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The Capital city of Sacramento is the hub of California’s objective to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. With the seven climate change pillars pointing the way, California is the leader in the development of renewable energy. The Pillars are an aggressive plan for cutting fossil fuels and achieving the goal of 50 percent renewable energy by 2030. If the saying is true that there is nothing new under the sun, then harnessing the power of the sun is nothing new. And we have the technology to utilize it and make it a viable energy source. It is a TechnoNatural phenomenon that solar technology converts sunlight to energy, and much like the process of photosynthesis transforms that energy into electricity to power our homes. Semper Solaris is the best solar company in Sacramento for installing solar for your home. We are at the forefront of promoting technology and innovation that is changing the way the world works. Whether it is lowering your carbon footprint or pollution or any other problem solar solves, solar is the energy with the future in mind. Looking to Solar Power The goal of achieving 50 percent of energy from renewable sources is a worthy goal. The reach of solar power in Sacramento goes beyond the purposes of California. Solar power is the most cost-effective and efficient energy source for solving a variety of problems at home and in the world. The cost of producing solar power when you compare it to fossil fuels is meager. Unlike fossil fuel power plants, solar power leaves no toxic waste in the air, water, or land. Solar energy is portable and can be dispatched quickly and easily. Solar power reduces air pollution  Solar as an energy source improves water quality Protecting the environment protects your health  Solar energy is a key player in fighting poverty. Solar power is helping the homeless. Solar provides power in emergencies and disasters. With credentials like these, solar power holds first place as the power source for the betterment of the world. It makes sense for homeowners to switch to solar power in Sacramento as the model city for clean and renewable energy for the future. WHY SOLAR IS THE BEST ENERGY ALTERNATIVE Future technology will increase the demand for more and more electricity to run our smart homes, appliances, and equipment. Cars with EV stations will be the new normal in the not too distant future. Our smart homes are about to become more intelligent and will need more energy. Solar power is, by far, the most economical and most straightforward way to deliver more electrical power efficiently. Solar power can answer the need for more energy. Solar can help solve big problems in the world.   Solar power is the energy source for the future.  Solar power is cost-effective, Solar power is sustainable We at Semper Solaris believe that solar energy is the best alternative to fossil fuels. Solar can provide exponentially more electricity without a negative impact on the environment. We are on the frontlines of renewable energy technology and innovation. Call Semper Solaris today if you don’t yet have a solar panel installation in your Sacramento home. Now is the perfect time to join the future of renewable solar energy. Help solve world problems starting in your town, in your home.

In Rancho Cordova, beautification efforts are underway. This once upon a time gold rush town turned tourist attraction will be a bustling center for West Coast events and meeting spaces for both local, business and travelers alike. Nature is plentiful, and many attractions keep visitors busy.  From local venues and accommodations to hiking, biking, or rafting on the American River, there is always something to do. As the city looks for ways to clean up the air and water, solar power is becoming the go-to renewable resource for lowering its carbon footprint and improving the environment. Residents of Rancho Cordova are switching to solar and wondering why they didn’t do it sooner. And solar panels on rooftops are changing the look of their town. Semper Solaris has years of experience installing solar panels in Rancho Cordova. We are pleased to bring the best that Solar has to offer to this city. Why Solar in Rancho Cordova? Renewable energy is the centerpiece of a clean and sustainable environment. It is a good step for creating a clean energy economy as well as maintaining clean natural habitats and green spaces. Solar is the most cost-effective and accessible renewable energy in Rancho Cordova. It can be mobilized quickly without adding infrastructure to support it. It sits on space that takes up no extra space. With the bonus of shrinking electric bills, Solar power installations are a welcome visitor to Rancho Cordova. Solar slashes the cost of electricity Solar does not cause waste or pollution Solar is easy to install Solar panels require little maintenance More ways to benefit from solar With technology and innovation, there will be more and more ways to use this plentiful resource. You can further the savings by expanding the utility of your solar panels for maximum benefit. Get More From Your Solar Panels in Rancho Cordova Download smart apps to monitor your solar panel output, and your usage to ascertain the most productive hours. Utilize the high energy-consuming appliances during your solar panel’s most productive hours. Use Energy Star appliances - nearly 40 percent less energy. Keep your panels clean –to prevent a reduction in energy yield.  Make sure to trim trees and foliage, so they don’t shade your solar panels from the sun. Expand the Usefulness of Solar Heat your pool and spa or even a sauna without breaking the bank Add extra solar panels to expand the potential of your panels to power future innovations in smart home technology Store auxiliary power with a Semper Solaris Battery Backup system to meet nearly 90 percent of your energy needs and have power if the grid goes down. Add an EV Station if you plan to buy an electric car. (this is where a backup battery can save the day) Semper Solaris is the best solar contractor in Rancho Cordova to help the city and its residents improve the environment through solar power and its many benefits. We have a reputation for excellent customer care, and our technicians are the best in their field. Experienced and knowledgeable in all things solar, Semper Solaris is the right choice.  Contact us today for a free evaluation for a solar installation.

Elk Grove is a quiet, friendly suburban town in Sacramento County. With young professionals and their families living in this highly rated town, Elk Grove is considered one of the best places to live in California. Elk Grove is committed to the environment and renewable energy. They protect endangered species and habitats and is the home of the Stone Lakes wildlife refuge. This attention to preserving the environment and conservation makes it a healthy and safe place to raise a family. More and more Sacramento County homeowners are switching to solar power as the alternative energy of choice. Semper Solaris is the best Solar Company in Elk Grove. We are standing by to help Elk Grove homeowners take advantage of our many financing options and financial incentives available to offset the cost of installing solar.  Solar Power to the Rescue in Elk Grove Those of us who are environmentally conscious, and want to live in a clean environment, have traditionally been stuck with having to compromise. Our electricity runs off fossil fuels; our air conditioning uses toxic chemicals; our cars run on petroleum. There has, until now, been little choice in how we get our electricity or drive our vehicles and a host of other ways we are on the receiving end of toxicity of modern inventions. Solar power technology has been around for decades, before now, it was not widely available to homeowners. It was expensive and cumbersome and not easy to use. When the laws changed that allowed for solar systems to be tied to the grid, net metering it opened the door for the growth of rooftop solar.   Solar and Net Metering  Solar panel installations in Elk Grove, like in the rest of California,  have the advantage of using net metering, which connects to your solar panels and works in tandem with the utility grid. This process allows us to reduce our carbon footprint while still using electricity from the grid when we need it. But we can nevertheless reduce our carbon footprint by using less power from the grid, which relies on fossil fuel.  How does net metering help me use Solar Power in Elk Grove? Net metering is a means to connect your solar panels to the electric grid. Your panels produce power while the sun shines, and this power is used for electricity in your home. Unused power goes to the grid, and you get that amount credited back to you, so you don’t lose excess energy. You can use that power to run the electricity at night. So you save money, but you are charged the higher rates during peak hours. So basically, you get discounted after hours because of the credits you have accrued.  Power on the Roof in Elk Grove As homeowners are installing solar panels in Elk Grove and all over Sacramento County, it is creating a blueprint for the future of renewable energy. Solar power is more efficient when there is lots of sunshine. And on the roof is where that sun shines day after day. California is moving away from fossil fuels, and with solar power, roof by roof, it will have an effect on the environment for the air, the water, and the earth. Semper Solaris is the best solar company in Elk Grove for your energy needs. We are committed to the environment, and we stand ready to help you with financing and financial incentives so you can make the switch to renewable energy. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your property for going solar in Elk Grove.

So, you have been thinking about a solar installation on your Citrus Heights home. You have asked yourself the questions --- Why should I install solar? How will going solar benefit my family and me? Is it worth it?  You have heard about the solar incentives and rebates available to Citrus Heights to offset the cost of installation. The price of installing solar has fallen considerably. And all your Citrus heights neighbors are installing solar, so why not you? BENEFITS OF GOING SOLAR The first consideration when deciding whether solar power is right for you is to find out how much you can actually save on your energy costs. If you enter the information about your home at Project Sunroof, you will find the answer to that question.  When you think about the ways you benefit from installing solar, from environmental to energy savings, You will no doubt realize that solar panels in your Citrus Heights home are the smart move to make. Why not take the plunge? Semper Solaris is the best solar contractor in Citrus Heights. We have lots of options for homeowners, from equipment choices to financing options. Why not join your neighbors and install a solar power system for your home and reap the benefits?   FIND THE RIGHT SOLAR COMPANY IN CITRUS Heights The first step in going solar is finding the best solar company in Citrus Heights. The company you want will offer a variety of top solar panels and equipment available. They will provide excellent warranties and stand behind their installations. They will have various financing options and will help you obtain the right incentives and rebates to lower your costs.   Once you have found the right company for your solar installation, the process will begin with an evaluation of your property, an estimate of how much you will save, how much it will cost, and how long it will take.  Once you give the nod, you will sign a contract and lease or loan papers, an engineer or technician will provide a more in-depth evaluation and assessment of your property. Assessing Your Property for Solar After you sign your solar contract and lease or loan, the installation will begin. An engineer or technician will perform a more in-depth assessment of your home. The roofs structure and ability to hold the panels Electric panel for compatibility with the solar panels Shade and obstruction issues for placing of the panels How much sunlight will be available for conversion to electricity Paperwork and Permits for your Solar Installation There is a lot of paperwork to cover before the actual installation begins. Your solar company will handle most of it for you.  State and Federal Solar incentives Solar Loans and financing Building permits from City Inspections by the city and utility company After the paperwork and permits are done, it is time to design the system and order the equipment. Once the permits are approved (30 to 60 days), and the equipment arrives, it is time to install your solar panels. The installation will take about 2 or 3 days.  And Now You Have Solar Before you can flip the switch, both the city planning and the electric company will come to inspect your solar installation to make sure it meets all the regulations, is installed properly, and it is working correctly.  When they give the thumbs up --- final approval--- the moment has arrived. A flip of the switch, --- roof comes alive ---your solar energy is online. Congratulations. You have gone solar. Semper Solaris offers the best solar panel installation in Citrus Heights. Our equipment is from the most reliable and trusted manufacturers in the business. Finance your solar with our various financing options. We guarantee our work with a 25-year warranty. We have the experience, credentials, and expertise to make going solar an easy option.

If you feel a bit chilly inside your home this winter, even though your thermostat is turned up, it is a sign that your furnace is malfunctioning, and you may need Heating and Air Conditioning service in Murrieta. If the gas furnace in your house is old, like over 20 or more years, and it is still chugging along, you may not think it needs to be replaced.  Now the average lifespan of heating and cooling is about 10 to 15 years, and parts for the older models are difficult to find or not available at all. But today’s Heating and Air Conditioning is so much safer and efficient that it is worth looking into the furnaces available on the market in modern times, they have higher standards. Semper Solaris has got you covered. We are the specialists for the repair and replacement of Heating and Air Conditioning installations in Murrieta. Our furnaces are build to the highest standards and come from the top manufacturers. We offer comprehensive inspections and diagnose the problem to see if repairs will do the trick or if you are looking at replacing either your furnace or the whole Heating and Air Conditioning system.  How Does A Furnace Work? Natural gas runs in from the main gas line to the house. Gas pipes run throughout the home for use in furnaces, water heaters, stoves, and gas dryers. Furnaces burn fuel in a combustion chamber to produce heat.  When the thermostat signals for the furnace to start heating, a pilot light ignites the fire while a blower fan forces the air through an air exchanger, ductwork, and into the rooms of the home. Older furnaces were stand-alone, used for heat in the home before modern Heating and Air Conditioning came on the scene. And although gas furnaces still use combustion to create heat, times have changed, and new technology makes furnaces safer and more efficient. If your furnace is older and outdated, you may not know when it is malfunctioning in dangerous ways. Signs Of Faulty Furnace It is important to pay attention to when your furnace is not heating your home properly. It means there is a problem that could be serious and could lead to dangerous gases leaking into the air.   Frequent repairs Higher than usual utility bills Pilot won’t light Smell of Gas No heat Unfamiliar noises Uneven temperatures Carbon monoxide poisoning is deadly, and a defective furnace can produce this odorless gas that strikes without warning. Watch for signs that indicate Carbon Monoxide in the air. Headache Dizziness Nausea or vomiting Shortness of breath Confusion blurred vision Chest pain Drowsiness Fainting Loss of consciousness Removing Your Old Furnace in Murrieta The technology for older furnaces was quite different from today’s furnaces. The furnace is open to outside air that mixes with the gas. The excess, poisonous gas funnels into pipes and through the roof to the outside. The older homes had duct systems that were wrapped with asbestos, a dangerous substance that can cause respiratory disease when inhaled.  If your air ducts have asbestos wrapping, it will have to be removed before they are replaced, and your new furnace is installed. The process of removing the asbestos will require a team outside your Heating and Air Conditioning company that specializes in asbestos removal, or asbestos abatement. Your Heating and Air Conditioning company will likely have a company they hire to do this job. But it must be done before any work can start on your Heating and Air Conditioning system.   Installing A New Furnace Depending on the age of your equipment and how it operates, there may need to be some minor construction. Furnace units are smaller now, and the older systems were open to the outside. Today’s systems are closed, so there is no need for the furnace to be open to the outdoor air.  Whether you plan to replace your furnace only or add central air conditioning, the upgrade will not only save you money; it will make your home much more livable. You will feel the difference in air quality and comfort. And it will be less costly to run due to the improvements made over the past decade. Semper Solaris is the best Heating and Air Conditioning company in Murrieta to help you find the proper heating solutions for your house. With our many options, we will select the right furnace for your home. If you decide to replace the whole system, we have the best products and installation services.

When people talk about going off the grid and living off the land, it sounds like a great dream, and possible. Today we have tiny homes and solar power and all kinds of portable this and that; it is plausible to take to the road and live without chains to your heart's content. But "going off the grid" can be applied in a more practical way for homeowners.  Disconnecting from the central utility infrastructure that traditionally has delivered power to the home is possible with today's technology. Solar power is your first step toward energy independence. Solar Battery Storage in Chula Vista is the next. When you have surplus power, your utility company is much like a big battery, storing your excess energy for later use. Although it is a way to beat the high prices of the utility provider, they still find a way to inhibit the benefits of your solar power by charging taxes and fees for the use of their transmission and storage equipment. You will have control over costs by investing in the technology of the very near future.   What is Microgrid? A microgrid is a local power system that operates separately from a central electrical utility grid. It uses an energy source, generator or battery, and a means of transmitting and supplying power to users. Communities can reach energy independence by being able to operate without a centralized power supply. And some cities are catching on to the idea. Solar backup batteries for creating microgrids have become more popular for municipalities and in places where the transmission of electrical power is outdated, inefficient, or has frequent power outages. They don't completely disconnect from the primary power grid, but they can operate independently with solar batteries in Chula Vista. How Do I Create My Own Microgrid You can produce your own power for your home by installing solar panels. Your solar panels also tie into the central power grid; however, with a microgrid system, you can operate independently of the provider whenever you choose. Just flip a switch, and there you are.  If you want to become energy independent and power your home independently from the utility grid, it has never been easier. The first step is the installation of a solar electric system for your home. You will need to work with your solar installer to anticipate your power needs now, and in the future, so you are sure to have enough panels to grow into a well-running microgrid.  With the growth of smart applications and appliances for homes, it is a good idea to add more panels than you need because they will provide extra power for your solar panel battery storage in Chula Vista as well anticipated power needs.  What is your current usage? What additions do you plan on making to your home? Do you have a pool? Do you want to heat the pool? Do you plan on having an EV station soon? Do you need to charge batteries for an RV? Usually, you can start with one battery, but you can add on later if you need an array or your microgrid expands into your neighborhood or community. You never know what innovation will bring. Semper Solaris has much experience in the installation of solar power and solar battery backup in Chula Vista. Once you have ascertained how many panels you will need, it is time to evaluate the size battery backup storage you will need. We will make calculations based on sound data and extensive experience installing solar. The Future of Energy Independence Once you have solar panels, you can take the next step towards energy independence with the addition of a Tesla Powerwall or Enphase Encharge Battery solar back up battery. Microgrids are the future of electrical delivery as we move into the age of renewable energy. As more electricity becomes necessary to run appliances and devices that evolve from smart home innovation, it won't be so costly with solar and storage capacity in homes and communities. Prices are lower than ever for solar power and solar batteries. Homeowners in Chula Vista are looking at the potential savings and the benefits of more energy independence. Semper Solaris is proud to offer solar power and solar battery installation in Chula Vista. We are a Tesla Powerwall certified installer, so call us today, and let's plan for the future of your energy independence!

There are many ways that you can gain an advantage from installing backup battery storage with your solar panels. The backup battery stores power from your panels, which can be used during the time your panels are not producing electricity. You can save money if you use power during high peak hours when the cost of electricity is high. And it will keep your electricity on during a power outage. Backup batteries for solar power installations are becoming more efficient, more useful, and the prices have dropped considerably. Solar backup battery installation in El Cajon is attractive to homeowners and much more affordable. After the solar panel installation, they are the next step towards energy independence. How Solar Batteries in El Cajon Work Blackouts can occur when there is an incident that cuts the transmission of power from your utility company to your home. This type of disruption of power is often temporary, lasting only a few hours. But outages can occur when you least expect it. Your solar panels produce electricity from sunlight. The energy from the panels converts to AC power for your home, and the excess power feeds back into the grid. Your utility company operates as a mega backup battery storing the excess energy from your panels for later use. However, during a blackout, that auxiliary power is not available to your home. Solar Battery in A Power Outage During a power outage, your solar panels will continue to provide power to your home while the sun is shining. But they will stop producing energy when the sun goes down. The addition of a solar battery backup will keep the power on using stored energy to power your home. Your solar panels will keep your power on in a power outage if there is daylight. But once your solar panels stop producing energy for the day, your lights will go out along with everything else that runs on electricity. Solar Battery Storage in El Cajon allows you to keep the power on in both short term and long-term blackouts. A solar battery will keep your power running seamlessly. And when the sun rises in the morning, your panels will be back at work generating and providing electricity. With the addition of a backup battery, you can keep the power going for days and weeks if necessary. Solar Backup Batteries Save Lives Longer-term blackouts can occur when emergencies or natural disasters arise, like earthquakes, fires, floods, or other catastrophic events. Backup battery storage adds a layer of safety and peace of mind that is more than worth the price of the battery itself. El Cajon is in an area at high risk of wildfires. In a fire, it is essential to have your HVAC system running to filter particulates and contaminants that can enter the home. And in California, the danger of earthquakes is a likely event. In the event of a long-term blackout where communication is a necessity, solar power, and solar panel battery storage in El Cajon may save lives. Accessing emergency services, receiving evacuation orders, and knowing where to go could mean the difference between life and death. Solar equipment provides power for disaster relief all over the world. It only makes sense that solar panel installation, along with a backup battery, is an invaluable safety measure for your family. What to look for in Solar Backup Batteries There are several specifications to look at for storage batteries. The most important ones are the following: Capacity and power - how much power can it store? Depth of discharge – how much power can it produce? Efficiency – how much of the stored power is usable? Battery life – how long does it take the battery to empty? Semper Solaris technicians are experts in the installation of solar power along with solar backup storage. We use only the highest quality solar batteries, such as Tesla Powerwall or Enphase Encharge Battery, and we offer both the manufacturer and installation warranties on all batteries. In fact, we are a Tesla Powerwall certified installer, making us the most reputable solar contractor for your solar batteries in El Cajon. Call us today, and we will get you on the road to solar energy storage.

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If you are thinking about going solar at home, but you are having doubts about the payoff, Google can help you make an informed decision. Combining the abundance of their satellite imagery and sophisticated algorithms, Google is now offering a new service that will provide you immediate insight into what you could expect in terms of savings with rooftop solar. This August the company rolled out Project Sunroof, a service that “maps the planet’s solar potential” by analyzing the high-resolution aerial photos of Google Earth. A three-dimensional model of your home is created and then the artificial intelligence software evaluates how much sun exposure the panels would have and how much savings that investment would make you. Joel Conkling of Google says that people constantly use Google to explore solar, but allowing them to test how much they would gain by going solar is so much more helpful. For now, the availability of service is limited to the Bay Area in San Francisco, central Cali and greater Boston. It was developed by Carl Elkin, a rooftop solar owner who lives in Cambridge and works for Google. The project was developed during his “20 percent time” – that time allowance Google gives their employees to work on their own independent projects. How does Google examine your roof? Elkin has installed solar panels on the roof of his home in Massachusetts. He says his drive was for people to understand that going solar is a very good home investment. Google and the project author consider this web application will promote solar panels and encourage more people to make the green change. They add that the timing for the service release is just right, with the incentives and the cost of installing solar being lower than ever. Google’s algorithms are very intricate and they emulate the neuron web in the human brain to separate your roof from the trees and shadows nearby. The technology is actually the same like the one used for face recognition on Facebook and instant translation on Skype. Project Sunroof includes simulation of shadows that normally shade your roof and it also takes into account the weather patterns in the area. Another variable that factors in is the typical local utility rates or you can enter the amount of your monthly utility bills for an even more accurate estimate. This project isn’t just Elkin’s brainchild or his personal crusade. It’s a natural development that fits into Google’s long-known support of solar and renewables. Their data centers are already solar-powered and they have invested in home solar projects. However, we shouldn’t expect this is mere beneficence. Google is all about marketing – the service will soon include referrals to solar companies in your area and charge those providers fees for doing so. Conkling explains that they want to bring people closer to understanding the potential of solar electricity, but they can also make some money off of that.

SOLAR PANELS—HOW TOUGH ARE THEY? Santa Clarita residents are going solar—the price is low, the time is right, and the sun shines bright--- providing the best conditions for rooftop solar. Solar power has become one of the most reliable ways to power homes while reducing carbon footprint all over California and beyond. If you are considering installing solar energy in your home or business, you want your investment to be a smart decision. You know it will save you money—but what about how it will hold up over time? How durable are the panels and, living in California, what about earthquake damage? The Panels Solar cells are made of thin glassy cells and are very thin. Solar panels are made up of these cells with a frame around the edge to protect the cells from cracking. The best quality solar panels have protective exterior coverings of tempered glass or protective laminate like car windshields. Solar panels with top-quality design are highly durable. Strength Solar panels are designed to withstand a broad range of temperatures, weather, and other outside factors. They have controls to keep them from cracking in extreme hot or cold weather. They are tested to handle falling debris, hail storms and very high winds. And though the panels look delicate, with proper maintenance they can last over 20 years and beyond. Solar Systems are not invulnerable, and location can affect damage potential so their positioning should be where falling rocks or trees cannot damage them. Standards The California building code has guidelines for solar panels wind and weather conditions. Manufacturers and installers alike, are adopting new guidelines by The Structural Engineers Association of California, SEOC specifically targeting seismic activity. The Roof One of the primary considerations when installing the solar panels and their durability is the condition of the roof. The weight of the panels is light, but if the roof is not strong enough and the solar panels can be damaged as well. Semper Solaris is top-notch when it comes to the building or repair of roofs. Secure Mounting The solar system must also be properly attached to the roof with a mounting system that can prevent the panels from dislodging in extreme conditions such as in an earthquake. They could fall off the racks and disable wiring and piping systems in the units causing leaks. Semper Solaris uses the highest rated mounting racks from Ironbridge.com. They build the most durable and reliable brackets that have been tested and proven in extreme weather and conditions. Efficiency and Reliability Solar panels are shown to be very dependable with a low failure rate. In harsh climates, the failure rates are higher than the norm. Having a reputable manufacturer and installer is the key to reliable and long-lasting Solar panels. Call us today and schedule an evaluation of your home for a solar power installation. We can examine your roof and determine the best course of action for going solar.