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26 percent Federal tax credit for solar panels, Tesla Powerwall battery storage.

Solar Value for Simi Valley

If there is one thing that is renewable and plentiful in Simi Valley, California, it’s the sunshine. The summer weather is moderate to hot and the sun shines most of the day.

As the temperature continues to rise, your electricity bill can often climb along with it. If you are looking to break free from electric bills, or at least lessen the weight of the chains, look no further. Simi Valley best solar company, Semper Solaris, will provide you with the award-winning service and installation we are known for, so you can claim your freedom today.

How will solar panels benefit your Simi Valley home?

  1. Renewable Energy: Among the many benefits of going solar, one of the most important is that solar energy is completely renewable. Unlike fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas which are scattered and finite, solar energy is everywhere the sun shines and is new every day. As long as we have a sun, we’ll have solar energy. The Semper Solaris installation team has experience in making sure your panels are positioned to efficiently produce the most energy they can.
  2. Cost-Efficient: With the many different options for financing and government incentives that come along with going solar, it has been proven to be effective in cutting costs for your home. You’re producing the energy that you would be paying for in your electricity bill each month, meaning that the bill will decrease according to how much energy your panels are producing. Don’t forget about the opportunity to actually earn money by selling your excess energy back to the grid. This can be done with Tesla Powerwall solar batteries offered by Semper Solaris.
  3. Decrease the Carbon Foot-Print: Among the many benefits solar power has for you and your home, it also has an impact on the world around you. It eliminates the use of fossil fuels for the energy it produces, it also reduces the amount of harmful and polluting gasses that are emitted when fossil fuels are burned. Solar panels pull pure, direct energy from the sun’s powerful rays. As we learn to take care of our homes, families, and communities better, we should also be proactive in taking care of our planet.
  4. Low Maintenance Cost: The main cost of going solar is the initial cost. This includes the panels, inverter, batteries, wiring, and installation. After getting the things you need, however, there is little need for upkeep or maintenance on the panels, besides a quick cleaning a couple of times a year. Semper Solaris also offers warranties on their panels and our maintenance crew will be there for any repairs or upkeep. At some point, your solar panels will have paid for themselves and you’ll begin to save the money you would have spent on electricity.

Simi Valley Solar Panel Installation Company

Now that you know the benefits of going solar, you may ask why you should choose Semper Solaris. Why is it so important to stay local?

When searching online for solar energy companies, you can get lost in the fray of generic solar companies all begging for your service. Their service is often less than reputable, and having your solar experience marred by a generic company concerns us. What we do at Semper Solaris is anything but generic and we strive to make your solar experience to be the best it can be.

Local is important for us at your Semper Solaris solar company in Simi Valley. We want to support and serve our local communities by hiring local people who understand your unique preferences as a Simi Valley homeowner. Our Simi Valley solar panels services are there for you.

Semper Solaris is local and veteran-owned and we strive to provide each and every one of our customers with the excellent service that is unique to us. Other solar companies actually attempt to emulate our award-winning service and solar installation in Simi Valley and use us as a model for their own employees and services. We take pride in the reputation we have built in Simi Valley and are always seeking to satisfy the customer to the best of our ability.

From the moment you come into contact with your local Simi Valley Semper Solaris, we assign you a solar representative and project coordinator who will be a point of contact throughout the entire process. Step by step, we will walk through it with you. Your coordinator will answer any questions you may have regarding the solar process, solar installation, or the cost of solar in Simi Valley.

Choosing the right Solar provider for your Simi Valley home

By getting to know you and your Simi Valley home, we will seek to understand your preferences and style regarding your solar panels. Our representatives will work with you to provide you with solar panels that fit your budget and the solar costs for Simi Valley. Semper Solaris tailors each step of the process to you, your needs, and your preferences.  Accomplishing your goals in going solar is our number one priority. Whether that means you’re looking to save on electric bills or to help the environment, we have your back. 

Besides the initial solar panel installation for your Simi Valley home, we also provide solar repair and solar maintenance among many other things.  We’ve got everything you need regarding your transition to solar covered. If you want to know more about the different options we offer or have any questions regarding our services, products or costs, contact us at your local Simi Valley office.

Solar Battery for Planned Blackouts

Another amazing feature we offer at Semper Solaris is solar battery storage. With our Tesla Powerwall solar batteries, you can store up the extra energy your home doesn’t utilize and use it when the sun is not shining. This offers a specific advantage for Simi Valley as we continue to deal with the increasing fires in California. To help avoid these disastrous wildfires, California electric companies are beginning to implement planned power outages.

During these blackout periods, our solar panels and the energy you store up in your solar batteries will continue to offer you the electricity you need. There’s no need to sit in the dark when you could be enjoying the lights and air conditioning without hurting the environment or risking fires.

Tesla Powerwall will actually counteract the peak hours of your utility company, supplying you with electricity even during the off-peak times. Another benefit of the solar battery that is often forgotten about is that the energy you don’t use can be sold back to the grid during on-peak hours. Tesla Powerwall has a simple and easy-to-use system dashboard that can be accessed on your phone, tablet, or computer for easy control of the settings. This allows you to manage your storage and usage.

Besides the benefits of going solar in general, Semper Solaris offers Simi Valley unique advantages, including our excellent customer service. Our goal at Semper Solaris is to offer you the best solar experience we can – we want to prove to you that we are the best solar company in Simi Valley. Your Simi Valley home can go solar today with Semper Solaris, a Tesla Powerwall certified installer. Contact Semper Solaris today and we will begin the process immediately!

Helping Veterans One Solar System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.

Semper Cares