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Semper Solaris is proud to serve Visalia residents and to provide them with all of their solar and roofing needs.

Visalia Solar Panel Company

I want to save money on my electric bill. Is solar a viable option in Visalia?

With its semi-cold arid winter climate and its hot and dry summers, switching to solar power in Visalia as your primary means for electrical supply is a very efficient and worthwhile choice because it can drastically cut your energy expenses. In fact, currently, Visalia is approximately 10% above the national average for solar power energy resources. Visalia’s city leaders are committed to clean energy and as a result, the city and SCE have made the process streamlined and easy.

What about the cost of setting up a solar panel system for my house in Visalia?

As we mentioned, Visalia is a leader in making sure solar power is a viable choice for its residents, so they provide an easy and streamlined permitting process. As a result, you can reap the benefits of your solar panels quickly. You can take advantage of the 30% federal solar tax credit available to you, as well as the California Solar Initiative to help offset the costs.

The economic benefits for installing the best solar panels available on the market are worthwhile not only for the homeowner, but also it aids in boosting the local economy since our installers live locally, so your system can benefit you and your city.

Solar financing options are available as well, so please do not hesitate to ask a representative to see if you qualify. Your investment into solar panels for your home adds resale value as well, and homes with solar sell faster and with an average of 17% higher profit. On average, homeowners repay their systems and begin “making money” on their investment in as little as 5 years. That is money in your pocket!

How good are the panels that you use?

Well, at Semper Solaris we believe in using quality American Made panels, installed with care, so we only use the best available solar panels so that your investment is a good one. We work with you to install the best solar panels for your specific needs to make sure you get the return you expect. We use panels from the highest rated companies with the best warranties, such as Panasonic, Sunrun, and Silfab.

What can I do about excess power my solar panels may provide during most days?

SCE provides an option to help you “bank” or earn credits towards your bill, or to use during the winter when your panels may not keep up with your energy output. Time of Use Rates can be beneficial to you, because during peak hours, you can use credits, or if you choose to install battery storage, you can use stored energy from earlier in the day to use during peak usage hours.

Visalia Solar Battery Storage

Is it worth the money to add battery backup?

Choosing the best solar panels is the first step in decreasing your electric bills. To make the most of new or existing panels, you can opt to install battery storage to store excess energy that your panels make during peak sunlight hours, which tend to be the hours we use the least amount of electricity because most people are working during the day. Since SCE offers Time of Use Rates for most customers, as a consumer you can take advantage of this style of rate using your stored power in the evenings when the rates tend to be the highest. That way, you can be assured that you won’t run into an increase if you use your appliances, air conditioning, or other high use household items.

Our solar company in Visalia uses the best available batteries from Tesla Powerwall and Enphase to store your solar power. Switching from solar to battery power is so simple you can do it from your smartphone. In addition to reaping the financial benefits of your stored power from your batteries, if you choose to sell your home, your investment into battery storage will increase the value of your home. In fact, residents who sell their homes with solar and battery storage can expect to sell their home faster and earn a larger profit than comparable homes with no solar/battery system. The feeling of independence that comes from living “off the grid” and reducing your carbon footprint is a great one!

Semper Solaris is the number one solar ,roofing and battery storage company in Visalia, CA.

Do I need a new roof for my solar panels in Visalia?

If you are curious about getting the best roofing in Visalia, we are here to help! If you are noticing a sagging roof or peeling shingles, it may be time for a new one! Whether or not you are interested in solar panels, we can help you with your roofing needs. We have excellent contractors who can evaluate your current roof to see if patching the worn spots would be sufficient or if the whole structure needs to be replaced.

In addition, if you are interested in roofing to support solar panels, our roofing contractors can evaluate your existing roof to determine if it can support your new solar panels. We offer the best roofing materials available in the United States from Owens Corning. Their products are so good that they guarantee not only materials but the workmanship as well for 50 years! We are one of the few solar companies in the nation who are certified to install this type of roofing material. We can help with your roofing and residential solar needs.

Is a new roof a worthwhile investment?

Not only does a new roof add curb appeal, it also helps you save energy, too! A roof is made of many layers, so replacing an older roof with newer material that really focuses on preventing interior loss of heat during the winter or cool air in the summer through your roof can decrease your heating and cooling bills significantly. Investing in a new roof also adds resale value to your home, and the peace of mind of a new roof can help you feel relaxed during those cold winter months knowing it will not leak!

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