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In Glendale, California, we live with the inevitability of earthquakes and ongoing seismic activity. The many fault lines that run through Glendale and the Greater Los Angeles area have been the cause of some of the most noteworthy earthquakes in recent California history.

In 1971, the San Fernando quake took place along the Sierra Madre Fault with ruptures nearly 12 miles long. Although the San Fernando Valley was the hardest hit, buildings in the city of Glendale incurred extensive damage. The other fault lines crossing through Glendale are the Hollywood, Verdugo, and Raymond fault in the central southwest areas. And very close by is the Big Bend of the San Andreas fault.

Earthquakes like the one in 1974 can cause things such as power outages for long periods of time. When these powerlines can go out for an unexplained amount of time, residents are left in the dark and using “old fashioned” ways of using light like candles and flashlights. These items are nice for a short period of time, but when you can’t find the matches or the batteries run out of juice, another alternative energy can come into play if your home is equipped.

Solar energy, smart solar batteries, and a new roof are the best defenses against earthquake aftermath planning. Solar panels paired with a smart solar battery like Tesla Powerwall can ensure you are powered through rain or shine or earthquakes and a secure roof can hold everything in place and lowers the risk of debris falling in the midst of an earthquake or after the fact.


Solar is a growing trend, and solar power in Glendale and other Los Angeles cities are leading the way with rooftop solar installations. As California moves towards phasing out carbon-based fuels with the mandate for new construction to include solar installations, how does solar stack up when it comes to damage from an earthquake? How can you use Solar power to prepare for the big one?


Solar panels are very durable except in the case of a direct hit. They are constructed using tempered glass and can take a lot of punishment. Although there are not many statistics concerning solar panel damage from earthquakes, the risk of damage to solar panels from an earthquake is low. They are designed and tested for strength in withstanding harsh weather and powerful winds, snow, and hail.

California has been ahead of the curve when it comes to building and safety codes for earthquakes since the 80s. The Structural Engineers Association of California (SEAOC) has done studies and testing specifically for Solar panels on roofs. They have published standards for seismic activity that are now being adopted and put into effect by manufacturers and installers in California.


The real vulnerability to solar panels is the condition of the roof. The weight of the solar system on the home’s roof as well as the mounting system for the panels are the chief concerns when installing solar power. Your roof must be inspected by a reliable roofing contractor for suitability for solar.

Semper Solaris is the top contractor solar roofing in Glendale, California. We are experts in the repair, design, and construction of roofs. We use the most reliable and durable roof-mount brackets to secure the panels to your roof. Our service technicians and engineers are knowledgeable and experienced in both the installation of solar power and the repair and replacement of roofs. Not many solar companies can make that claim.


Solar power is the most reliable source of energy in the world and is used for emergency relief all over the world. Your electric power, even with solar installed, is connected to the grid. And during an earthquake, or other emergencies, it is probable that your energy supplier will be offline even for days following a big shaker.

A backup solar battery is a solution for this contingency. Solar Power in Glendale is the most reliable and resilient energy source available. It will continuously generate power and will be a lifeline in the event of a catastrophic emergency when the grid goes down. You can operate your solar energy off of the backup solar battery and have little or no interruption to your electric power.

Your communication lines will remain open, so you will have contact with emergency services, loved ones, and can monitor what is going on outside your home or area. We offer the very best, reliable backup battery systems. They will hold up during an emergency and will keep your power up and running.


Semper Solaris has experience with disasters and their aftermath. It is vital that you prepare for a large scale emergency that could hit at any time. Food and supplies are critical after a disaster. Here are FEMA’s recommendations for earthquake preparedness.

Semper Solaris is the most experienced and reliable solar contractor in Glendale. We have many options for installing solar on your property, including ground-mounted systems if your roof is not a good fit. We will guide you through the process of choosing and installing the best solar power system for your needs.

We also work with the best roofing material company and provide you with the highest quality material.

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