Solar Panels in Tracy are worth the savings and help in keeping a clean environment

Is Solar Energy Worth it in Tracy, CA?

When you live in Tracy, you know that the California sunshine is something to capitalize on. With Northern California pushing for more renewable energy sources, now is the time to consider solar installation.

Take Advantage of Solar Savings Today  

How can you benefit from the push to go green and reduce the carbon footprint of the area? Of course, you are probably happy to help the environment and do your part in cutting back on emissions, but saving money along the way is also important. You need to be able to afford to go solar and get those savings down the road after all.

Here are some of the ways you can take advantage of solar savings:

  • Net meteringThrough net metering, homeowners can get a credit back for any surplus amount of energy their solar panels create, which can then be applied to times when their panels aren’t producing enough to save them even more on electric bills.
  • Federal Investment Tax CreditThis is one of the biggest draws for homeowners wanting to get in on solar while it’s still really affordable. With the ITC, you can deduct as much as 30% of the cost of installing your solar panel system. This is a huge chunk of the cost of a system! Keep in mind that this credit only extends through 2021 and will be reduced over the years from 30% all the way down to 22% (with reductions each year as it goes).
  • Local rebates and incentivesEvery area, including Tracy, offers unique rebates and often incentive programs available for local residents to take advantage of. These programs and savings can vary.
  • California Solar Initiative – This initiative allows low-income homeowners to get back cash after installing a solar panel system, with some amounts reaching as much as $10,000 for homeowners. Of course, this depends on the location, size of the system and home, and income of the household.

How the Bay Area Leads the Way in Clean Energy

The Bay Area is known for being a leader in the clean, renewable energy movement, with San Francisco offering homeowners extensive programs and other rebates to encourage the development of more solar energy. SF is aiming large, striving to completely reduce their carbon footprint to net-zero in just over 30 years. These drastic measures speak to the urgency that the Bay Area officials are treating greenhouse gas emissions and the need to reduce them.

For this reason, homeowners in San Francisco, Hayward, Tracy, and surrounding Bay Area cities are not only nudged, but incentivized to join the clean energy movement with accessible options like solar panel installation.
Don’t wait any longer to join the movement and start saving — both the planet and your wallet! For a Tracy solar contractor you can trust, look to Semper Solaris.  

Helping Veterans One Solar System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.

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