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Battery Storage adds peace of mind in Escondido

It’s no secret that Escondido residents have some of the best weather in the nation. With 266 sunny days on average each year, an investment in solar is a great idea. How can you improve on that investment, you ask? With a battery backup system!

What can a battery backup system do for me?

For those of us in California, we know that more rolling blackouts are in our future. With the increased fire danger, power companies have begun working to prevent devastating fires by turning off our power during high wind incidences. While we know that this is a necessary step to avoid catastrophic loss, it can hamper our home life. But those of us with solar in Escondido will be able to provide power to our homes during those blackouts.

How Battery Storage Works

Well, that’s where a battery backup system is an excellent investment. If you have solar or are considering solar for your Escondido home, batteries are a great way to increase the availability of solar power for your home.

Here is how it works

  • During the day, your solar panels generate power, usually over what you use.
  • Without a battery backup, this excess power returns to the grid where you earn credits so that when your panels cannot keep up with your usage, you can use those credits for power from the electric company.
  • If you have batteries attached to your solar panels, that excess solar power charges your batteries. Once your batteries are completely charged, any excess power generated goes to the grid, and you earn credits.

At night, when your panels do not provide power, your batteries release that saved energy for your use through an installed inverter. This process prevents you from having to rely on PG&E for any power. This power is available during inclement weather or blackouts, too. Imagine the peace of mind those batteries can give your family, especially at night!

Tesla Powerwall Battery Storage

Add batteries to new and existing solar panel systems

Semper Solaris is a leader in solar panel installation. We are a locally owned and operated company and understand what Escondido residents need so that their solar and battery system is compatible with local power companies.

Recent statistics show that the vast majority of customers who are thinking of installing solar are also interested in a battery storage system. These customers are thinking about long-term power issues and how to deal with power outages. The technology is changing quickly, and this is making solar power and battery storage more financially feasible for many people.

If you already have an existing solar system, our team can come out and evaluate your system to see if it can be wired for a battery backup system. We will also help you decide which solar battery would be best for your home’s energy consumption.

If you want to install a new solar panel system on your home and are also curious about how a battery bank can be an asset for your solar panels, do not hesitate to ask our honest and qualified service representatives. We will schedule an appointment with one of our experienced technicians. The technician will come to your home, evaluate the position of your roof, and figure out what type of system and design would best fit your home.

We only use quality products such as Tesla Powerwall and the Enphase. These products come with excellent warranties so that you can be assured your investment is protected.

Give us a call today to set up an appointment to discuss battery storage to compliment your solar panels. It is an excellent investment in your home and will provide you the security of generating and storing your own electricity.

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