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This Summer, California Electric Companies to Add Rolling Blackouts

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Have you ever been without power in your home when you really needed it? Have you ever had to fumble around your house with a flashlight between your teeth, or to light every candle you own?

For those of you that have experienced a power outage, especially a long one, you know exactly how unpleasant it is. Yet, in 2019, power outages will be the price that many Californians will pay in order to help avoid disastrous wildfires.

California electric companies have started taking more proactive measures in order to prevent wildfires, like the deadly Camp Fire that killed 85 people in 2018. According to Time, California’s wildfires have only gotten more frequent and more costly in the last few years. Electric companies have also discovered that fallen power lines or other electric accidents can be factors in these terrible fires. With that in mind, they have decided to implement outages when fire danger is especially high.

Californians should expect to see these power outages this summer. When winds are high and humidity is low, electric companies like PG&E are planning to shut off all power to at-risk areas until the danger is lower. PG&E will also specifically be implementing other fire-safety changes like clearing brush and conducting more regular inspections.

So what does that mean for the average Californian? In short: more rolling blackouts. Whether you’re under PG&E, Edison, or Sempra, you can expect your power to be shut off–sometimes for days at a time. What can you do about it?

There’s an easier way to deal with blackouts instead of stocking up on survival supplies: solar panels. Californians all over the state are installing solar panels for all kinds of reasons, including saving money on electric bills, “going green,” and increasing home value. One of the most beneficial reasons to install solar panels, however, is having your own power supply when the grid’s power is cut.

Solar panel systems can now be installed with battery storage, which means long-lasting energy stored for extra energy or for emergencies such as a power outage. These batteries are connected to your solar energy system and store any extra energy that your system produces. Not only are they great for an emergency power shut-off, but they can also strategically sell back some of that extra energy to the grid during peak hours. This means that your system can save extra energy and money, no matter what your energy circumstances!

Though no one wants to endure a blackout, the response from consumers doesn’t need to be frustration and anger. Instead, consumers can respond by taking the necessary steps to make sure they’re prepared for what’s coming. By gathering their own energy from solar panels and storing it, people all over California can do their part to help prevent wildfires without sitting in the dark.

Contact Semper Solaris today to install your solar energy system, including battery storage, before the summer fire season hits. And while you’re enjoying your lights and air conditioning during power outages, consider inviting your neighbors over, too!

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