairs or replace a roof and install an entirely new system. Our goal is to make sure you are not just happy with the prices and the process, but remain informed every step of the way. Our solar professionals are on your side!

Install solar panels in Pacific Beach from the best solar panel installation company, Semper Solaris
Install solar panels in Pacific Beach from the best solar panel installation company, Semper Solaris

Will Your System Be Eligible for the 26% Credit?

You’ve probably heard about all the great incentives and rebates involved with going solar. You may be wondering if those options are still available or if you’ve missed the window on those great financial savings. The good news? Many of the incentives and rebates are still accessible to homeowners installing systems in the next few years. However, you can expect some changes to those incentives as solar continues to become more common.

With the prices of solar panels dropping, more and more homeowners have taken advantage of all the credits out there, especially the Solar Investment Tax Credit. The ITC has been incredibly successful at promoting solar, evidenced by the 59% compound solar growth since it was first enacted. It allows homeowners to deduct dollar-for-dollar 26% of the cost of their solar system, making it much more affordable.

Top 5 Reasons to go Solar in San Diego

Consider Replacing Your Roof to Go Solar

Having a roof over your head provides great protection and security for your most important investment — your home. When thinking about going solar, you also have to think about the stability and age of your roof. If you’ve been putting off re-roofing or replacement, now is your opportunity to tackle multiple home improvement projects in one. Going solar can be a great investment, as well as upgrading your roof.

Installing a new roof allows your home to be ready for the right amount of solar panels for your household needs, boosting property value and giving a fresh facelift to your home exterior while protecting the interior.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Solar Storage

Making the most of solar power energy in Pacific Beach is possible when you install a solar panel system paired with solar storage. A solar battery enables you to take your home solar system to the next level, saying no to those spiking Time-of-Use rates and yes to more energy independence. Solar battery storage gives you flexibility, freedom, security, safety, and lets you take full advantage of the solar energy your panels are producing on a regular basis. Can you still send some power back to the grid for credits? Sure. Do you get to save more of that solar energy for your own home during low production hours and emergency power outages. You bet.

As solar battery technology continues to improve, more and more homeowners are seeing and jumping on the opportunity to optimize their solar systems. Would you like to find out if solar battery storage is right for your home? Semper Solaris is here to provide insight.

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Helping Veterans One Solar System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.

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