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It’s hard to beat the business-friendly atmosphere, diversified culture, and enviable weather of the city of San Marcos. As one of the top-rated cities in California, it is a pleasure to reside in a place as wonderful. As a resident of San Marcos, do you want to get the most out of the San Marcos sunshine by installing a solar panel system that will lower your bills and provide great satisfaction from the very start? Did you know that San Marcos is one of the most environmentally aware cities in all of California? The pleasure of investing in your own solar panel system allows you to benefit financially while also protecting your environment and bringing more value to your home!

Here’s the deal: With Semper Solaris, your experience will be one that stands out from the very start. We are proud to announce that we are the leading solar panel contractor in San Marcos due to our exceptional service, reliability, and genuine care that we provide for each and every one of our customers. Our 5-star company will eagerly work with you from start to finish in assessing your goals, deciding on a system, and adequately installing it — all while answering any question that you may have along the way! Our team strongly values providing the best, most effective solar panels that are most suitable for your home.

What are our company’s goals? We are a veteran-owned and operated company that is founded on providing integrity, sincerity, and exceptionality in our customer service that is unlike any other solar installation company. Our company finds great importance in staying connected with our community and bringing quality assistance through each and every interaction we may have with you.

Maximize Your Savings in San Marcos — Save Money by Going Solar!

The Semper Solaris Mission

We all know that the long days full of sunshine here in San Marcos are great, but high electric bills and other costly energy options are not. That is why at Semper Solaris, we strive to help you find the best of both worlds — the luxury of warm and sunny California days and the relief of being able to afford it! Our desire is for you to experience great quality products and invest greater value into your home, all while dramatically cutting costs.

In fact: From the very first call with Semper Solaris, you’ll meet with a trained solar representative who will assist you in choosing a solar system that is tailored to each and every one of the distinct needs. Semper Solaris offers you the freedom to choose the panels that best suit your goals. Our solar representatives will be a constant point of contact that you can trust entirely throughout the entire solar installation process. From evaluating your bill to educating you on our products, we will work alongside you to accomplish all that you hope for out of the process, by doing it the way you want! Our Solar installation process is primarily focused on your wants and your satisfaction. Best of all, we won’t inconvenience you for any more than just that! Not only is Semper Solaris deeply concerned with your satisfaction, our goal is for you to get exactly what you want while saving money and the environment that surrounds you! Enjoy the benefits of increasing your home’s worth and lowering those spiking electric bills by investing in solar panels in San Marcos and gaining guaranteed great return. We have your back when it comes to solar installation in San Marcos.

Not only are our solar panels exceptional and our customer service noteworthy, but by choosing Semper Solaris as your solar contractor, you can also significantly lower your overall utility bill. In fact, solar panel users have reported that their utility rate has decreased significantly, up to a huge 70%, after the installation of solar panels! We believe that our San Marcos residents should have the freedom to choose the solar panels that will work best with their home. For this reason, we proudly carry an assortment of panels. You deserve the flexibility to consider your options and carefully decide on what type of solar panel will best accommodate you.

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Semper Solaris contractors can install solar panels on any home in San Marcos
Semper Solaris contractors can install solar panels on any home in San Marcos

Advantages of Solar Energy

Solar energy has many perks that quickly add up and that can be extremely beneficial for your home. Solar panels are a proven technology that works well in many climates. They have a long lifespan that increases home values significantly! In addition to that, you can actually earn rebates and tax credits from the government just for owning your own solar panel system! Your roof is a central piece of your home due to the insulation that it provides and its ability to prevent outside elements from entering your home. In replacing your roof and installing solar panels on it, you can find great relief in knowing that your roof is well-equipped for its purpose and that you are greatly reducing the price that you pay for energy.

We are all about convenience.

Semper Solaris conveniently provides roof replacement and battery storage services so that you can easily replace your roof and get your solar panels installed at once. Our installation experts are trusted, dependable, and quality workers with your best interest in mind. The installation and placing of solar panels can greatly affect the efficiency of your panels. Choose Semper Solaris and rest assured that your entire solar system will be installed with great skill by a trained professional, absolutely hassle-free!

At Semper Solaris, we are eager to bring you service that will exceed that of any other solar company! As the very best solar company in San Marcos, we are ready to help you set up a system in your home. Your choice to invest in a new solar panel system and/or roof could be one of the best decisions, not just today but of your future. Are you ready for a change that is both financially and environmentally wise? Make the decision today! Call Semper Solaris and enjoy the quality service and remarkably valuable solar products at a great price! We are notably the best solar company in San Marcos and are excited to provide you service today!

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The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.

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