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In Vista, the weather is temperate all year long, dry but not too hot, and some nights are chilling but not too cold. It is easy to forget during such mild weather that you will soon be turning up the thermostat when colder months hit, especially around November. It is essential to prepare your HVAC for using your furnace during the winter months. It is easy to get busy with the holidays and neglect this critical step. But your health, safety, and comfort warrant the time and attention to some essential details. Details that could mean severe problems and be dangerous if neglected. Things can go wrong with your heating for many reasons that affect the HVAC itself, but more importantly, the well-being of you and your family. Heating and air conditioning in Vista is an integral part of maintaining your home and protecting your family.  Filters and your heater Changing the filter of your HVAC  will keep your HVAC running smoothly and could help you avoid costly repairs. A clogged filter causes Lack of airflow Uneven temperatures High energy bills Toxic Air Furnace or heater breakdown A Faulty Heater Whether you have a heat pump, gas furnace, or electric heaters, you should have your heater inspected to make sure it does not have any problems that would cause it to malfunction. Signs of faulty Heater  Heater blowing cold air Pilot light not staying on Uneven temperatures Heater won’t shut off The fan is not blowing Carbon monoxide leak (with combustible fuels) If your heater is displaying any of the above problems, it is a sign that something is wrong. A faulty heating system could indicate that real trouble is afoot, especially if you have a gas or other combustible fuel furnace. Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous gas that is undetectable and has no odor or taste. It is deadly and will hit without any warning. According to the CDC, “Every year, at least 430 people die in the U.S. from accidental CO poisoning.” It is vital to have your system inspected and tested for leaks that could cause this deadly gas to infiltrate the air of your home. Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Headache Dizziness Nausea or vomiting Shortness of breath Confusion blurred vision Chest pain Drowsiness Fainting Loss of consciousness If your HVAC is malfunctioning, it may be time to replace it, especially if it is over ten years old. Upgrading to a new energy-efficient HVAC is well worth the investment. The energy-efficient models come with advanced technology and smart home capabilities, and they run cleaner for the environment.  Semper Solaris has been serving the city of Vista for over 15 years with solar power installations. We are proud to continue serving this city and now offer heating and air conditioning installations in Vista.  Our qualified technicians can give your HVAC a safety inspection and perform maintenance to make sure your heater is safe to run. And we will offer solutions for carbon monoxide detection and other safety concerns. Let’s keep you and your family safe with well-running heating and air conditioning.

From hybrid cars to recycling, it has become easier and cheaper to curb the harm caused by our over-dependence on fossil fuels. Depending mostly on fuels such as oil and coal has left us reliant on a fuel source that will run out and has contaminated our air. We all want to breathe in cleaner air. It is time we consider an alternative energy source that is renewable, sustainable, and mild to the environment—we need to go solar. Get the best solar installation in Vista. Why solar in Vista? The sun serves as a clean energy source that is also sustainable. It can give us direct light and heat, generate power, and provide heating and cooling. The sun’s energy extends to creating winds that can be used to power plants and produce biofuels. You don’t need to have a fat bank account or a solar farm to benefit from solar power. Solar panels make it affordable and straightforward to use solar energy in Vista, no matter your budget.  How does solar help the city of Vista? Save money on electricity bills Solar energy can cut down on the electricity bills in Vista and make funds available for other more important issues. Saving money is among the best benefits of making use of solar energy. Solar panels reduce the total amount of money homeowners in Vista will spend on their power bills. It is estimated that an average user of solar power can reduce up to 50 percent of monthly power costs. Utility companies offer programs that can purchase the extra energy produced from solar panels in Vista, potentially lowering the monthly energy bills and at times, paying some homeowners.  Saves the environment  Unlike using fossils that can contaminate the environment through their byproducts, solar energy doesn’t give any emission. Instead, the energy they produce will lower the number of discharges in Vista, helping reduce the damage caused by acid rain, smog, climate change, and water contamination. The power produced by solar panels will always be available as long as there is sunshine, which is estimated to last for about 5 billion years.  Create employment  The solar industry in Vista is proven to create jobs. The number of solar workers has continued to grow in the past few years, with a majority of them working in solar installation jobs that cannot be easily outsourced. Also, the workers get paid competitive salaries.  Solar is beneficial to low-income earners Most of the income of low-income earners usually ends up in the hands of electricity companies. It is estimated that low-income earners spend 10 percent of their finances on energy bills. This number is four times more than average earners. By making use of power with a low cost such as solar electricity, such households can experience some stability. For better survival  Most cities are experiencing more threats from natural disasters and are taking measures to prepare for them. During harsh weather events, solar power can help prevent general power outages, and provide electricity for vital facilities and help in recovery efforts. To have solar power installed in your property, make use of the best solar company in Vista such as Semper Solaris. Formed on the military value of duty, loyalty, respect, honor, integrity, selfless service, and personal courage, this company is a reliable solar panel installation in Vista.

For quite some time now. For this Californian city, the term “solar” has been a real boon. It has allowed the residents of Visalia to save a significant amount of electricity. If you want to enjoy similar benefits, get in touch with a reputable solar service provider operating in the city.  A top solar company in Visalia will not only install a solar panel at your place but will also offer impeccable maintenance services. The section below will introduce you to various kinds of solar panels installed by these companies and also inform you about maintenance services offered by them.  Types of solar panels installed in Visalia  Traditional panels: You will find them primarily on the residential roofs. Traditional panels are made with polycrystalline or monocrystalline solar cells. Both are made of silicon.The monocrystalline panels, which are usually dark in color, appear more uniform than the other traditional units. They are considered the purest of all silicon solar cells. This purity also makes them more efficient than most other kinds available on the market currently.The Polycrystalline panels, on the other hand, are marked by their speckled bluish body. They are crafted by melting raw silicon. This manufacturing process is much cheaper compared to the one used for making monocrystalline units. However, these panels are also extremely efficient.  Thin-film panels: As their name suggests, they are crafted using thin films of certain photoactive materials. The films are laid on metal, plastic, or glass backings. The thickness of this kind can range from just a few nanometres to 40 or even 50 micrometers. The biggest USP of this type is their lightweight body.  Panels running on new technology: Solar panel installation in Visalia will soon involve the use of units running on newly invented technology. One such technology is the one that runs bio-hybrid solar cells. The research involving bio-hybrid cells is still not over. Top companies working with solar panels are keeping a close eye on this new development.  Researchers are claiming that the bio-hybrid cells will be a thousand times more effective than the traditional units.  Maintenance services you should expect  If you are working with the company offering the best solar installation in Visalia, you should expect them to provide all-inclusive maintenance services. Regular maintenance will allow you to ensure that the installation of a solar panel is a profitable decision.  For homes running on regular electricity, circuit breaker plays a significant role. The same stands true for solar panels also; however, in this case, the same function is performed by a breaker present on the solar system of your roof. If maintained well, this breaker would prevent unnecessary use of energy.  Also, the maintenance service should include regular inspections of the system. If any wear and tear are spotted, the experts should get them repaired immediately to avoid more expensive repair works. Some parts of solar panels get dirty more quickly than other parts. Make sure your maintenance service provider cleans them with care.

Anytime you make an improvement to your house, take into consideration their impact on the value of your home. The most common way of making your home better is to upgrade your kitchen, renovate your bathroom, or build an extra room, but there is another way to modernize your home and increase the value of your property – install a solar energy system by hiring a solar company in Vacaville. Whether you intend to light up your home, water your lawn, or gas your car, you have to make use of energy. The energy you make use of will determine your bills at the end of the month. Just like most people, if you’ve wondered ways to lower your utility bills, one way to do that is to make use of solar updates. This will help you solve more than one challenge – lowering electricity costs and reducing the carbon footprint. Most solar changes are easy and don’t require difficult changes. Some ways you can modernize your home with solar in Vacaville include: Make use of exterior solar lights People spend a lot of time outside during summer. At some times, parties can extend into the evening hours. If you want to continue partying without having to bother about energy bills, utilize solar lighting. You can make your porch, deck, patio, and walkway brighter and create a nice ambiance. It is easy to have solar lights installed, and you can change it if you’re not convinced of the designs. Have a combination of static lights with color-changing lights to create a unique setting. There are different forms of solar lights, and they can be used in a variety of settings. Consider using a solar attic fan During high temperatures, the temperature of your attic can rise to over 160 degrees or more. The heat can result in the temperature of your home rising, thereby increasing the energy used in cooling systems such as fans and air conditioners. The high temperature from the attic can make your air conditioner work extra hard, leading to a similar interior temperature with the outdoor temperature. Construct a solar room This can be done at a low cost. It doesn’t require electrical wiring or plumbing. Before selecting a design, get a proper location for the room. The location will depend on the kind of environment you intend to create. It is best to build one on a southern front. Have a photovoltaic system In addition to the above small home improvements, have solar panels installed. They have been used in many homes for several years, making use of photovoltaic cells to capture the energy of the sun. The cells don’t need constant sunlight to function and can generate electricity even on cloudy days. They convert sun energy into electrical energy that can be used to operate home appliances. Making use of solar panels will not only save you money, but they can also be a source of income. For many years, the government has offered financial incentives for the installation of wind turbines, solar panels, wood stoves, and more. Solar panel installation in Vacaville is great for residents there. This power source contributes to a sustainable, healthier environment. The best solar installation in Vacaville is Semper Solaris. They have maintained their standards over time, providing quality services to residents in Vacaville.

Are you planning for solar panel installation in Simi Valley? Do you want to know more about the benefits? Now people all over are considering solar systems to reduce their energy bills and utilize renewable sources. Simi Valley also offers incentives to promote people to install solar panels. You just need to know more about the benefits and rebates to take the right decision. In this article, we will discuss three ways the solar system is going to change your life.  1.   Financial Rewards   A solar panel will generate electricity, and that will cut down your monthly energy bills. It will reduce your energy costs significantly. More importantly, you might not need to spend a lot upfront if you choose the best solar installation Simi Valley. Different programs are available. You just need to go through them to know where you stand and your eligibility for rebates. If you want, you can also get more financial benefits. You can make money from your solar panel. That is possible through net-metering.  Net-metering enables solar customers to save their electricity bills. On top of that, it allows them to make money or earn credits when your solar system generates excess energy. These credits will be created in the present condition and will be carried forward and used to alter your future energy bills. A solar panel will save your present and future energy bills. When you plan to sell your home, it can boost the value of your property as well. If a solar panel is installed, the potential buyers will find your home worth spending since they do not have to spend much on the electricity. They will not have to go through the hassles of the solar panel installation.  2.  Protects Your Home You might be thinking of how a solar panel will contribute to the security of your home. It is simple. A solar panel can extend the life of your home. It will protect your roof from the harsh weather elements that include rain, storm, and debris. Besides, it will make your home energy efficient in the summer. The hot sun will not directly heat your roof, and that will ultimately minimize the effect of the heat.  Sunlights will be absorbed by the panels, and that will keep the indoor temperature low.  You can naturally protect yourself from the harsh summer.  3.   Contributes to the Environment This is one of the key benefits. If you use renewable resources to generate energy, you can protect or save your environment in a significant manner. Electricity is traditionally generated from fossil fuel that includes coal and natural gas. These fuels are burnt to generate electricity. During the process, they emit harmful gases, causing a lot of pollution and even global climate change.  Also, fossil fuels are not infinite. Therefore, the price will continue to hike, causing constant price fluctuations. If you install a solar panel, it will derive energy from the sun. The power will be totally pure and clean. You can get pure and clean energy without harming the environment in any manner. In brief, solar panel installation in your home will help you to reduce your dependence on fossil fuel.  Renewable energy will contribute to public health. But natural gas or coal plants will cause air and water pollution. All these are harmful to humans and other living beings. By choosing solar panels over fossil fuel, you can fight environment pollution and premature deaths. It will reduce health care costs significantly as well. The solar panels will not be affected by the heatwave or droughts.  The scarcity of water has made electricity generation risky. Solar panels will resolve this problem. You will not need water to generate electricity.  With ample sun, you can generate electricity without any difficulty. Also, this step is going to set an example for your friends, neighbors, and relatives. If you want to install a solar panel, then consider hiring an experienced solar company in Simi Valley. Inquire about the rebates and benefits. You can also use a Solar Panel Calculator to know more about your eligibility and other requirements.

Statistics gathered in recent times suggest that California has performed consistently well when it comes to producing solar energy. One Californian city that has played a significant role in making this possible is surely San Diego. Being one of the largest cities of the state, San Diego has a pretty highly installed solar capacity. This has, however, been possible primarily due to the fantastic sunlight the city gets almost all through the year. Other factors that have contributed significantly include the pro-solar policies of the local government, encouraging solar incentives, etc. However, for making the best use of all these favorable factors, you will have to work with the best solar company in San Diego. About the cost of solar panels in San Diego The cost of solar panel installation in this city tends to range between $13,200 and $17,900. To be more precise, for every watt, the installation process will make you spend around $2.70 to $ 3.60. There are a common and extremely critical question property owners looking for solar panel installation in San Diego ask: How much time will they have to wait for recovering the initial investment through electricity savings? There’s even a technical term awarded to this query; it’s solar payback period. In San Diego and its surrounding areas, the solar payback period is pretty low. You will need to wait just around half a decade for recovering your initial investment. How to pay for the installation? Solar shoppers in this part of the United States are required to take another significant decision. They need to decide how they will pay for the entire process. As the solar panel installation procedure requires a pretty hefty investment, many struggle to arrange the lump sum. The good news is that companies offering the best solar installation in San Diego also allow property owners to opt for solar loans and solar leases. However, if you have enough money for making a cash purchase, go for it as it will end up offering you the maximum profit. A few things you must know Efficiency and power output showcased by the solar panel installed is are not the only factors deciding how much energy the panel will be able to generate. Your solar panel would make an impressive amount of power only if enough sunlight hits it regularly. Being one of the sunniest cities in the US, San Diego scores impressively in this department. Solar panels installed in this city keep generating more energy every year compared to similar systems installed in most other parts of the country (for instance, the Northeast). Experts talk about some more factors that play a significant role in increasing the efficiency of these panels. These include panel orientation, panel angle, and shading. The company installing a solar panel at your place should consider all these factors when planning the installation. Are you planning to install a solar panel in your apartment? If yes, make sure you are getting it done a reputable solar panel installation company in San Diego.

Water is a valuable resource, without which all living things on this planet will cease to exist. About 70 percent of the surface of the earth is made of water, and our bodies are made up of 60 percent water. Additionally, water can be found in the soil, the air, and every living thing. Yet, there is a severe scarcity of clean drinking water in many regions.  The world today functions on a partnership between the production of water and energy. Sources of conventional energy make use of large amounts of water to generate electricity, and it takes lots of energy to produce drinkable water. A shortage of water can result in a crisis in the energy industry. But the good news is that solar energy helps to significantly reduce the amount of water required to produce energy, and also helps to save money for water districts. The business of conventional power generation is a thirsty one. Power industries solely depend on oil, gas, coal, and nuclear power to make use of over 40 percent of water taken for human consumption in the US. This makes them the biggest consumers of water. But this significant water usage in San Diego County doesn’t end there. Power plants making use of fossils need water supply to control pollution, and power producers directly use water to extract, produce, refine, and transport fuel. Nuclear plants and coal make use of about 25 to 60 gallons of water to make just one KW hour of power.  For energy generation, these power plants return their water to nature – although it is always accompanied by pollution. But what will happen if there is a shortage of water for these plants to use? Solar Energy does not depend on water A more earth-friendly way to produce electricity will be to make use of solar energy. With the advancement of solar power technology, there will be no more need to depend on fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal, kerosene, diesel, and so on. Burning fossils result in problems for the city of San Diego County such as wide-spread pollution, global warming, and respiratory diseases. By making use of solar energy, we can significantly reduce the carbon footprint and help conserve water.  Solar Panels Hiring the best solar company in San Diego County to install solar panels can be beneficial for you because solar panels are practically free of pollution. Also, the energy the sun generates can be converted into electricity without making use of water. The only time you’ll need water is once in a few months when you want to clean the solar panels.  The amount of water you’ll use to clean the solar panels can be negligible compared to the amount used to extract, refine, and transport fossils. In addition to this, you’ll not need to wash your solar panels during the rainy season; nature will take care of it for you. Semper Solaris is a pioneering solar company that has been creating waves all around the world. They can take care of any solar panel installation in San Diego County without much stress. This company pride themselves in taking the time to help clients understand how solar works and how to select the right solar system.

In 2015, the program for solar in Riverside, California was developed. It makes it possible for owners of properties in Riverside to install solar without spending money, and at the same time, receive incentives in the form of cash amounting to $2,000. The County of Riverside is an excellent location to make use of free energy that the sun provides every day.  The program has been created to increase the rise of renewable energy throughout the location and to reward owners of properties that declare energy independence. The solar program in Riverside is structured in three phases, and as each goal is reached, incentives will be paid. Since the program is presently in the first phase, any resident that signs up will get a payment of about $2,000. Phase 1: To generate 250,000 watts in about 50 homes ($2,000) Phase 2: Is made up of 500,000 watts for 100 homes ($1,500) Phase 3: A payment of $0.20 per watt for all remaining participants  Importance of the solar program at Riverside Make use of solar energy without paying any money upfront Not required to have a credit score Get rid of your electricity bill and pay less than you’re currently paying for electricity  Get a cash-back incentive of $2,000 Receive a federal tax credit of 30 percent if you purchase the system  It has flexible financing options  For those who make us of PACE to finance, they don’t need a credit score Even though the program has expired, other incentives are still available such as the extension of the federal tax credit. In 2019, the average cost of installing solar panels for residential homes in Riverside is $3.63 per watt, lower than the natural average of $6 per watt.  Installing solar energy in Riverside  Learn the process Before beginning the process, you need to understand your new monthly energy requirements, then you can consider the amount of power you’ll need with solar. Contact the best solar company in Riverside, Semper Solaris, for further advice. What is your energy efficiency? By being aware of your energy usage, you can reduce your electricity bill. At Semper Solaris, we can provide you with an overview of the energy usage of your house over time. Know the basics of solar For solar panel installation in Riverside, you need to learn about the entire process. You should know how it works, how much it’ll cost, the future of solar energy, basic laws regarding solar, and the advantages.  Buying options Semper Solaris offers the best solar installation services in Riverside. It was founded by a veteran of the Marine Corps. This company prides itself on taking the time to assist clients in understanding how solar electricity works and how to select the perfect system. After you’ve made the decision to make use of solar energy, you will want to understand monitoring, metering, and general maintenance. All these will be part of your decision-making process. By monitoring the production of solar energy, you’ll be sure that you’re getting the expected value.

Rancho Cucamonga has become a solar energy hub. All the credit goes to the new incentive program and ample sunshine that support the power needs of Rancho Cucamonga residents. Now they are increasingly adopting solar energy to power up their home. If you are interested in solar energy and want to install solar panels, here is how you can go solar in Rancho Cucamonga. Going Solar in Rancho Cucamonga The California solar incentives offer generous rebates for a solar system. While combing with federal solar rebates, the installation will be around fifty to sixty percent less. The incentives will help you to get the best solar installation Rancho Cucamonga without spending much upfront. Some companies also offer $0 upfront cost. Therefore, it is essential to research different companies to know which one can provide you with a cost-effective solution. When it comes to the average cost for solar panel installation in Rancho Cucamonga, you will have to spend $3.63 per watt for residential solar panels. The average system size is 6 kilowatts. So, you might need to $18, 150 to install a solar system. This is the average cost. However, you will have to spend much less if you consider other rebates. Solar Incentives California is considered the best for the solar panel installation in Rancho Cucamonga. The incredible solar rebates and incentives and the availability of abundant solar energy motivate many to go with solar. Also, many companies are coming up with different programs and hassle-free installations to make it even cheaper and more accessible for the people of the Rancho Cucamonga. Also, both the Southern California and Rancho Cucamonga offer a solid net metering plan for solar customers. This net metering plan demands the customers’ utility to credit one for one with each KWh exported to the grid and then credit the customer for the excess after wiping out the cloudy day or night time power bill. This plan is better since it does not demand solar customers to switch to time of use billing.  Also, there is a system payback projection time. It will help customers to get full cost recovery within a period of five to seven years and followed by twenty and more years to get free power. In the case of confusion, you can use the Solar Panel Calculator. It will help you to know the following: How many solar panels are required to cover the power bill Your house is suitable for a solar panel or not The available incentives and your eligibility The cost of the solar panel installation You are eligible for zero upfront cost or not The payback period and the return on your investment How Long It Takes for Installation Solar panel installation will take one to two days. However, you will have to hire professionals to get a hassle-free and flawless installation. Once you set up your mind for the installation, it is better to consult experts to know more about the available options.  

As a San Francisco resident, you may have heard about the rising interest in solar technology which utilizes the raw power of the sun. There are so many financial and environmental advantages that are offered from harnessing the sun’s endless energy with a solar system. But are you taking full advantage of them? It’s true, we can’t even fathom harnessing the full power of the sun. Just one hour of the sun’s total energy would be more than enough to power the entire world for a year. Solar panels can only capture so much of the sun’s energy. Even that small amount is converted faster than you can use it, and all the surplus energy goes to waste. Solar Batteries Solar energy used to be a “use it or lose it” investment. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case. When it comes to clean solar power, you save a lot from just the reduction on your monthly bill, but what if you could take the surplus energy and save it for when the sun goes down? Well, this is precisely what a solar battery allows you to do! Solar batteries are typically made of one of three chemical compositions. Lead-acid: Lead-acid batteries are often the cheapest option for solar batteries. Their technology has been around for ages, tested, and proved. However, these batteries have a relatively shorter lifespan and DoD (depth of discharge) than the other two options.Lithium-Ion: Lithium-ion batteries are lighter and more compact than the lead-acid composition. These generally have the most extended lifespan and have better DoD than the lead-acid. However, these are also some of the more expensive options on the market.Saltwater: Saltwater batteries are relatively newer to the solar battery industry and rely on saltwater electrolytes rather than heavy metals. These haven’t had as much testing as the other two, but they are recyclable… so that’s nice! Why Should You Invest in a Battery Storage System? With a solar battery storage system, your home can go off-grid during evenings and nights, when the sun is no longer shining on your panels. Solar batteries in San Francisco also offer opportunities for you to earn a profit off of your solar energy. In fact, you could be generating a return of up to 53%. Solar batteries allow you to store and use power during off-peak hours and then sell the surplus energy your solar panels produce to the grid during on-peak hours. At Semper Solaris, our battery storage systems, such as Tesla Powerwall, have easy-to-use dashboards that allow you to manage and access your usage and storage. Powerwall batteries will enable you to automatically set your system to sell surplus energy at the end of the day. Solar batteries in San Francisco are a smart investment when preparing for blackouts and power outages or fires and storms. In fact, Powerwall can detect an outage, disconnect from the grid, and restore the power of your home automatically in a fraction of a second. With a solar battery, your home will be prepared for any disaster that threatens your ability. Why Semper Solaris? At Semper Solaris, our technicians and contractors are experienced in solar backup battery installation in San Francisco. In fact, we are a Tesla Powerwall certified installer! Moreover, we are a locally owned and operated company and take pride in the services we offer. We believe that every customer is unique and should be treated with respect... including your home, budget, and time! At Semper Solaris, we understand what makes solar battery storage in San Francisco such a significant investment, and want to help you take advantage of it! Our award-winning customer service is ready to help you get started investing in your home with a solar battery today!

If you are a homeowner in Pasadena looking to dive into clean energy, there are a couple of important things to consider before your solar installation can be completed. A Solar Company The first step you need to take toward clean energy is finding a reliable, honest, and professional solar contractor. Solar power is an investment, and you want the assets of your investment – the solar panels – to be dependable and efficient. You don't want to settle for a general solar company, you need the best solar company in Pasadena. At Semper Solaris, we are a locally, and veteran operated and owned company. It's essential to be able to trust the company you partner with, and at Semper Solaris, trust is everything. As veterans, we know how important it is to be able to trust those around you, and we want Semper Solaris to be a company you can trust. Built on the Marine Corps motto, Semper Fidelis, always meaning faithful, we will have your back. Roofing The next step in securing your solar investment is to make sure your roof is sturdy and robust enough to support solar panels. A weak roof can collapse under the weight of the panels. An older roof will age faster than your panels, making it essential to have a qualified roofing contractor inspect your roof and it's life expectancy. The roofing experts at Semper Solaris are experienced in all kinds of roofing in Pasadena. From old roofs to different shingles, our team will give you a thorough and honest inspection. If you need a repair or replacement roof, our team is by your side! Solar panel installation in Pasadena will save you thousands over their lifetime, so a roof replacement or repair is well worth it in the end. Choosing Solar Panels and Installation Of course, to reap the benefits of solar energy, you need to have solar panels installed on your roof or property. We can take care of this step, as well. Our experienced and professional team can give you the best solar panel installation in Pasadena. We carry everything into consideration. From the angle of your roof to the number of trees blocking the sun, your panels will be positioned and installed impeccably to give you the highest possible efficiency. We also offer a variety of solar panels and can help you choose ones that fit your home, goals, and budget. When selecting panels, take note of the manufacturer's warranty. If it is long, (around 25 years), your panels will be more likely to last longer and be more efficient over time. Financing Options With solar, the initial cost of your panels and installation is hard to get past. However, with various federal and local solar rebates and tax incentives, solar is made affordable for everyone! Make sure the solar company you go with knows about all the financial incentives, so you don't pay more than you have to! Maintenance From the panels to the installation cost, switching to clean energy can get pricey. However, the upfront cost is pretty much all you'll pay over the lifetime of your panels. Maintenance on your solar system is minimal at most. Pretty much all you need is a light rinsing for your panels with a garden hose a couple of times a year. This simply ensures that there is no buildup of dust or leaves on your panels that would block the sunlight and make them less efficient.   Going solar is made simple with your solar company in Pasadena, Semper Solaris. Let our personal and professional representatives walk alongside you in your clean energy switch!

Parts of California have moderate temperatures all year round and are blessed with a cool evening breeze. Many homes don’t even own air conditioning units. That’s not the case for Ontario, however. Average summer temperatures for Ontario California are consistently in the upper 80’s and 90's, making a living without an air conditioner not really living at all. As utility and electric rates continue to rise in California, your HVAC system can seem more like a curse than a blessing when you look at your monthly bill. If this is you, we might just have a solution: solar energy.  Huge Savings One of the most significant incentives for solar energy is the financial advantage it offers. By literally converting sunlight to supply your own electricity, you can cut your monthly utility bill drastically. Your panels will even hit a point in which they have paid for themselves, and as energy rates increase, your savings grow. In fact, the average 20-year savings for California residents with solar is over $31,000!  Grid Independence Along with the reduction in electricity costs, you also get to enjoy an amount of independence from the grid and electric companies. You have your own solar power plant on your roof, so you only need electricity from the grid during evenings and nights when the sun no longer shines. Even more so, by investing in a solar battery like Tesla Powerwall, you have the option to be grid-free and cut ties with electric companies completely.  Disaster Preparedness Being independent – even just semi-independent – from the grid can allow you to be prepared whenever disaster may hit. Grid blackouts, storms, and fires have nothing on your solar electricity. Nothing will be able to turn out the lights in your Ontario solar-energized home!  Clean and Renewable Energy Not only do solar panels affect your wallet, but they also have a significant impact on the planet and reduce your carbon footprint. Burning fossil fuels to produce energy releases greenhouse gasses and toxic pollutants into the air and community. Solar power is generated directly from the light of the sun and is naturally converted to energy by your panels. Solar panels don’t emit any greenhouse gasses or pollution, making them a clean energy option.  Also, where fossil fuels are limited and scattered across the earth, solar energy is as abundant and renewable as the sunshine. We can never harness the full power of the sun, making it a limitless source for all of us to use!  Jobs Solar energy also creates jobs for people in our local communities. If fact, solar energy is one of the highest job providers in America. According to the National Solar Jobs Census of 2018, the United States has 242,343 solar workers, and solar had added nearly 150,000 jobs since the first census in 2010.  Semper Solaris Of course, for your solar experience to be just the way you want, you need the best solar company in Ontario. At Semper Solaris, we strive to give you personal, honest, and excellent service. From the moment you call our office, to your solar panel installation in Ontario, we are here to make your solar project as smooth as possible.  Our team of experienced technicians and contractors understand Ontario and the various regulations and steps that need to be taken to give you the best solar panel installation in Ontario. We want you to receive full advantage of all the benefits solar power offers.  As one solar company in Ontario, we take each solar installation as a platform to showcase values, so our service and craftsmanship stand out and rise above. If you’re ready to switch to clean energy, contact Semper Solaris today!

Promising year-long perfect weather right along the beachside, the city of Oceanside immediately becomes the ideal place for life in general. What more could you ask? That warm, sunny, happy weather also offers a specific advantage for residential solar power and for many reasons, now is the best time to go solar in Oceanside.  Solar Financing Options for Oceanside   One of the most significant incentives for switching to clean energy continues to be the many solar rebates and incentives provided. These various financial aids have helped make solar affordable for everyone! However, some of these incentives won’t last much longer, so getting started with solar today could allow you to save more! At Semper Solaris, our local and tailored service makes us the best solar company in Oceanside for Oceanside. For information regarding the different financial aids, your Oceanside residence qualifies for is just one call away at our Oceanside Semper Solaris office.  SOLAR LOANS  Solar loans are an excellent option for residential solar, and many solar loans are $0-down. A PV (photovoltaic) solar system is an asset that gives you financial revenue. From the rebates and tax credits for installation to the value of the energy, you produce throughout your system’s lifetime. LEASES AND PPA’S  Leasing or getting a power purchase agreement (PPA) is like renting a solar system for your home. The third-party owner of the solar system will install and maintain the solar system on your property, in exchange, you pay a below-market rate for the electricity during the duration of the lease agreement. Because they own the PV system, they will be eligible for the tax rebates and incentives. You can still expect to save 10-30% over the cost of your electric bill and get to enjoy the electricity it produces!  So why wait? NOW is the time to go solar!  Why Semper Solaris?  As a homeowner in Oceanside, finances are always a big part of the equation. Which is why, at Semper Solaris, we work directly with your goals, your home, and your budget to provide the best solar installation in Oceanside for you. Our experienced solar technicians and contractors know how to install your system to ensure it works at its highest energy efficiency. If you have concerns about the feasibility for you to go solar, get in touch with your Semper Solaris solar company in Oceanside!

To supply businesses and residential areas with sufficient electricity when energy demands reach their peak, the city of Oakland flips on another power plant fueled by fossil fuels. As with all power produced from fossil fuels, Jack London Square’s “peaker” emits greenhouse gasses and other harmful pollutants into the air and the surrounding environment. OAKLAND CLEAN ENERGY INITIATIVE As a large part of the Oakland Clean Energy Initiative, the city is looking to retire the old power plant and replace it with a virtual power plant. This virtual power plant would replace its jet fuel with clean energy and begin the process of making Oakland’s environment, air, and residents a little healthier. This project by East Bay Community Energy will impact the city in nearly every aspect. Financially, the solar-powered power plant will ultimately save the city money: EconomicallyIt will provide more local jobs for Oakland EnvironmentallySolar energy will help reduce greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere and improve public health by cutting polluting air toxins Even the Oakland community will benefit by reaping the financial benefits of solar energy and reducing electricity bills for low-income homes.  The city of Oakland is taking a massive step toward clean energy, and as a resident of Oakland, you can too!  SOLAR POWER FOR EVERYONE IN OAKLAND The benefits of going solar can’t and shouldn’t be ignored. Instead, take full advantage of them by switching to clean energy with the best solar company in Oakland: Semper Solaris. Switching to clean energy helps the community of Oakland as well. Along with the positive environmental effects of solar panels, solar batteries, such as Tesla Powerwall battery, offer a unique asset for you and Oakland. When energy demands are high, instead of turning on the fossil fuel-generated power plant, you can sell surplus energy stored in the battery back to the grid. You make a profit, and Oakland receives the energy it needs without sacrificing the environment or the health of your community. WHY STAY LOCAL? At Semper Solaris, not only are we a Tesla Powerwall certified installer, we are also locally owned and operated! This is essential when considering solar companies that you can trust for your solar products and services. The initial, upfront cost of solar is expensive and is one of the biggest deterrents for homeowners from making the switch to clean energy. This also makes choosing the right solar company important; if you’re paying for something, you want the best, and you want it done right. As a solar company in Oakland, we know all the Federal and local solar rebates and tax credits offered for Oakland residents. With Semper Solaris, solar panel installation in Oakland has never been more accessible or more affordable. Now is the time to switch, the financial incentives won’t last forever. As utility and electrical rates soar higher and higher in California, there is no better option than solar. Get the best solar panel installation in Oakland right here at your local Semper Solaris, and let us serve you with our award-winning customer service and excellent products! You won’t find another solar company in Oakland that will treat you with excellence, respect, and honesty we pride ourselves on at Semper Solaris.

Are you interested in installing solar panels to your home in San Francisco, but don’t know where to start? Are you looking for American made panels or panels that are assembled in the United States? At Semper Solaris, we have been rated as the best solar company in San Francisco. We can help you decide which solar panels are right for your family’s needs and budget. We also only provide American made materials for our projects. Many Americans are concerned with the recent tariffs instituted in January 2018 by the current administration that increased the price of some items imported from China by around 30%.  How does this affect you, the consumer?  Luckily, we have many great companies in the United States that we can support! We can help you decide which panel is best for your solar panel installation in San Francisco. At Semper Solaris, we want to install only the best panels available to you. Here is some basic information on solar panels and on some of the top manufacturers in the U.S.  What is a solar panel made of? Solar panels can be monocrystalline or polycrystalline. What this means is that the silicone is a single crystal or it has many silicon crystals melted together to form the cell. A panel made of a single crystal is always going to cost more, but it will be more efficient, and it will look black. Polycrystalline panels look speckled, and are not as efficient, but are still a great option. What are some of the top panels available? Some of the top panels available are manufactured or assembled in the United States. The following companies rank among the highest in efficiency and also carry the longest warranties available. These companies also manufacture or assemble some or all of their panels in the United States. We are proud to be able to provide the best solar installation in San Francisco to you, and we can install these products for you! Q-Cells: Q.ANTUM DUO Z Technology with zero gap cell layout bo0sts module efficiency up to 20.9%Silfab: They run between almost 18%-20% efficient and have a 25-year warranty. All five of these companies offer the highest efficiency, competitive pricing, and best warranties available, and we are honored to offer their products to you. Semper Solaris, a U.S. solar company in San Francisco, can install some of the top-ranked solar panels available! Call us to schedule a consultation with one of our qualified installers today! Remember that a bigger national solar installer may not have the lowest price, and consumers who shop around tend to save as much as 10% on their solar installation!