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Should Livermore go Solar?

Known for being the oldest wine region in California, Livermore is a beautiful city that holds home to thousands of people. From the wine country to the unique western heritage, Livermore’s unique culture is what makes Livermore home! We take pride in our ability to keep care of our beautiful community, from our Las Positas Golf Course to our endless amounts of parks surrounding the city, Livermore is a true beauty. New opportunities to improve this community we call home pop up daily but one of the most influential is that of solar energy! Solar provides new jobs and enhanced infrastructure. Green, renewable, widely available and robust, solar energy is a perfect way to keep Livermore beautiful and achieve a net-zero waste community. Solar Panel Installation in Livermore are skyrocketing, why wait any longer?

Solar power allows the city to break free from a nasty reliance on fossil fuels as well as preserve the environment that we all love. When planning for implementing a sustainable green community, it is crucial that we remember that we keep our outdoor areas clean and free from pollutants. The key to a healthy, happy community is to upkeep our standards for clean water, breathable air, and renewable energy sources. Living by these standards will bring more prosperity to our communities. Solar energy is the answer to becoming sustainable. 

Why is solar so great?

  • Solar power causes no pollution, like the burning of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are known to emit greenhouse gases which pollute the air we breathe and make the temperature of our atmosphere rise.
  • Solar power provides new job opportunities to the Livermore community. More solar installations create an increase in the demand for workers who can provide solar panel energy systems. 
  • Solar power allows the community to break free from the utility companies and invest the money in areas where it’s genuinely needed.
  • Solar power can help lower-income residents with lower-cost power solutions and solar financing option in Livermore
  • Solar power provides solutions for those who may not usually have power. This is because the sun is free for all! 
  • Solar power allows for energy independence.
  • Solar power opens the door for other innovations in the future. People are more willing to adopt new technology when they have prior positive experiences. Everyone loves solar and its endless possibilities!

It is essential to have the city at the forefront of the solar revolution. Showing its citizens, how keeping the town beautiful should be done! Investing in renewable energy is one of the keys to keeping the city green and allowing for infrastructure in the renewable energy industry to skyrocket. We are taking a step in the right direction when solar energy is becoming favored over traditional energy sources that use fossil fuels. Using solar energy can have a positive, indirect effect on the environment when solar energy replaces or reduces the use of other energy sources that have a more significant impact on the environment. Finding the right solar contractor in Livermore can be difficult but rewarding when the job is complete.

Reasons for switching to a Solar in Livermore

  • Net cost is around $0 after the payback period ends. On average, after eight years, you will have paid off your upfront costs of getting your solar energy system installed. 
  • Hedge against the rising utility costs. If you invest in solar, you can offset the increasing costs of paying for power through the energy companies. Sometimes even have $0 power bills! 
  • Renewable energy source. Solar power is the number one renewable energy source, both by the rate of installation and efficiency. Solar is growing at a rapid pace because of all the great reasons to use it! NASA estimates that the sun will shine for another 6.5 billion years, don’t be afraid to jump in, we have plenty of room.
  • Environmentally friendly. Solar energy is one of the best energy sources for those who are trying to ecologically conscious. Solar allows users to significantly reduce their annual carbon footprint. Some buildings being built currently are actually zero-waste buildings because of the ability to utilize their solar power efficiently. These buildings often include large windows that allow a lot of sunlight to get in, allowing for less use of lights. 
  • Widely Available. Solar power is available pretty much anywhere in the world. Even though some areas have not adopted residential solar yet, the ability to utilize the technology is widely spread. Some small towns in hard to reach districts use solar to break free from their oil dependence. 
  • No noise and little to no maintenance. Solar is such a great investment because it is usually a one time cost, and upkeep is little to none. You might need to clean your panels of dirt and debris once in a while.  

At Semper Solaris, we only partner with the best possible solar panel providers in the area to give you the best solar installation in Livermore. They provide the best quality materials with the very best backed warranties. We will layout the options that best fit your home and needs, then you’re given the freedom to pick and choose based on your cost and requirements. These are just a few reasons why solar is leading the renewable energy revolution. Our experts at Semper Solaris have all the answers you may have regarding solar power. From solar permitting to solar panel companies, we understand all the ins and outs. When it comes to solar installation in Livermore, it is best to stay local. Local companies have countless numbers of installations under their belt in the Livermore area and will make sure you leave confident in your decision to make the switch to solar.

Helping Veterans One Solar System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.

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