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Tesla Powerwall Home Battery Storage

Best Solar Battery Storage in Imperial Beach

Semper Solaris has been installing solar power in Imperial Beach for many years. We are familiar with the residents here and their commitment to preserving natural resources. As sales of solar systems increase along with the innovation and efficiency of the technology, time, and again, it proves that solar power saves the environment and saves money. Now on the horizon, the possibility of energy independence for residential solar has arrived.

Solar Power Battery Storage in Imperial Beach has become affordable and doable for homeowners. The efficiency of battery technology and its capabilities point to more potential for saving money on top of what solar power already saves. It leads the way to more and more uses for solar that are not limited by being tied to the grid.

Semper Solaris is at the forefront of solar technology. That is why we are proud to be one of the first on the scene to install solar power batteries in Imperial Beach for homeowners.

We are local and veteran-owned, and our technicians are the best in their field. We are committed to renewable energy and want to do our best to equip every homeowner with the best available technology for their homes.

What is Battery Storage, and How Does It Work?

Your solar panels generate electricity during the day when the sun is shining. Excess power from your panels routes back to the central utility grid, your electricity provider. The energy is stored there for later use and is credited to your account, but it comes back to you at the high rate, even though your panels produced it.

Saving Money with Battery Backup in Imperial Beach

A solar battery links with solar panels for storing energy produced by your solar panels during the day. You can store a lot of your excess power in your solar storage to use during those expensive peak hours instead of using the stored energy from the grid. You will still get credited for the energy that was produced by your panels, which means increased savings. Almost like selling your electricity.

Here is how it looks

  • Solar power during the day = low flat rate
  • Stored solar energy from the grid at night = high rates
  • Solar energy from your battery = free

Emergencies and Power Outages in Imperial Beach

You can use the power stored in your battery when the grid goes down. Although your panels will continue to power your home while it is producing energy, it stops at night, and you cannot access the power from your utility company. It is time to use your battery backup. You can keep operating seamlessly in the event of short or long term blackouts.

Here’s how it looks

  • Solar Panels = Generate electricity during the day
  • Solar battery = Stores power form your panels
  • Blackout = Use power from the battery after hours

A Note About Rolling Blackouts Planned for California

As California electric companies begin their planned rolling blackouts to reduce wildfire hazard, your power could be off for extended periods during the fire season. If you have solar power and you store surplus energy, you will not be affected by the blackouts, which could continue for days.

Tesla Powerwall Battery Storage installation

The Best Battery Storage With Semper Solaris

Semper Solaris offers the most reliable solar batteries in Imperial Beach. Tesla Powerwall, smart battery storage, and the cost-effective Enphase solar backup batteries have stood through rigorous testing and will hold up in emergencies. Be prepared for the unexpected or even the expected. Do your part to help prevent wildfires. And don’t be left in the dark.

Semper Solaris is the top solar contractor in Imperial beach, offering solar power backup battery systems with solar power installations. We will help you prepare and have the right equipment for the safety and security of your home and your family.

We have a track record of exemplary customer service. Call us today for an appointment to evaluate your home for solar panels if you don’t have them already. And expand the capabilities of your solar power solar backup battery storage in Imperial Beach.

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Helping Veterans One Solar System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.

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