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Do Programmable Thermostats Save Money? In short, yes, programmable thermostats really do save money. Chula Vista’s climate is highly rated on the comfort scale due to our mild summers and temperate winters. While we do have beautiful weather almost year-round, we like to control the temperature in our homes using the most energy-saving heating and air conditioning in Chula Vista, and using a smart programmable thermostat can help.  In fact, Chula Vista is a national leader in energy conservation and renewable energy. We even have a Clean Air Initiative that can offer free assistance to help you lower your monthly energy bills by installing solar, so check it out! For a simple way to save on energy costs, read on!   If you are looking for a quick and straightforward way to help save a little money and conserve energy immediately, a programmable or smart thermostat is a cost-effective way to help you! Average savings with a programmable thermostat Well, according to EnergyStar, 45 percent of your energy bill goes toward heating and air conditioning in your home. It comes out to an average of $2,100-$2,500 a year!  With a programmable thermostat, you can save on energy by setting it to run only when you need it. Many smart thermostats track your usage and analyze it, and will adjust to help you conserve energy! These are easy to install. You can also call us for any heating and air conditioning services in Chula Vista. We can go over your choices with you and even install it if you would like us to. Using a smart or programmable thermostat can save about 10 percent on your energy bill.  Programming thermostat to save max money and energy While some users report savings of up to 30 percent, that would be a difficult number to hit because Chula Vista does not have extreme weather fluctuations. But, you can still save money by installing one if you use it to learn about your usage. If your system is an older model, call us today, and we can give you an honest assessment to see if you should upgrade to save energy and money. We can help you with any heating and air conditioning installation in Chula Vista!  So, here is how you save money using a programmable thermostat:  We recommend setting it using the following guidelines, and then adjust it every month or so until you find the best settings for you. In the summer, when you are home, program your thermostat to 78 degrees. While you are away at work, bump it up a few degrees. You can program your thermostat to begin cooling again before you get home, so the house is comfortable when you arrive!In the winter, set your thermostat for 68 degrees while you are home, and lower it while you’re away or when you are sleeping. No need to warm your home when you are not there! You can usually get away with lowering it 10-12 degrees while you are sleeping. In fact, most of us sleep better in a cooler environment, so take advantage of the nighttime coolness to get better rest!Since evenings are generally mild in Chula Vista, many residents will program their thermostat to stop cooling in the evening, and they take advantage of the drop in temperature by opening their windows and letting in some cold fresh air! Remember, that to maximize your savings during each season, set it to help you conserve energy while you are away! For every 1 degree, you adjust your thermostat, you use 1% less energy!  

Though a ductless mini-split system does have its pros and cons, this type of air conditioning unit can work great for some homes. If you are looking to learn about the options, you have for heating and air conditioning in El Cajon, you have come to the right place! Today we will learn about the ductless mini-split system. Pros of Ductless Mini-Split Systems: They are more efficient than traditional air conditioning units because you do not lose that guaranteed 25 percent energy through your ducting since there are no ducts! They offer consistent temperatures for every room because each room has its own blower and controls. So, if you like your bedroom cold at night but your children do not, you can keep the temperature higher in their rooms, while you enjoy a nice, cool bedroom!They are also more efficient because they have an inverter-driven compressor that speeds up and slows down as the room temperature fluctuates instead of shutting completely on and off as a traditional unit does. They have an EnergyStar rating, so you can save 30 percent with the Federal Tax Credit. We can help you with any heating and air conditioning services in El Cajon, and we will make sure you are aware of any rebates available to you.Improved air quality because there are no ducts to trap dust and pet dander inThey are quick and easy to install, and they only require a 3” hole in your wall!They lower your carbon footprint-they run off R410A refrigerant that does not deplete the ozone layer.They are great for multi-family dwellings-you can have four separate zones per unit.They can be mounted on the wall, ceiling, or they even have freestanding floor models, and they are remote controlled. Ask your sales rep which ones they install.You can place the outdoor unit as far away from your home as 50 feet! Cons of Ductless Mini-Split Systems: The up-front cost can be quite a bit more if you are replacing a conventional HVAC system. You will see savings on your energy bill, but it does take a while for it to pay itself off through the savings. There is regular maintenance that you will have to keep up on because the unit cannot function well with dirty filters. If not cleaned monthly, the lifespan of your mini-split will be shorter. What most people like about HVAC is that the unit is outside where you cannot see it. Ductless mini-splits require a small unit to be mounted in each room that you want to be cooled. They come in white or beige and are pretty sleek looking. They cost about 30 percent more to install than a new traditional HVAC system, not including ducting. Best Use for Ductless Mini-Split: In an additional room where it would be difficult to connect new ducting to your older air conditioning unit. Garage Bonus rooms, sunrooms, “she sheds” or “man caves.” They are also great for homes that have areas that are really hot in the summer, like a south-facing kitchen. You can adjust to cool it more than the rest of the house, so it is comfortable year-around! If you are interested in learning if a mini-split is right for you, give us a call, and we can discuss all types of heating and air conditioning installation in El Cajon to see what is a good fit for you!

Choosing the right HVAC contractor can be overwhelming. Let's keep it simple. Here are our top 10 factors you should consider when choosing a contractor. Semper Solaris is a locally owned and operated company, and we are known throughout the San Diego area for our stellar service in solar panel installation and roofing. We have made the leap into heating and air conditioning services in Escondido because we see how well an excellent and efficient air conditioner system can pair with solar panels to help you become independent from the grid! Searching for a reputable HVAC contractor can be stressful because you want someone honest, clean, and hard-working. So today, we want to offer some tips on how to look for the best contractor for your heating and air conditioning installation in Escondido! How to choose the right heating and air conditioning contractor: Ask your friends, neighbors, colleagues, and family members for referrals Make sure you check that they have proper licensing and certificates to install the equipment. Look for a license number on their website. The state of California has strict licensing requirements for all HVAC contractors. Look at their customer ratings online. Do most customers have a pleasant experience or are there more bad reviews than good? An honest installer will go over all contracts with you and make sure you get all of your warranty information and a copy of the agreement for your files. Get in writing what dates they plan on working and when the project will be finished. Ask about any federal, state, or local rebates available to you Ask about the payment schedule, and when you need to make the first payment toward the work. Generally, you will make a deposit and pay the balance toward the end. Your contractor will know what HVAC units are available on the market and should be able to offer you information about what models will fit your home and lifestyle best. Remember that they may have insider information on models that have more problems than other ones, so it is a good idea to listen if they try to steer you away from a model you liked. Don't be afraid to ask about special offers and coupons! Many companies offer them. When you schedule an appointment with your potential contractor, they should inspect your home, including the old air conditioning and heating unit, as well as your attic space so they can look at your ducting to make sure it's in good shape. The right contractor will not try to upsell you by encouraging you to buy an air conditioner that is too big for your needs!

Solar power is the number one renewable energy in the world and leads the way in bringing modern technologies to far-reaching places across the globe. The dawning of smart technology has spurred innovation, pioneering inventions that were fodder for sci-fi movies or books. And thanks to solar power providing electricity, it is delivering necessary modern necessities like heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration as well as medical technology to the global population.  Solar Power is at the center of evolving tech in every field. Why? Because the new technology demands more and more electrical power and it isn't just for smart devices and cars and cool gadgets.   HVAC: Out with the Old Heating and air conditioning in San Marcos and across the world comprise the largest consumption of energy, and it is growing. The need to heat and cool homes and buildings is outpacing any other sector as far as energy usage.  However, as much as this is good news for the world, HVAC comes with its own unique set of problems. Older HVAC technologies are inefficient and produce more waste, contributing significantly to greenhouse gases, fossil fuels aside. But science and innovative technology are answering that problem with new HVAC technologies that are efficient, clean, and enhancing the impact that solar power is making on our earth. Semper Solaris is at the forefront of merging solar power with heating and air conditioning services in San Marcos. We offer a full spectrum of options for customizing your home HVAC for your lifestyle and the needs of you and your family. There are new technologies on the horizon that will make your HVAC even more efficient, convenient, and better for your health and comfort.   Smart Technology and the New HVAC There has been an explosion of smart technology in the field of heating and air conditioning. And linking Tech, HVAC, and Solar power is a zenith for the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT). HVAC is rapidly changing and here are some of the game changers in this partnership of Solar, Smart Tech, and HVAC: Smart Thermostats  Smart Thermostats have the same capabilities as a programmable thermostat except that it is connected wirelessly to your HVAC. It can measure and control the temperature as well as humidity and adjust based on its reading. Some smart thermostats have motion activation, further reducing HVAC usage.  Zone Systems And HVAC with zone control enables you to regulate and customize the temperatures in your home room by room, moving air to the desired area. You can even do this at specific times of the day or night.  Smart Air Vents Smart vents allow the AC airflow to be closed off to rooms that are unoccupied at certain times of the day. The vents are motorized and open and close according to the sensors which detect when a room is in use.  Remote Control Apps Through apps, you can control your HVAC, making sure it is operating efficiently to save money. You turn your HVAC on or off, set temperatures and times, evaluate your energy usage, and detect and troubleshoot problems so you can get maintenance or repairs if you need them. The apps will often work with your HVAC provider to problem solve, cutting down on waiting time for repairs.  Semper Solaris is ready to take on the challenges of new technology with solar and HVAC. We have been at the forefront of solar power technology for many years. The merging of HVAC with solar and smart technology opens a whole new way of making our lives and our homes more comfortable and safer while moving away from wasteful, toxic, fossil-fuels, and emissions that pollute. With solar power as a source of cost-effective energy, heating and air conditioning installations in San Marcos stand to move the line forward for renewable energy, clean air, and a better way to take care of our homes and families. Call Semper Solaris for an evaluation of your home, and we can help you choose the best options for you and yours.

With great weather and a fresh ocean breeze that is enjoyable nearly every day of the year, Bonita is a quiet, green rural setting within an attractive suburban town. The City of Bonita has the best of both worlds. The arts, education, and community activities are plentiful. And recreational living abounds with parks, golf courses, and trails, lots of trails for horses, runners, and walkers alike. This is an equestrian town with an abundance of wildlife. Country style is the best way to describe Bonita, California. The air quality in Bonita is a little better than the surrounding areas because of the lush greenery. But San Diego air is one of the most polluted cities in the country. With outdoor air that is so toxic, it only makes sense to fortify the air inside our homes and make it clean and safe. With the new technologies in HVAC, fresh air, free of both indoor and outdoor pollutants, can be a reality. Heating and air conditioning in Bonita is the key to protecting the air quality and comfort in your home. Is it Time to Replace Your HVAC? Depending on the age of your HVAC and the way that wildfires and floods have affected Bonita for years, it may be time to replace and upgrade to a high-efficiency HVAC system. Particulates from wildfire smoke and ash, as well as moisture from flooding, can harm your AC, causing the machinery to clog and damage your system.   What are the signs that I may need a new HVAC? The system is over 10 years old The temperature fluctuates from room to room Needs frequent repairs Too much humidity or too much dust Noisy system Strange odors Higher utility bills Other Reasons to Replace Your HVAC Energy efficiency Save on electricity bills Cleaner air Reduce greenhouse gases Home remodeling Semper Solaris offers heating and air conditioning services in Bonita. We can inspect your HVAC system and recommend repair or replacement. New energy-efficient heating and air conditioning systems not only heat and cool the air, but they also filter and clean it to achieve an indoor air quality that is comfortable and safe. And in the event of wildfires or other disasters, your HVAC is your best protection against unwanted guests in the air inside your home. Solar Power and HVAC If you have solar panels installed for your home, you already are saving money on your electricity. But an energy-efficient HVAC system that is more compatible with renewable energy will reduce your consumption and save you even more. And what about your carbon footprint and greenhouse gases?   Older HVAC systems cause more greenhouse gases due to the type of refrigerants and chemicals used. The combination of a solar installation and an efficient HVAC that does not create waste is the best way to make sure your solar power is working for you and for the environment. Semper Solaris offers heating and air conditioning installation in Bonita along with our solar panel systems. Our solar battery backup systems in tandem with solar panels and efficient HVAC will save you money when energy prices are high. And you will have power in an emergency if the grid goes down. 

Poway is considered one of the best places to live in California. With its clean neighborhoods, activities for families, and community involvement, it is a beautiful place for young families and professionals to live, work, and play.   In Poway, we are committed to the environment, and "The City is committed to maintaining a sustainable community and is changing its operations to conserve resources" We want to make life better for all habitats in our community. Keeping green spaces, clean water, air, and reducing waste are worthy goals for the future of Poway.  Semper Solaris has been serving the City of Poway since 2014, installing solar panels on rooftops and helping residents save money on electricity while reducing their carbon footprint. We are pleased to offer HVAC services alongside our Solar Panel Installation and expert Roofing services. We believe that Heating and Air Conditioning in Poway is the key to more efficient and effective energy strategies both for the environment and inside the home.  HVAC and Your Health Whether you are on the go with family or involved in your community volunteer projects, you spend the most central hours of your day inside your home. From enjoying a meal and relaxing to sleeping and waking up refreshed, or not, your indoor air affects your health and wellbeing.  You don't often realize that your HVAC is the invisible partner in your comfort or discomfort in your home. Whether it's too hot or cool, stuffy or humid, or has a barely noticeable odor at times, your HVAC affects the quality of your air either negatively or positively.  Technological advances in HVAC have enhanced the usefulness and efficiency of heating and air conditioning that overcome the problems with indoor air quality. New energy-efficient heating and air conditioning systems not only heat and chill the air, but they also filter and clean it to achieve an indoor air quality that is comfortable and safe. We offer heating and Air Conditioning Services in Poway. You can take advantage of the HVAC improvements that not only save on electricity but deliver when it comes to the air quality in your home. Solar Power and HVAC in Poway Homeowners in Poway are installing solar power in businesses and homes and reaping the many benefits of using renewable and clean energy, both health-wise and economically. Solar saves money on electricity, and you have a lower carbon footprint by reducing the need for fossil-fuels. But to benefit on a local level, inside your house, you need efficient heating and air conditioning with all the technological advancements. It will save you even more on your electricity usage and improve the livability factor inside your home. At Semper Solaris, we care about your health and comfort. We know Solar Power is the energy that best sustains a clean environment. Solar Power gives you the option of getting more out of your electricity without breaking the bank.     We offer heating and Air Conditioning Installation in Poway alongside our Solar Installations with the full range of benefits that come with new technologies in HVAC. 

Do you want to maximize your investment? Are you looking for the best solution for your energy needs? If you have installed a domestic solar system, you might be trying all the possible ways to get the most of your investment. Domestic solar can be very effective if you combine it with solar battery storage. Solar battery backup can be used to deal with a power outage. You can also use it in the evening and night hours when the electric bill is considerably high, and consumption is more. In this article, you will know how you can maximize your solar investment with solar battery storage. What is Solar with Battery Storage? Solar with battery storage will enable users to store the energy generated in the day time. Then utilize that energy in the evening and night when the increasing energy rates become more expensive. It can offer you a cost-effective solution by using your home solar panel in the best possible way. For this benefit, you will have to install a solar battery system. These batteries are widely available in the current market. Some of them are well made with advanced technologies to make energy storage easy and more useful for users. You can take the example of the Enphase Encharge Battery and Tesla Powerwall. Both these batteries are designed to enable users to store energy from the grid or solar panels when the electricity rates are low and to utilize them in the night hours. Also, these batteries are best for solar battery backup. Whenever there is an outage, you can use this backup. It will significantly reduce the dependency factor and can enable you to spend less on electricity. How Does It Work? These batteries are designed to store energy during the daytime, especially between 11 am and 3 pm when ample sunlight is available. As you use more energy in the evening hours, you can use the stored energy during these hours. It is worth mentioning that the energy bill is higher in the evening and early night hours. If you use the stored energy in these hours, you can reduce your monthly energy bill. It is even crucial for commercial properties, where energy consumption is much higher. How Energy Storage Works Your solar system will produce energy in the day. The best period is between 11 am and 3 pm. It will charge the batteries fully each day when the ample sunlight is available Once the batteries are fully charged, the excess energy generation will be used in your property The additional solar energy will be then stored on your utility grid for the future use When the energy stored in your battery will be fully utilized, the power stored on the utility grid will be used By doing so, you can do maximum savings on your electricity bill. You can combine the battery storage and solar panels as a complete system to meet the energy needs of your residential and commercial properties.

What is Tesla Powerwall?

Tesla is a leading American company famous for manufacturing electric vehicles. The company is moving forward to bring innovations in other industries. Tesla Powerwall is a step towards this direction. This innovative technology can help to store energy for residential and commercial usages. Tesla Powerwall is a lithium-ion battery that you can use as an alternative to power your home. You can use this as a backup to support your energy needs. This is a wall or floor-mounted battery system designed to store energy generated by wind turbines, solar power panels or the grid (electric company). You can use Powerwall daily to power your home. Each battery can store up to 13.5 kWh of energy, weighs 251.3 pounds, and offers an easy installation. You can install it both inside and outside of your home. However, the installation needs to be done by a certified technician. Semper Solaris is a proud Tesla Powerwall certified installer. How to Use Tesla Powerwall There are three ways to use Powerwall. You can get a complete power source to meet the energy needs of your home. Its off-grid approach will enable users to power their homes fully by using the solar battery storage. You can install one or two Powerwall batteries depending on your requirements. Powerwall can be considered as a supplementary power source for your home during the evening or when you need it most. Powerwall can be ideal for the backup power supply in case of a power outage or blackout. Once installed, it can be accessed through the intuitive, easy to use dashboard. The dashboard gives you control of power being used in your home and allows you to adjust the time and settings of your Powerwall. How Does A Tesla Powerwall Work? Each part of the Powerwall system will be plugged into the electrical panel of your home. The Powerwall will collect and store energy. You will need a setup with a few components, and it will be installed in your house. Powerwall Battery Pack This is one of the crucial components of a system. This pack will merge with your electrical panel to enable you to use the solar storage for emergency or daily use. Solar Panels Solar panels are the best option to convert solar energy into electricity. The solar panel will store solar energy during the day hours to be used at night when solar panels are not receiving sunlight. Inverter The inverter is what will convert solar energy into electricity. With the Tesla Powerwall, the inverter is built into the battery. Backup For the backup usage, you will need to download the Tesla mobile app to view and set up backup for your Powerwall. According to Tesla, “Powerwall is now designed for whole home backup. With whole home backup, your Powerwall system can support your entire home with backup power during an outage.” Tesla Powerwall is supported by ten years warranty. It is designed to offer a worry-free approach to meet the energy needs of your home or office. Charging Your Powerwall Tesla Powerwall is a great way to store any unused energy for future use or emergencies. To use your Powerwall, in any situation, you must charge it. Powerwall and the Grid According to PG&E, battery storage has two main functions, to charge and discharge. Charging can be done through your solar system or through the grid, or the electric company. Discharging is using the stored energy from your battery storage or returning it to the grid. Tesla Powerwall can be installed in your home with or without solar. When Powerwall is installed with solar, it will not be able to be charged from the grid, as it will be charged from the solar panels on your home. When Powerwall is installed without solar, it can be charged from the grid, or electric company, if it is in Backup-Only or Time-Based Control. Backup Only According to Tesla, "Backup power mode or Backup-Only reserves 100 percent of your Powerwall energy to provide seamless power to your home in the event of an outage. Powerwall will charge from the grid or from your solar system, and only discharge during a grid outage." Advanced Time-Based Control Time-Based Control helps you maximize savings by smartly charging or discharging your Powerwall" according to Tesla.

A solar battery storage system provides a mechanism for storing excess solar power. The stored energy can later be used after sundown, during power outages, or when there is a surge in energy demand. Therefore, the installation of solar battery backup will go a long way in ensuring that little to no electricity is directed to the grid. This will help reduce the cost that you incur when buying electricity from the national grid afterward. What are some of the benefits of installing a Solar Battery Storage System? Having a solar system without a storage device only allows you to generate electrical energy that can only be used immediately. It may not meet your energy requirement since solar power is generated during the day when your demand for electrical energy is low. In many households, the need for electricity increases in the evening. By putting in place a solar battery, the solar power generated during the daytime is harnessed and stored in a solar battery to be used in the evening. Therefore, having a solar battery backup will go a long way in Cutting down your electrical bills. Maximizing your self-consumption of your photovoltaic system. Reducing your dependency on the national grid for electricity. What to consider when buying a solar battery The majority of people don't know what to look for when purchasing a solar battery. Here are some insights that can help you decide which solar storage battery is the best for you. Storage Capacity The storage capacity of the solar battery should never be ignored. You should choose a solar battery with a storage capacity that can meet your home's energy requirement. A sound storage system should be able to supply a household with enough solar power throughout the night. If the storage system is not enough, then this may force you to go back to your pocket and purchase additional power to supplement your energy requirement. On the other hand, if the storage system is too large, the excess electrical energy is permanently stored. This reduces the service life of your storage system. Depth of Discharge (DoD) DoD refers to the amount of electrical energy in percentage withdrawn from the storage system. To prevent damage to the solar battery, the storage system must have a residual charge. For lead batteries, the DoD should be around 50%; while for lithium-ion batteries, the Depth of Discharge should be 100%. The Energy Requirements of Your Household For you to get the right solar battery storage for your household, you should first determine the energy required for your home. You can do this by checking your energy consumption pattern. The Efficiency of the Storage System In almost all storage systems, they usually experience conversion losses, which happens when some electrical energy is converted into heat. The total efficiency points out at the actual percentage of electrical power stored that is usable. Therefore, we strongly advise our clients to choose a storage system whose overall efficiency is above 90%. What’s Tesla Powerwall?

Pleasanton is a great place to call home! From the 1,200 acres of parks that surround the area to the historic downtown area that is inhabited by unique shops, beautiful restaurants and endless forms of entertainment. Pleasanton is known for being the top 50 places to live in the nation according to Money Magazine. This comes as no surprise to the residents of Pleasanton who have been keeping their town a secret to the outside world. Being a short 25-mile drive from San Francisco, Pleasanton is a great place to start that family you’ve always dreamt of. The short commute allows residents to escape the craziness of the Bay Area and Silicon Valley but still live close enough to the fun.  One of the most significant growing investments for homeowners in the area comes as no surprise! Solar power installations are growing at a rapid rate because of many reasons. There is no wonder that solar is the number one renewable energy source available right now.  Solar power seems like new technology to some, but solar has been around for quite some time now. It just was not widely available to all like it is now! Many people know that solar harnesses the power of the sun to provide energy to the home or business utilizing the solar energy system. But most people don’t understand all of the components that do solar work as it does.  Solar Terms & Parts Solar Panels: Solar panels are made up of many solar cells that are linked together. They are usually mounted in a frame called a group. Solar panels generate power via the sun’s rays. Inverter: The panels produce energy in a DC current, which then needs to be converted to AC current to power your home.  Inverters are what allows the current to be converted from DC to AC. Solar Array: A solar array is a large group of solar panels that are wired together. Solar farms often have substantial solar arrays to gather the most possible sunlight. Mounting Hardware: This is the structure that allows you to mount panels to your roof. Without the hardware and racking equipment, solar panels would not be as efficient and allow you to minimize impact from your roof. Photovoltaic or PV: Photovoltaic technology converts the sun’s rays to electricity in a naturally occurring process that occurs in semiconductors. Net Metering: When you produce more energy than you need, you can sell excess energy back to the electricity grid. Utility companies will pay you for your excess energy! These are just some of the terms that are often thrown around when you first jump into the solar power world. Often times, people are intimidated when it comes to switching to solar. Solar is growing at a rate faster than it has ever before. The United States, China, and Europe lead the way in solar installations worldwide. China and the United States have increased their use of solar by over 50% in the last two years. Leading the way in growth by a long shot. In the United States, California leads the way with creating the solar infrastructure for the future. With Southern California leading the way as the solar hotbed of the nation, the bay area comes in close behind. This is because California has one of the best climates in the world for Solar powered energy production!  The weather in the great city of Pleasanton is almost unheard of, receiving nearly 264 days of average sunlight per year, allowing the residents of this great city to utilize the best renewable energy source there is! Solar Power!  All of this sunlight that we receive year-round will allow residents to break free from the greedy energy companies that impose rate hikes to make more money off their users. Our solutions offer answers to all of your problems, including rate hikes. We offer the ability to pair your new solar energy system with solar battery storage. These storages allow you to store excess energy gained during the day for use at a later time. For example, in case of emergencies, you can save excess energy to be utilized during a power outage. These storages will change your life, knowing that you have a backup power supply that can be used during emergencies.  Choosing the Right Solar Company When it comes to choosing the right solar company, there are a few factors you should consider. The most important being how much experience the company has, as well as the location of the company. It is a good tip to choose a locally owned and operated company, they will much better understand the laws and regulations that will need to be followed. Whether you want to invest for monetary reasons like saving money on your monthly power bill or increasing the value of your home, solar is the answer for you. Or if you want to invest in solar because of the ability to break free from using fossil fuels to power your home, solar is also the answer for you!  Solar provides so many solutions for all sorts of users around the world. When it is your time to look into your options, Semper Solaris is confident that we will provide you with a quality efficient system that won’t empty your pockets.  Semper Solaris is a solar and roofing company that truly cares about the community it serves. We care about the future of our home, which is why we are committed to helping our community with fantastic solar solutions that will last years to come. From solar panels themselves to solar battery storage, we have all the answers to make your new solar energy installation work at its peak capacity.