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Now Is the Best Time To Go Solar in the Bay Area | Solar Panels, Battery Storage, Roofing, HVAC

The Sun shines on the Golden Gate bridge that stretches across the beautiful San Francisco Bay. With over nine counties including diverse, exciting cities throughout the Bay Area, visitors and residents alike are never at a loss for remarkable attractions and things to do.

Efforts to clean up and upgrade the cities of the Bay Area are underway, and renewable energy is at the forefront of clean and green. Solar power is the number one energy source in California as seen on rooftops throughout the sunshine state.

If you are in the market for an energy upgrade for your home, you are not alone. With the California mandate requiring solar on new construction homeowners are taking advantage of the lower costs and solar incentives in the Bay Area in record numbers. 

Semper Solaris is the top solar contractor in the Bay Area. Our technicians have years of experience in the installation of solar from San Francisco to San Jose and every town in between. And they are unsurpassed in excellent customer service and satisfaction.

Solar Incentives

Solar panel incentives in the Bay Area in the form of rebates and tax credits are a significant factor when considering the financial advantages of solar power. The price for installing solar has dropped drastically over the past few years, and these financial inducements make solar energy more affordable and cost-effective. They offer a financial return on investment while lowering your carbon footprint and helping the environment.

  • Rebates

    The California rebate in the Bay Area, along with some municipalities and solar companies, offer discounts for purchasing a solar system. Some local utilities will provide a refund based on how much energy your solar panels will produce over 20 years. You can check with your provider to see what rebates and incentives are available in your area. Or better yet, let Semper Solaris help you with that.

  • Tax Incentives

    You can benefit from the solar tax credit in the Bay Area. The Federal Investment Tax Credit is 30% of the cost of purchasing your solar system. But, ITC credits will begin dropping each year after 2019 so now is the best time to get your solar project on the road.

  • Tax Exemptions

    Solar tax exemptions and exclusions include both property and sales tax exemptions provided by state and local governments. According to California’s property tax rules, your property tax assessment will not increase when you install solar power in the Bay Area. 

  • Tax Deductions

    After your system is paid off, you will still benefit from tax deductions for depreciation throughout the life of your panels.

With all the combined incentives plus energy savings, it is an excellent time to make your move to solar power for your home. Semper Solaris can help you with the incentives and solar rebates in the Bay Area that are available from the government, state, and city. 

Financing Your Solar

Solar loans are a lot like other home improvement loans. But with a solar loan, you will see a return right away as the savings on your electricity bills offset the amount of your loan payment.

Semper Solaris offers many options for financing solar for our customers. We will help you obtain the best financing for your solar panels.

Leasing Your Solar

A solar lease is called a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). A PPA provider installs, owns, and maintains the solar panels on your home. You pay a reduced rate for electricity while the provider gets the rebates and tax benefits. The provider owns and manages the system, and you benefit from the savings on energy.

Savings With Net Metering

 Your system connects to your utility provider through Net Metering. A net meter is used in place of your regular electric meter to connect your solar panels to the grid and monitor your usage. Surplus power generated by your system routes back into the grid. Your utility company applies credits to your account for later use when your panels are not producing enough. 

Going solar will reduce or eliminate your electric bill and will give you a hedge against rising prices. It is possible to build up enough credits through summer to power your home in the winter. However, With a PPA, your electric bill is the same every month throughout the year based on your agreement. PPA’s usually last for 20 years. 

Semper Solaris will evaluate your home for a solar installation and give you a savings estimate based on your location, the shade factor, and the direction of the roof. With lots of California sunshine available from morning until night. You will save big if you go solar in the Bay area

Increase the Value of Your Bay Area Home

Solar panel installation will save you a lot of money on your energy bill. But the investment in solar has other financial advantages. Solar increases the resale value of your home.

Homebuyers today want energy efficiency and want to reduce their carbon footprint. To them, solar power for a home is part of the attraction, and they are willing to pay more to have it. And homes sell faster if they have energy efficiency as a feature. In California, solar power is the future and is a sensible financial investment for your home.

More Savings With Solar Back Up Battery

You can store power and realize even more savings with the addition of a solar backup battery. Use the power from your battery to control your energy costs during high demand rates or Time of Use (TOU) high peak rates. In the event of a blackout or emergency, you will have stored power to use if the grid goes down. 

Semper Solaris uses the highest quality back up batteries on the market. We can install a solar backup battery along with the installation of your solar panels.

Solar Power in the Bay Area

We at Semper Solaris are committed to a sustainable future through renewable energy. We are experts in the maintenance, repair, and installation of solar panel systems for residences. Whether for financial investment or to save the planet, Semper Solaris is the most reliable and experienced solar company in the Bay Area. Call us today and schedule an appointment. You won’t be disappointed.

Helping Veterans One Solar System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.

Semper Cares