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Solar Power Myths

Leading Solar Companies in Inland Empire Debunk 4 Popular Solar Myths

Solar energy has become the leading source of renewable energy in the last couple of years. The scientific community acknowledges that the benefits of solar power heavily outweigh the drawbacks. However, the unfamiliar public is quick to point out the flaws of using this energy source and a lot of their arguments are tied to several myths that have been spreading like wildfire, especially across the internet forums. Experts from leading solar companies in Inland Empire have stepped up to discuss and debunk these myths once and for all.

Cloudy Weather Renders Solar Panels Useless

This one is a huge concern for Inland Empire locals during the May Gray and June Gloom, but the truth is that solar panels work in countries with a climate much more prone to cloudy weather. For example, Germany is one of the leaders in solar generation per capita despite the fact that their skies are often filled with thick clouds. The truth is that any sunlight that finds its way through the clouds to the solar panel is converted into electricity. While it is true that the clouds can lower their efficiency, solar panels will still convert any available sunlight into power.

Solar Panels Can Damage Your Roof

If the solar panels are handled and installed properly, you don’t have to fear any damage to your roof. On the contrary, solar panels often prolong the life of your roof. If you hire a professional company to install the panels, you don’t have to fear as they are ready for any complications and are familiar with all sorts of techniques to prevent causing damage to the roof and risk potential leaks.

Solar Energy is not Sufficient to Power Your Home

This is probably the myth that is the furthest from the truth. Using solar energy can save you a huge amount of money you would pay to cover the electricity bill each month. You will see a return on investment as soon as you install and activate the panels. Furthermore, the government offers a number of incentives that save the homeowners around 30% of the purchase and you can benefit from a number of local utilities willing to pay for any excess solar power your home produces.

Solar Panels Require Regular Maintenance

As the panels have no moving parts the maintenance they require is minimal. The panels are strong and you will only have to clean them once or twice a year so that they are at their maximum efficiency. If any heavy pieces of debris damage your panels you will have to replace them, but otherwise, maintaining the panels is rarely a problem.

Thinking of Going Solar in Inland Empire?

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