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How Often Should I Care for My Solar Panels?

Solar panels are the best sustainable source to save energy. Solar energy, being one of the largest renewable sources of energy, can be converted for electricity as well as other sources of power in the household. Solar panel installation in one’s home is undoubtedly cheap, which provides an unlimited source of energy. Still, it does require a minimum amount of care for it to function correctly for long terms. 

Why Care for Solar Panels?

In general and simple words, solar panels are generally glasses that are systematically installed in one’s household to absorb the solar light. The more solar light this tool absorbs, the more it converts that light into forms of energy and store in it a battery. But since the solar panels are always installed in open spaces, they are prone to some external damage. 

These damages are not really serious but are external forces that obstruct the glass surface and stop it from absorbing the sunlight to its fullest extent. These external forces can include dust, dirt, and spots because of water in the atmosphere, rain, bird droppings, or cracks because of hail or some other objects and much more. These factors might look like issues that can be overlooked, but in reality, it obstructs the solar panels from functioning correctly, therefore, solar maintenance is an absolute necessity. 

Solar Panel Care Guide

It might sound hard to accept, but the only time one cares for their solar panels are during the times when something damages it really bad, or the tool completely stops functioning. This increases the cost of solar panel maintenance, moreover, gives extra headaches since several appliances might work with the support of solar panels. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to care about one’s solar panels, and it should be done as regularly as possible. 

According to every solar contractor in the market, it is highly advisable to check one’s solar panels at least once in 6 months. This period is an ideal gap for regular solar panel care since the weather changes every 3-4 months, and a solar panel can adjust that much of change or damage. Moreover, it is not just the glasses that need care and has to be checked. 

Instead, the screws and hinges also need enough checks and care as they are always at a risk of getting loose or rusting due to environmental factors. 

Another thing to consider for solar care is to continually check the solar batteries that are connected to the panels. This battery is highly complex, and a regular checkup saves it from complete damage since it is one of the vital parts of the whole solar panel system. Other than this, regular checkup of solar batteries protects the entire house from significant risks, like that of fire, since it converts and transfers electrical energy into the household. 

At-home care and regular checking of the solar panels can be done by the individual itself. Still, it is usually advisable to call a solar contractor for professional support or if you are not comfortable enough to get on your roof to do the maintenance.

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