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Best Solar Company in Rancho Santa Fe

One of the most abundant and affordable energy sources is solar. Solar Energy Industries Association estimates that about $17 billion is generated in investments in solar for the economy of the US in 2018. Solar energy is formed from the radiation of the sun, which is an authoritative source of energy. The energy the sun generates can be harnessed by having solar panels installed.

When we talk about renewable energy, solar energy has become the center of attention. Although it has been widely criticized, it is now seen as a beneficial source of energy.

The technology has been considerably improved, due to various solar panel grants and the increasing demand. It has been turned into a more efficient clean energy source, due to large solar battery storage systems.

Following the decline in the cost of renewable energy, more and more establishments in Rancho Santa Fe are switching to clean, renewable electricity.

Semper Solaris is considered the best solar installation on Rancho Santa Fe and has gotten its name from the motto of the Marine Corps which means faithful. The solar company is built on the values of the military, which are respect, duty, loyalty, honor, selfless service, personal courage, and integrity.

At Semper Solaris, we go through the numbers on the amount of power you consume. Then we determine the best way to have your solar panels installed to save you the most money possible. As the best rated solar panel installation in Rancho Santa Fe, we are proud to serve in Palm Springs, Inland Empire, the Bay Area, and Los Angeles County.

Help Provide Clean, Renewable Energy in Rancho Santa Fe

Go Solar and save Rancho Santa Fe

Here are a few reasons to go solar and save in Rancho Santa Fe:

  1. Solar energy serves as a source of clean, renewable energySolar energy is a 100 percent source of clean and renewable energy. It lowers the over-dependence on coal, oil and natural gas for electricity. These fuels produce more dangerous emissions that can affect the quality of water, air, and soil, and ultimately result in global warming. On the other hand, solar energy doesn’t produce any pollution. The abundant heat of the sun offers an unlimited energy source that causes no harm to the ozone layer.
  2. You have control over your electricityIn areas that have experienced a steady increase in power outages over the past years, solar energy can be used to meet the increasing demands of electricity. You can power your home by rooftop solar panels during the day, and the energy stored in batteries for usage at night. By installing such panels, you have full control over your electricity.
  3. You can save on your utility billSolar panels can offset your energy expenses. This energy source offers year-round efficiency and savings, even during cold, cloudy days. Depending on the size, orientation, and efficiency, some solar panels generate more electricity than you’ll need.
Semper Solaris is leading the industry in solar panel installation in Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego.
Semper Solaris is leading the industry in solar panel installation in Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego.

Solar and Roofing Company Rancho Santa Fe

Veteran-owned, Semper Solaris is a premier solar and roofing installation company in California. They are a solar power company that has been honored as the SunPower’s Residential National Dealer of the year. This honor shows they have been certified to provide top quality solar panels.

Roof Replacement in Rancho Santa Fe

Residents in California are looking for homes equipped with renewable energy. A home having solar panels installed means the new owner will go through less hassle. In fact, in the real estate market, homes with solar panels installed on their roof tend to sell faster when put up for sale.

To have your roof replaced in Rancho Santa Fe, contact us at Semper Solaris. While inspecting your roof, if we notice any place that needs to be repaired, and we fix it for you. We can also fix an energy-efficient roof if your roofing system is ready to be replaced.

We are blessed with warm sunny weather here in the Southwestern United States. Such weather brings a rise in a regular increase in energy bills. If you solely depend on the electricity company for your energy needs, that warm and sunny weather will be like a curse. Avoid that – go solar!

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Helping Veterans One Solar System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.

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