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What Should I Consider Before Going Solar in Sunnyvale?

Solar power has assumed increased significance because of the growing awareness of the benefits that accrue. At the individual level, it is incumbent on everyone to reduce energy consumption by adopting solar energy and cut down energy bills. And, it’s a sensible way of making use of the free energy that abounds in nature – the sun.   

However, before you venture to adopt solar energy, it is important to consider things like finance. You could consider opting for solar financing options in Sunnyvale. Before going solar energy, it is important to know whether your home gets benefits from it. Research and determine your requirement. Take into account these points.     

Be patient, it takes time to accrue savings  

Your monthly power bill savings will happen soon after you adopt the solar power system when it starts working. Your first electric electricity bill after you install solar power system will guide you on how and to what extent you can reduce the power bill.  

However, in many cases, people are apprehensive of the heavy cost of installation of solar power equipment. This becomes a great obstacle in the way to adopting solar power. For the residents of Sunnyvale, solar financing options Sunnyvale are available. In fact, it is the best and easiest option without reducing the quality of the product you choose.   

Take into account the structure of your home’s roof  

Its direction and the kind of sunshine it receives during the year will influence the amount of energy the solar panel brings. Presence of big trees around your roof will fail the panel because of the shadow, which will not allow the panel to get enough sunshine. This happens even if there is a good amount of sunshine during the whole day. Ensure the panels are placed such that they do not collect any debris that obstructs sunshine.     

Consider the type of solar panels  

Two important types of technologies are available, namely photovoltaic and thermal.  In photovoltaic solar panels, photovoltaic cells convert sunlight into electricity. In thermal solar panels, the sunlight is used to heat air and water for use. You can choose any of the solar panel technologies depending on whether you wish to generate electricity or to heat water or air.  When choosing solar panels, there are two types namely mono-crystalline with black stains and polycrystalline which looks in bluish shade. It’s different from panel to panel.      

It is not a case of one thing applies to all  

When you adopt a solar power system, there is no universal combination that suits all situations that are all designs of homes. It depends on the weather in your area, what kind of panels you need for the size of your house and whether your house is shaded. Research well and find a quality service provider to get solar panels installed. Finding a solar power installation service provider who is well experienced in working with the type of roofing you have. This is important because while installing the solar power panels it is important to take care of the roof without damaging it. Semper Solaris is a local service provider who has years of experience and the knowledge to work with all types of houses.

Look for the incentives provided by State Federal and local government levels. If you have planned to invest in solar power equipment you can take the benefit of in the form of subsidies, and other incentives offered by State Federal and local governments. The incentives offered by States along with Federal Tax credit can significantly reduce the cost of solar equipment. You may consider solar tax credit in Sunnyvale for the purpose.  

Taking the benefit offered by Federal solar credit or solar tax, you can cut down the bill by 26%. However, ensure your system is in according to the eligibility conditions for getting state and local government incentives.     

Leasing may not help  

A few people may think that taking a solar power system on lease is a great option. This may be good for people who cannot afford the cost of the equipment. It is also beneficial for those who do not enter the hassles of maintenance of the equipment.   

In many cases, when buying a new house when the buyer is asked about taking solar equipment on lease, they get dissuaded. And, they wish to break the deal thanks to the high cost. As for the cost, it depends on the capacity of the panel. That is, if you’re planning to buy more potential panels, you need to pay more. If you consider the installation and the output that it delivers, you can determine how much you need to spend on the panels. Consider taking solar tax credit in Sunnyvale. This will help you reduce the cost significantly.      

Don’t overlook the inverter  

The inverter is the most expensive component in a solar power system. Many people look for more economical options and take home the one that doesn’t last long. To get the best inverter research and follow the recommendations from reliable and trust add trusted sources. Buy the best quality inverter one with fewer PV cells at the beginning if you are planning to reduce the cost in the beginning.

Maintenance of solar panels is important   

Solar panels are durable, simple and static. The maintenance cost is very low and will never hurt your finances – the maintenance does not entail heavy cost on you. You need to get them maintained from time to time. Ensure they are clean on the surface. Leaves or any kind of debris should be cleaned up. You will get a warranty of 20 to 25 years  The solar power system that you are going to buy gets coverage of 22 to 25 years warranty. In most cases, it is 30 years or even more. In other words, you can reap the benefits of solar panels of saving energy as well as giving good protection to the environment.     


Switching to solar energy is a sensible decision. Though it may entail a big expense upfront, it will help save in the long run. Make sure of the various incentives offered by government authorities while buying solar energy equipment if you cannot afford to bear the cost of the panels.  While choosing the solar panels, choose the best solar companies Sunnyvale. Search on the Internet. You could also take the help of word of mouth from your family, relations, and others.

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