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Without the sun, nothing on earth would live. The power of the sun warms the earth, generates the weather, powers the water cycle, and allows plants and trees to grow, giving us oxygen to breathe. There is nothing as important to the earth as the sun. In fact, the sun’s energy is so great, all of life on earth only uses about .023% of it. The US Department of Energy says that each hour, the sun strikes the earth with 430 quintillion joules (430 and 18 zeros behind it) of energy. As you can see, the power of the sun offers virtually unlimited and completely renewable energy in the form of solar power. So what are we doing with all this solar energy? At Semper Solaris, your trusted solar company in Santa Ana, we are here to equip you with the means necessary to harness a little of this enormous energy for your house and family. By using solar power in Santa Ana with Semper Solaris, you will be capturing the natural energy this universe creates for us instead of using artificial damaging methods. Health and Environmental Benefits of Solar  Other power sources like fossil fuels must be burned to create energy. During this process, they emit dangerous and polluting gasses that hurt our planet. These fossil fuels like coal and natural gas also produce greenhouse gasses which contribute to climate change. Along with the disastrous effects they have on the environment, there is also a finite amount of fossil fuels on the earth causing the price of energy to increase as more and more are used. Solar power on the other hand is a renewable and infinite source as long as we have a sun. Solar panels use the process of photovoltaics to convert the sun’s rays into usable energy. This process does not produce air pollution, water pollution, or greenhouse gases. Even just one home upgrading to clean energy has a great impact on the environment. California residents average around 6,684 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity each year. One home changing to solar power in Santa Ana can eliminate the same amount of carbon emissions from burning around 5,000 pounds of coal each year. By using solar panels in Santa Ana to produce your electricity, you can begin to save the planet and reduce your carbon footprint. This is one of the multiple reasons many are switching to solar power in Santa Ana. Contact your Semper Solaris solar company in Santa Ana for more information on solar panels, their benefits, and how you can begin the process of switching to green energy. Rapid Advancements in Solar Technology Another great benefit to solar power energy in Santa Ana is the great bounds we are taking in improving our solar panel efficiency and use. There are rapid technological developments in the style and size of our panels as well as their capacity to harness, utilize, and store solar energy. Here are just a few of the many advancements in solar technology. Solar Batteries: Solar batteries allow you to store the excess energy your panels produce for later use. These are becoming very popular as they allow homes to go off-grid completely, and be independent in their energy production. Your local Semper Solaris offers Tesla Powerwall solar battery which is at the top of solar battery technology. As developments continue, we only expect it to become more efficient and more popular. Solar Panel Efficiency: The Perovskite cell, the new advancement in photovoltaic tech, uses hybrid organic-inorganic lead as the active power harvesting layer. This new cell is not only cheaper to be made, allowing costs for solar to decrease, but it also boasts of higher efficiency than existing technology. Solar Nano Material and Flexible Systems: Even the shape and size of solar is seeing great improvements. As technology advances, some are researching nanowire architecture for solar power. Flexible platforms are also an idea, replacing the rigid and often bulky technology of the past with panels that can be unrolled or rolled up and taken on the go. Whether solar technology is a reality now or still a work in progress, the fact that so much interest and such quick advancements have already been made should encourage anyone looking to invest in solar power.  Financial Reasons to Go Solar  Investing in solar power can provide huge financial benefits including decreasing or completely saying goodbye to your electrical bill. Depending on how much energy your panels are producing, your home could be independent from the electrical grid. Semper Solaris has the best solar contractors in Santa Ana and the best solar installation in Santa Ana. Our experts are experienced in all types of situations, and we guarantee your panels will reach their maximum solar conversion efficiency with our team. Solar systems in Santa Ana are averaged to have paid for themselves in five to six years. With the increase in electrical costs, solar panels will end up saving you more and more each year. At that point, you're producing your energy for free, plus helping the environment, and investing in the future. If that’s not enough incentive to go solar, we don’t know what is. Our solar company in Santa Ana also gives you the option to purchase Tesla Powerwall solar battery which can be set to automatically sell excess and unneeded energy back to the grid. We are a Tesla Powerwall certified installer, so we can help you say goodbye to “use it or lose it” energy... store it for later use or make a profit off of it instead! Semper Solaris is the Way to Go! Whether your reason for going solar is to protect and take care of the planet, to invest in the future of energy, or to save big on your electrical bills, Semper Solaris is the best solar company in Santa Ana for you. You will be assigned to your own personal solar contractor in Santa Ana who will be a reliable point of contact throughout the process. Semper Solaris representatives will work with you according to your goals and preferences. We understand that each family, each homeowner and each home is unique. We tailor your solar experience to you. The moment you contact our office to the time your solar process is complete, you are guaranteed our award-winning service. And long after, with any maintenance or upgrade needs you may have, Semper Solaris will be there for you! Contact Semper Solaris today for information on anything and everything solar and more. We treat you like family because in the end, we’re all one Santa Ana family.

Long Beach experiences tourism year long, and for good reason. With its beautiful beaches, museums, concerts, festivals and even movie nights in the local park, Long Beach is a great destination for a weekend get-a-way or a longer vacation. With the 10th anniversary of the 100 Days of Summer event which commenced this past Memorial Day and will be wrapping up over Labor Day weekend, there could be more foot traffic than normal. Just like there are certain incentives that make “tourism to Long Beach” bucket-list worthy, there are also incentives for you, Long Beach homeowner, to turn your Long Beach household into your own energy plant with solar power. Powerwall against Government Planned Power Outages  Because of the importance of tourism, a blackout or malfunction in Long Beach electricity could be devastating. This goes to say, the planned blackouts that California energy companies will be enforcing this summer could turn the fun slightly dim. Imagine Long Beach in the dark, all the street-lights turned off, the elevators shut down, the food in the fridge starts to stink. Instead, the soft glow of lights still emanates from your windows, and your fresh fruit stays cold in the refrigerator. That’s because you’re equipped with your own energy power plant on your roof: solar panels. Semper Solaris in Long Beach also offers solar batteries. Solar power used to be “use it or lose it” technology, but with the solar batteries, you are now able to store up surplus energy and use it during the night. These are powerful and efficient and Tesla Powerwall is one of the top brands. Tesla Powerwall is described by Tesla as a “rechargeable lithium-ion battery with liquid thermal control.” Tesla Powerwall can allow your Long Beach household to go off-grid because it is 100% self-powered. This is an appealing aspect for many households, specifically during this fire season and its blackouts. There are incentives to staying on the grid as well with Tesla Powerwall and the excess energy that your solar battery stores can be sold back to the grid. Semper Solaris is a Tesla Powerwall certified installer and the best solar company in Long Beach! We can secure your independence quickly and still promise you will get the most out of your solar power energy in Long Beach. Roofing in Long Beach: Semper Solaris provides the best roofing services in Long Beach. We understand that your roof is one of the most expensive parts of your home. A new roof can increase the value of your property and give you peace of mind. At Semper Solaris, we offer only the best roof replacements and the highest quality of service you will find. Your roofing experience will be easy and fast with our solar roofing team in Long Beach. The roof of your house is more than shingles. A lot goes into roofing and if you do it wrong, or get a generic company to do a half-job on your roof, you’ll find yourself paying in repairs and maintenance costs. Instead, trust our professionals to do the job right, quickly, and efficiently. Our roofing crew knows what goes into a Long Beach roof and exactly what your roof needs to be durable for years to come. The moment you come in contact with our team at Semper Solaris in Long Beach, you will be met with our excellent, award-winning customer service. They will answer any questions, concerns, and doubts you may have about getting a replacement roof. We value our customers and their experience. We like to say, “If you don’t need it, we won’t sell it to you.” It’s quite the concept and it will keep you in your budget, while also giving you the product you need to accomplish your goals. Solar Panel Installation in Long Beach: Our passion is solar. We want everyone to be able to use green energy and we make it our goal to understand and tailor every single solar experience and installation to you: the customer. That’s why we are the best solar contractor in Long Beach. Our contractors will work directly with you every step of the process: from the first call to financing to installation, to maintenance. We offer the best solar panels in Long Beach and keep a variety of options available for you. Your personal representative will help you choose the right panels for your house and the right panels for your budget! Semper Solaris believes that every customer is unique so nothing we do will be generic, we tailor your experience entirely to you! Contact us for more information and get started with your unique solar experience today! Semper Solaris is the best solar contractor in Long Beach and we know and will help you understand each of the solar costs for Long Beach and solar financing options. There are federal solar incentives including the Residential Renewable Tax Credit and the Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC), both of which offer 30% qualified expenditures on your solar system as a solar tax credit in Long Beach. There are also secured solar financing options for Long Beach. The Los Angeles County Energy Loan for Long Beach, Santa Monica, and the county of Los Angeles offers home and property owners a 2% interest rate on residential energy efficiency and solar projects. The HUD Title 1 PowerSaver Loan can be secured or unsecured loans, which finance small or moderate improvement to the homes such as clean energy systems. Loans can be granted up to $25,000 specifically to single-family homeowners and targeting residential solar in Long Beach. If you want to find out more about the different solar financing options for Long Beach, contact our Semper Solaris today! Our representatives are experts and will help you achieve your solar goals in your solar budget. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the 100 Days of a Summer festival without the worry of a blackout and invest in a solar battery, looking for a new and professional roof that will stand strong through any and all-weather, or if you’re looking to go solar, contact Semper Solaris.

If you own a small home-based business in Fontana or are launching a startup, you can join the big leagues by becoming a sustainable company. From large corporations like Nike and Ikea to small enterprises all over the world, across all industries, sustainability is a part of doing business. Today's consumers prefer companies committed to issues significant to them, and environmental concerns are at the top of the list.   Now is the time to develop a sustainability plan for your business.  With a smart plan for sustainability, you will attract more customers and employees who want to be part of the solution to the big problems facing the world today. The installation of Solar Power in Fontana is the first step towards sustainability for your home business. WHAT IS A SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS? An eco-friendly, sustainable business makes a profit while improving the conditions of the environment. This business model can include your products, services, or operating your business using renewable energy with an eye on conservation. Cut your energy use and save big on operating costs. Reduce your carbon footprint and cut greenhouse gases. Be conscientious about the protection of the environment in every way you can. A move towards sustainability in 2019 will cultivate growth for your business. Younger consumers of today are gravitating to environmentally responsible companies on the cutting edge of going green.   ECOPRENEURS AND THE NEW ECONOMY We all know the “how to” of reducing our carbon footprint, and we talk about it.  But lip service does little to advance the timetable for cleaning up the environment and stopping global warming.  It is the “doers” who proactively adopt sustainable guidelines and implement them who gain the most competitive advantage in business today.   The new business models are developed by Ecopreneurs leading the charge for sustainability and a better world. They are the movers and shakers of the new economy that embrace environmental and social issues.  From alternative energy to reducing waste, you can benefit from this trend and get certified as a sustainable business in Fontana. SOLAR INSTALLATION IN FONTANA Solar power is the leading alternative energy source in the world. It is effective at not only reducing your carbon footprint, but your community will enjoy cleaner air and water.  You will boost your local economy by creating “clean energy” jobs as more homes and businesses follow your example. Semper Solaris is the best solar company in Fontana. We are passionate about renewable energy and sustainability for cities as a whole. A rooftop or ground-mounted solar system delivers the signal that you care about the environment. It tells your customers that you are doing your part to cut greenhouse gases and stop global warming. SEMPER SOLARIS SOLAR COMPANY IN FONTANA Our technicians are experienced in the installation of Solar Power in Fontana.  We have helped many home-based businesses, and residents move towards sustainability through the installation of solar power.  We can make your solar system even more efficient by installing a backup battery system. This addition will also cut costs and use less energy from your power plant.  A power plant uses fossil-fuel derived energy sources during high peak hours, and during these times, you can use the stored solar energy to reduce carbon emissions further. Call Semper Solaris today, and we will evaluate your location for the best solar solutions to get you on the road to a sustainable and profitable home-based business.

Ontario, Southern California’s gateway and one of the largest cities in Riverside County, is a place where business and industry thrive. With manufacturing, retail, technology, and a robust transportation system, the city is growing. Large companies are investing in Ontario. It is a great place to live, with lots of things to do, much like Los Angeles, but without the aggravation. As more and more businesses and families move to Ontario, it is an excellent time to consider retrofitting with solar power for your home-based business.  You can have an impact on other homeowners when it comes to the environment and help transform this city into a model not only for industry but for protecting the environment.  Showing leadership in this way will enhance the image of your brand and improve the air quality for those who work and live here. Semper Solaris is committed to renewable energy and reducing pollution. We are the premier Solar Power Company in Ontario.  We are experts in solar panel installation for your home.   SOLAR POWER INSTALLATION IN ONTARIO REDUCES POLLUTION With Ontario’s air already compromised from airports and freeways nearby, the move towards protecting the air in the city where we work and play will have a significant impact on the quality of life.  There are many ways to reduce pollution and protect the city environment from emissions. One of the best ways to cut down on pollution is through Solar Power installation in Ontario.  Solar power is the leading source of renewable energy in the world. It is cost effective, creates no waste, and reduces the need for fossil fuels that pollute the air, water, and green places. FINANCIAL BENEFITS OF SOLAR IN ONTARIO If you run a small business from your home, there are economic benefits in switching to solar power in Ontario. You can profit in significant ways from solar tax credits and lower your operating costs.  The savings from no or low energy expenses can augment your budget for expansion through these savings on your power bills.  Your home will be facilitating the development of a clean, enjoyable community for residents as California moves away from fossil fuels into a sustainable, beautiful, clean energy state.  Semper Solaris can help you find the right solar financing in Ontario. Reasons to go solar with your home-based business in Ontario Be a leader in your community Savings on power bills Tax incentives Rebates to offset the cost of installation Lower your carbon footprint How your home-based business can help your community by going solar Influence the city, businesses, and residents Clean air and water Noise reduction Energy independence Job creation Whether for the financial investment or to save the planet.  Semper Solaris is the premier solar contractor in Ontario for your solar needs.  We have years of experience in the installation of solar systems. With many options for installation from rooftop to ground-mounted systems, we can help you choose the best solar option and financing for your business.

Solar Power is the preeminent,  most efficient renewable energy in the world. And in California, solar incentives and tax credits have put solar power within range for homeowners. Residential solar in San Carlos is growing fast. Going solar will save you money, and you can even slash your electric bill. Solar power will give you a hedge against rising electricity prices rising each year. And Solar is an investment that will increase the value of your home. First, the Roof The first step in going solar is the initial evaluation of your property. And the most significant issue when installing solar panels is the condition of your roof. If your contractor finds that you need a new roof before installing panels, you will need to do that first. There are not many solar contractors that install roofs along with solar. Semper Solaris is an exception and is the top contractor for solar roofing in San Carlos. We are experts in the design, construction, and repair of roofs as well as solar panel installation. We provide top-notch service with knowledgeable, experienced technicians and engineers. We will get your solar power up and running in no time. Roof Installation or Replacement    Unless your roof is relatively new or even in good condition, it is probable that your roof will need repairs at some point. An older roof will degrade faster than your solar panels, so it is beneficial to take into account the life expectancy of your roof vs. solar panels. Panels can last for 35 years. A roof can last as long depending on the design and materials used in its construction. If your roof is 5 to 10 years away from needing replacement, it is a smart idea to consider replacing it before you install solar panels. In the event you need Roof Installation while solar panels are attached to your roof, it is a costly process that requires removing the panels and possibly the hardware. Then after the roof is repaired or replaced, there is the cost of reinstalling the panels and reconnecting the wiring. This process will be an expense over and above the Roof Installation or replacement. Installing a new roof along with your solar panels will make the most of your investment. You will save money by avoiding the expense of removing and reinstalling your solar panels in the future. If you combine a new roof with a new solar installation, it is unlikely that you will need to replace your roof for the lifespan of your panels. Panels are stronger and more durable than roofing material, and as a bonus, they will extend the life of your roof. A solar power installation in San Carlos will save you thousands of dollars throughout the life of your solar system. The added cost of reroofing is well worth it in the long run. Other Benefits of a New Roof Replacing the roof on your home increases your property value, improves energy efficiency, significantly decreasing the cost of your utility bills even before installing solar power. If you need roof replacement anyway, why not install solar along with the new roof? It is a wise investment to make, and the financial benefit is enormous for both savings and value-added to your home. If you already plan on installing solar on your rooftop, why not start clean and fresh with the addition of a brand-new beautiful roof? Financing your Roof and Solar Installation There are several ways to finance your roof and solar system. You can cash in on the low prices, incentives and get tax credits to help cover your solar costs in San Carlos. Finance your investment with an energy efficiency loan. Take advantage of rebates and incentives to offset the cost of both your solar panels and roof installation. Fannie Mae Homestyle Energy Loans are available through your mortgage lender. Semper Solaris can help you with solar loan and other financing options. Semper Solaris is the most reliable solar contractor in San Carlos. And we have built our reputation on the expert construction of roofs and Roof Installation. We offer excellent warranties on roofing and solar installations and give considerable discounts when you install a new roof along with your solar panels. Call us today for an evaluation of your property for solar installation in San Carlos.

Are you tired of your rising energy bills? Are you looking for a way to drive clean, sustainable energy to your home? If your answers are yes, green energy is one of the best options for you. When you opt for solar energy in Visalia, not only do you offset energy costs, but you also end up reducing your carbon footprints. At the end of the day, you’re left with a clean and refreshing feeling knowing that you did something to benefit the environment. But what exactly is green energy, and how does it help you?  What is Green Energy?  In case you don’t already know, green energy is the energy that is directly sourced from the sun. It is clean, sustainable, and extremely affordable. But how is this energy sourced? Well, the idea is simple. There are plenty of solar power manufacturing units, that roll out solar panels that are designed to generate clean and completely pure energy from the sun. Since we are not dealing with the energy companies here, the cost of generating it is relatively low. What’s more, you also get multiple solar power installation units tailored to meet your individual needs. In case you are still hesitant about introducing this energy to your homes, here are a couple of pointers elucidating the benefits of these systems.  Cuts Down on Energy Bills One of the defining aspects of using solar power in your homes is the fact that it drastically reduces your energy bills. Many individuals using this product have witnessed immediate reductions in their energy bills. What’s more, some of them even managed to get $0 bills for a couple of months. If you live anywhere near Visalia, you are actually underutilizing several days’ worth of sunshine that could be otherwise used for energy. During the spring and autumn, when it’s relatively colder, you can easily generate sample solar energy and send the surplus energy to the energy company. This is also applicable to the individuals who live in a cooler climate, along the mountains, or in the Bay area.  The biggest benefit of using these panels is the fact that they produce ample energy even when it isn’t perfectly sunny outside your home. Indirect sunlight can be conveniently used to address your energy needs. So, at the end of the day, you get the required amount of energy minus the high energy bills.  Can Be Deployed Anywhere Another major benefit of this system is that it can be deployed anywhere. So, if your house is located in a remote region where you do not have access to alternate sources of electricity, this can indeed serve as a viable option. Independent solar panels can be installed in your area and it’ll not just benefit you, but also help hundreds of other people who are inspired by the things you do. The process is simple, and with a team of competent experts, it’ll be completed in a jiffy.  Attractive Rebates Another major benefit of installing solar panels in your home is the fact it offers you attractive rebates. While most people don’t get to know about this, the government actually’ pays you to have your very own solar panels. Yes, you are likely to get an income tax credit of 26 percent when you install a solar panel in your home. What’s more, in addition to the rebates from the federal government, you also get state rebates. And guess what? When you combine both the rebates you can cut down on your energy bills by half! Adds To Your Home’s Value Yes, in case you don’t already know, solar panels also enhance the value of your homes. Homebuyers in your area are likely to choose your house when they know it is powered by renewable energy. Since your home already comes with the solar panels, it simply implies that there’ll be less hassle for the owner. So if you are planning to sell your home anytime soon, be assured that its resale value will spike up with the solar panel installation.  Why Should You Choose Semper Solaris?  Let’s face it: installing solar panels in your home isn’t a DIY task, and you’d definitely need additional help to get the job done. Interestingly, this is exactly where a solar panel installation company comes to play. Offering installation services for several years, Semper Solaris has a team of able staff who can address your requirements and get the installation completed right away. All you have to do is get in touch with us.  Once you contacted Semper Solaris, our representatives will visit you and inspect your home. Right after that, they will give some details about their solar panel installation options in Visalia. Since there are different panels for different homes, you will have plenty of options to make a final pick from.  Once you’ve made a decision on your solar panels, these experts will schedule the job on a certain date and get it done according to your requirements. Since they have the necessary tools to carry out solar panel installations flawlessly, you can always count on them for proper and consistent services. The job will barely take a few hours, and once they’re done, you can soon reap maximum benefits from your newly installed solar panel system in Visalia.  The best part about choosing these professionals is the fact that they also complete the necessary paperwork, in addition to installing the panels. Yes, if you’re planning to install solar panels in your home, you will be required to take permission from your local committees. These professionals make the job simpler for you by handling the necessary documentation on your behalf.  Wrapping Up So now that you have a clear idea about how solar panels work and why exactly you need them, wait no longer, and consult Semper Solaris about solar energy in Visalia. We will immediately address your needs offering a solar panel installation service that lives up to your expectations.

Solar power has assumed increased significance because of the growing awareness of the benefits that accrue. At the individual level, it is incumbent on everyone to reduce energy consumption by adopting solar energy and cut down energy bills. And, it's a sensible way of making use of the free energy that abounds in nature - the sun.    However, before you venture to adopt solar energy, it is important to consider things like finance. You could consider opting for solar financing options in Sunnyvale. Before going solar energy, it is important to know whether your home gets benefits from it. Research and determine your requirement. Take into account these points.      Be patient, it takes time to accrue savings   Your monthly power bill savings will happen soon after you adopt the solar power system when it starts working. Your first electric electricity bill after you install solar power system will guide you on how and to what extent you can reduce the power bill.   However, in many cases, people are apprehensive of the heavy cost of installation of solar power equipment. This becomes a great obstacle in the way to adopting solar power. For the residents of Sunnyvale, solar financing options Sunnyvale are available. In fact, it is the best and easiest option without reducing the quality of the product you choose.    Take into account the structure of your home's roof   Its direction and the kind of sunshine it receives during the year will influence the amount of energy the solar panel brings. Presence of big trees around your roof will fail the panel because of the shadow, which will not allow the panel to get enough sunshine. This happens even if there is a good amount of sunshine during the whole day. Ensure the panels are placed such that they do not collect any debris that obstructs sunshine.      Consider the type of solar panels   Two important types of technologies are available, namely photovoltaic and thermal.  In photovoltaic solar panels, photovoltaic cells convert sunlight into electricity. In thermal solar panels, the sunlight is used to heat air and water for use. You can choose any of the solar panel technologies depending on whether you wish to generate electricity or to heat water or air.  When choosing solar panels, there are two types namely mono-crystalline with black stains and polycrystalline which looks in bluish shade. It's different from panel to panel.       It is not a case of one thing applies to all   When you adopt a solar power system, there is no universal combination that suits all situations that are all designs of homes. It depends on the weather in your area, what kind of panels you need for the size of your house and whether your house is shaded. Research well and find a quality service provider to get solar panels installed. Finding a solar power installation service provider who is well experienced in working with the type of roofing you have. This is important because while installing the solar power panels it is important to take care of the roof without damaging it. Semper Solaris is a local service provider who has years of experience and the knowledge to work with all types of houses. Look for the incentives provided by State Federal and local government levels. If you have planned to invest in solar power equipment you can take the benefit of in the form of subsidies, and other incentives offered by State Federal and local governments. The incentives offered by States along with Federal Tax credit can significantly reduce the cost of solar equipment. You may consider solar tax credit in Sunnyvale for the purpose.   Taking the benefit offered by Federal solar credit or solar tax, you can cut down the bill by 26%. However, ensure your system is in according to the eligibility conditions for getting state and local government incentives.      Leasing may not help   A few people may think that taking a solar power system on lease is a great option. This may be good for people who cannot afford the cost of the equipment. It is also beneficial for those who do not enter the hassles of maintenance of the equipment.    In many cases, when buying a new house when the buyer is asked about taking solar equipment on lease, they get dissuaded. And, they wish to break the deal thanks to the high cost. As for the cost, it depends on the capacity of the panel. That is, if you're planning to buy more potential panels, you need to pay more. If you consider the installation and the output that it delivers, you can determine how much you need to spend on the panels. Consider taking solar tax credit in Sunnyvale. This will help you reduce the cost significantly.       Don't overlook the inverter   The inverter is the most expensive component in a solar power system. Many people look for more economical options and take home the one that doesn't last long. To get the best inverter research and follow the recommendations from reliable and trust add trusted sources. Buy the best quality inverter one with fewer PV cells at the beginning if you are planning to reduce the cost in the beginning. Maintenance of solar panels is important    Solar panels are durable, simple and static. The maintenance cost is very low and will never hurt your finances - the maintenance does not entail heavy cost on you. You need to get them maintained from time to time. Ensure they are clean on the surface. Leaves or any kind of debris should be cleaned up. You will get a warranty of 20 to 25 years  The solar power system that you are going to buy gets coverage of 22 to 25 years warranty. In most cases, it is 30 years or even more. In other words, you can reap the benefits of solar panels of saving energy as well as giving good protection to the environment.      Conclusion   Switching to solar energy is a sensible decision. Though it may entail a big expense upfront, it will help save in the long run. Make sure of the various incentives offered by government authorities while buying solar energy equipment if you cannot afford to bear the cost of the panels.  While choosing the solar panels, choose the best solar companies Sunnyvale. Search on the Internet. You could also take the help of word of mouth from your family, relations, and others.

If there is one thing that is renewable and plentiful in Simi Valley, California, it’s the sunshine. The summer weather is moderate to hot and the sun shines most of the day. As the temperature continues to rise, your electricity bill can often climb along with it. If you are looking to break free from electric bills, or at least lessen the weight of the chains, look no further. Simi Valley best solar company, Semper Solaris, will provide you with the award-winning service and installation we are known for, so you can claim your freedom today. How will solar panels benefit your Simi Valley home? Renewable Energy: Among the many benefits of going solar, one of the most important is that solar energy is completely renewable. Unlike fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas which are scattered and finite, solar energy is everywhere the sun shines and is new every day. As long as we have a sun, we’ll have solar energy. The Semper Solaris installation team has experience in making sure your panels are positioned to efficiently produce the most energy they can. Cost-Efficient: With the many different options for financing and government incentives that come along with going solar, it has been proven to be effective in cutting costs for your home. You’re producing the energy that you would be paying for in your electricity bill each month, meaning that the bill will decrease according to how much energy your panels are producing. Don’t forget about the opportunity to actually earn money by selling your excess energy back to the grid. This can be done with Tesla Powerwall solar batteries offered by Semper Solaris. Decrease the Carbon Foot-Print: Among the many benefits solar power has for you and your home, it also has an impact on the world around you. It eliminates the use of fossil fuels for the energy it produces, it also reduces the amount of harmful and polluting gasses that are emitted when fossil fuels are burned. Solar panels pull pure, direct energy from the sun’s powerful rays. As we learn to take care of our homes, families, and communities better, we should also be proactive in taking care of our planet. Low Maintenance Cost: The main cost of going solar is the initial cost. This includes the panels, inverter, batteries, wiring, and installation. After getting the things you need, however, there is little need for upkeep or maintenance on the panels, besides a quick cleaning a couple of times a year. Semper Solaris also offers warranties on their panels and our maintenance crew will be there for any repairs or upkeep. At some point, your solar panels will have paid for themselves and you’ll begin to save the money you would have spent on electricity. Simi Valley Solar Panel Installation Company Now that you know the benefits of going solar, you may ask why you should choose Semper Solaris. Why is it so important to stay local? When searching online for solar energy companies, you can get lost in the fray of generic solar companies all begging for your service. Their service is often less than reputable, and having your solar experience marred by a generic company concerns us. What we do at Semper Solaris is anything but generic and we strive to make your solar experience to be the best it can be. Local is important for us at your Semper Solaris solar company in Simi Valley. We want to support and serve our local communities by hiring local people who understand your unique preferences as a Simi Valley homeowner. Our Simi Valley solar panels services are there for you. Semper Solaris is local and veteran-owned and we strive to provide each and every one of our customers with the excellent service that is unique to us. Other solar companies actually attempt to emulate our award-winning service and solar installation in Simi Valley and use us as a model for their own employees and services. We take pride in the reputation we have built in Simi Valley and are always seeking to satisfy the customer to the best of our ability. From the moment you come into contact with your local Simi Valley Semper Solaris, we assign you a solar representative and project coordinator who will be a point of contact throughout the entire process. Step by step, we will walk through it with you. Your coordinator will answer any questions you may have regarding the solar process, solar installation, or the cost of solar in Simi Valley. Choosing the right Solar provider for your Simi Valley home By getting to know you and your Simi Valley home, we will seek to understand your preferences and style regarding your solar panels. Our representatives will work with you to provide you with solar panels that fit your budget and the solar costs for Simi Valley. Semper Solaris tailors each step of the process to you, your needs, and your preferences.  Accomplishing your goals in going solar is our number one priority. Whether that means you're looking to save on electric bills or to help the environment, we have your back.  Besides the initial solar panel installation for your Simi Valley home, we also provide solar repair and solar maintenance among many other things.  We’ve got everything you need regarding your transition to solar covered. If you want to know more about the different options we offer or have any questions regarding our services, products or costs, contact us at your local Simi Valley office. Solar Battery for Planned Blackouts Another amazing feature we offer at Semper Solaris is solar battery storage. With our Tesla Powerwall solar batteries, you can store up the extra energy your home doesn’t utilize and use it when the sun is not shining. This offers a specific advantage for Simi Valley as we continue to deal with the increasing fires in California. To help avoid these disastrous wildfires, California electric companies are beginning to implement planned power outages. During these blackout periods, our solar panels and the energy you store up in your solar batteries will continue to offer you the electricity you need. There’s no need to sit in the dark when you could be enjoying the lights and air conditioning without hurting the environment or risking fires. Tesla Powerwall will actually counteract the peak hours of your utility company, supplying you with electricity even during the off-peak times. Another benefit of the solar battery that is often forgotten about is that the energy you don’t use can be sold back to the grid during on-peak hours. Tesla Powerwall has a simple and easy-to-use system dashboard that can be accessed on your phone, tablet, or computer for easy control of the settings. This allows you to manage your storage and usage. Besides the benefits of going solar in general, Semper Solaris offers Simi Valley unique advantages, including our excellent customer service. Our goal at Semper Solaris is to offer you the best solar experience we can - we want to prove to you that we are the best solar company in Simi Valley. Your Simi Valley home can go solar today with Semper Solaris, a Tesla Powerwall certified installer. Contact Semper Solaris today and we will begin the process immediately!

San Diego is a gorgeous city nestled in the pioneering state of California, which houses brilliant innovative minds working relentlessly towards bringing about better alternative solutions to the existing ones. It comes as no shocker that San Diego was one of the few cities in the world to recognize the immense potential of solar power and make remarkable strides towards producing solar energy.  Let’s go through a journey where we will dive into the history of the introduction of solar in San Diego and find out its inspiring evolution in the field of producing sustainable energy.  When It All Started San Diego happens to be the second-largest city in California and the eighth-largest city in the United States of America. To bring out the solar advent of San Diego, first, we will have to go through the solar evolution witnessed by California. You will be surprised to find out that the history of solar energy in California dates back to the year 1839, when French physicist Alexandre Edmond Becquerel, discovered that a solar cell could convert sunlight into electricity. This phenomenon was later coined as the photovoltaic effect. Who would have known that few centuries down the line, the enterprising cities of California will firmly cement the fruits of the photovoltaic effect in their day to day lives? California witnessed the construction of the world’s largest photovoltaic facility in Camarillo by ARCO Solar in 1979, which was designed to produce 1 MW (megawatt) of energy per year. It might seem inconsequential at present, but as we have mentioned earlier, California takes pride in taking bold steps and making ground-breaking innovations before others could even think of it. In 1979, that 1 MW photovoltaic facility was a milestone for California. When San Diego turned to the Sun for its source of energy San Diego is an economic hub for the state of California was galloping ahead in terms of technology, development, job creation, to name a few during the late 20th century. People wanted a slice of San Diego’s shining future, and it was evident when the second largest city of California witnessed a surge of the population from the 1990s which grows unabated to this date.  During the early 21st century, the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) came up with both good news and bad news:  Good news for the immense growth of San Diego  The bad news was reserved for grave environmental concerns and the quantity of resources.  The figures which were indicative of the growth of San Diego could be seen from the fact that the energy used in the residential sector increased nearly by 45%, and the commercial industry saw a growth of almost 108% during the early 21st century. The industrial sector at that time was witnessing a growth of 2%. According to the SANDAG regional growth forecast, by 2030, the local population of San Diego County “is expected to increase by almost one million people (32 %)”, which will bring an increase in housing units by four hundred thousand (26 %) as well as an addition of nearly half a million jobs (32 %) which will increase demand for energy. The solar power energy in San Diego County San Diego was facing the depletion of unsustainable energy sources. It was in a do or die situation- either formulate a plan to develop and produce a sustainable source of energy or face a complete halt of the galloping growth due to the depletion of unsustainable energy sources. The ay’ of hope came during 2006 when then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the Senate Bill for the upgraded solar program, California Solar Initiative’ which is an amended version of the Million Solar Roofs’ program. Today if you take a bird’s eye view of San Diego, you will see the roofs dotted with solar panels.  Another breakthrough came during 2008 when San Diego created the now-famous Property Assessed Clean Energy programs, popularly known as PACE programs, which is a unique way to sponsor and finance solar energy, energy efficiency improvements, water conservation methods and most importantly upgrade renewable sources of energy which can be repaid through property tax bills. Currently, under the authorization of the law of California, County of San Diego is a part of five programs that aim to work towards energy conservation and spread awareness about solar panel installation. The advent of solar panel installation in San Diego County San Diego enjoys sunny weather all throughout the year, which makes it very conducive to derive its energy from its all-weather friend, the Sun. The clouds do not frequent much, and San Diegans are majorly seen basking in the glory of the Sun through most parts of the year. The switch towards solar panels to power up the homes of the County folks is also motivated by the fact that buying gas and electric power is proving to be very expensive for the San Diegans. The gorgeous city flaunts a very robust production of solar energy and together with the fact that gas is costly and has pushed the San Diegans to shift towards residential solar installations. Every year San Diego witnesses a rise in residential solar installations per capita. It is one of the best locations to install solar panels because it can flaunt electricity generation of 1478 kWh per year per 1 kW of peak DC. The momentum of ushering in a wave of blazing solar energy is evident from the fact that as of 2009, San Diego County has housed 625 Clean Technology companies, out of which 100 companies are housed within the City of San Diego. The Country benefited greatly when it spurred its initiative to expand the scope of the San Diego Clean Generation Program during 2010 to include small businesses in the city and Multi-family units (5 units and larger) so that the number of people stands to benefit from the solar program. San Diego is aiming for a significant energy overhaul to go solar by 2035 and with the extensive awareness drive together with the attractive residential solar incentives, you shouldn’t be too surprised to see nearly all the rooftops in San Diego dotted with solar panels. At this juncture, San Diego is at the cusp of a trailblazing solar revolution that is showing the world how to go solar in style. As of 2018, San Diego is one of the leading cities in the world in terms of the total number of solar PV installations. It has installed 287.2 Megawatts of solar PV and is second only to Los Angeles which has installed 349.3 Megawatts of solar PV as of 2018. Currently, San Diego is focusing on Mission 2035, where Mayor Kevin Faulconer has clearly elaborated upon his vision to go for a 100% renewable energy for the city by 2035 with the help of solar power. If figures are anything to go by, more than 50,000 customers who were earlier relying on gas and electricity for power, have installed approximately 350 Watts of solar PV on their rooftops. The history of solar in San Diego County has seen phenomenal growth and a paradigm shift in the energy sector with the businesses and families aiming to go solar with the help of major solar plants and residential solar installations to power up their place. It seems like Mission 2035 is on its way to become a success.

The use of solar power has become very common nowadays. If you are interested, you will note that most homeowners have installed solar panels in their homes. The good news is that a solar panel can help to reduce the energy consumption in your home. This is because most homeowners usually complain that they pay high electricity bills at the end of every month. The situation can be worse if you have many appliances that rely on electricity in your home. You might have to dig deeper into your pocket at the end of every month. This is the reason why you should consider using solar power today. Do you reside in Riverside, California? You should think about solar power energy in Riverside . You will realize that Riverside basically receives solar radiation levels of around 3.80-kilowatt-hours per square meter daily. If you need to install solar panels in this area, you can hire us to install it for you. Our company is known as Semper Solaris. The following are the reasons why you should get solar in Riverside installation services today: Save Money One of the main advantages of installing a solar panel is to save more money on your electricity bills. You will realize that solar energy is free and can be trapped during the day. You can then store it in a good battery and use it later in the day. Some homes actually rely on solar power for all their energy uses. During summer, you can trust that you will collect more energy and use it to cool the house and so on. You do not have to rely on the electricity that has been connected to your home. You just need to collect more solar energy and later use it in your home. If you have more solar panels in your home, you can trust that you will be able to collect more solar energy. This has actually worked well for many residents of Riverside. Earn Tax Credit and Rebate Did you know that installing a solar panel can reward youth is actually working well for many people in this region? You will note that you will be able to get 30% of the total system cost from the equipment when you file your taxes. This means that you will be able to save more in the long run. If you combine this with the state and local rebates, the total costs can actually be reduced by half. It is important to note that Solar Renewable Energy Credits are usually generated throughout the year. In this case, you can actually sell them to utility customers, and this can help you earn more money. Conserve the Environment Nowadays, there is a lot of emphasis on environmental conservation. This is because our environment is getting polluted day-in and day-out. If homeowners continue relying on fossil fuels, you will note that the situation will be negatively affected. The bad news is that when fossil fuels are burned, they usually produce harmful gases that are the primary cause of air pollution and global climate change. In this case, you should go green and install solar panels today. You can trust that you will be able to conserve the environment in the long run. Also, you can believe that you will have a healthy environment to live in. This is the other reason why you should invest in our solar panel installation services. Increase the Value of Your Home If your home has a solar panel, you can trust that its value will increase as well. You will note that a solar panel is a great investment for your home. It can increase your home’s attractiveness. If a homebuyer comes to your home to check your home, he or she is likely to buy it. This way, you can trust that you will be able to sell your home at a profit. Generate Renewable Energy You can trust that solar energy will always be there. If there is sunshine, you can trust that you will be able to get more solar energy. If you are fond of relying on electricity, you will note that there are moments when there are blackouts and so on. Sometimes, these blackouts can last for several days. This can inconvenience you. You might not be able to light up your home at night and so on. In this case, it is advisable that you invest in a solar panel so that you can readily use your energy whenever you need it. Guaranteed Performance Most solar panels usually have a warranty. In most cases, you will note that most of them typically have a 20- to 25-year warranty. This can assure you that you will get quality services for many years. You will not have to replace this solar panel after several months.  If you want to install a solar panel, you should not do it on your own. You will note that solar panel installation usually requires some skills and competencies. In most cases, you might not have all these skills. Hiring a quack can disappoint you. You should hire us to install it for you. You can actually contact our customer care service team for a free estimate. If you do not have a lot of money for this service, there are several solar financing options riverside that you can consider. This can help you get the amount of money that you need to enjoy our services. Our company has been there for quite some time. We have served many customers for many years. This has made us more professional in this area. Our company is also well-equipped with the right tools that can help in solar panel installation. You just need to contact, and we shall be there to serve you. Call Semper Solaris today!  

Do you want to go solar in San Diego? Are you interested in solar financing options and solar costs San Diego? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, we can answer all your queries to help you to choose the best solar panels and the most suitable option depending on your unique requirements. We will address all those issues that nobody will tell you.  Why Should You Go Solar in San Diego?  In San Diego, you will find enough sun to support your solar needs. In addition, the most expensive gas and Electric utilities can inspire you to go for a solar PV system to reduce your energy bill in a significant manner. You will also find suitable financing options to make the installation affordable. Things No One Is Going to Tell You  Go Solar Now To Find the Best Deal If you are planning to install solar in San Diego, you should not wait for a long time. This is the best time to go solar. If you install a solar PV system this year, you can get twenty-six percent solar tax credit. Next year, it will be reduced to twenty percent. After a couple of years, there will be no solar credit at all. So, act smart and choose the best solar company in San Diego to find the most appropriate solar solution.  More Solar Energy to Get More Power The San Diego solar PV systems are able to offer more electricity than other parts of the USA. You will also get a number of solar incentives to find a cost-effective solution. In fact, you might not need to spend upfront if you choose the right solar financing option in San Diego. With a short payback of five years, you can expect twenty years of free power.  Research On Rebates  You might get a discount if you install it in the off-peak season. You can maximize the benefits by choosing the right financing option. Keep your eye on the city’s rebate programs to cut down your upfront cost. San Diego Gas and Electric offers a helpful guide to enable people to leverage different types of savings for solar installations. Go through the guide to know the available options. There are also rebates specific to San Diego like the San Diego Solar Renewable Energy Financing.  Choose the Right Solar Panel  There are different types of solar panels and inverters for different types of people to meet their unique preferences. Everyone cannot afford the most expensive solar PV system. Even if you are looking for a cost-effective solution, you can find the best suitable depending on your budget. In fact, you can save thousands of dollars by choosing a standard solar panel over top premium brands. Also, standard brands feature good quality and can serve your interests in the best possible manner. Our experts at Semper Solaris can help you choose the right solar panels unique to your home. How to Go Solar in San Diego You will have to meet some basic requirements to install a solar PV system. If you are looking for solar financing options in San Diego, then make sure that you qualify for one of them. Here are the details.  A Roof that Supports Solar Panels  This is one of the key requirements. If your roof is poor and is not made in good shape structurally, then you might have difficulty to install solar panels. A roof renovation can serve your purpose. But yes, you will have to spend extra for renovation. When the renovation is not an option, you can go with community solar.  Find A Local Company While going solar, it is always suggested to choose a local company that understands the climate of San Diego. A local company, like Semper Solaris, will help you to understand what financial benefits, permits, and paperwork you can expect from your solar installation. Also, a local company better understands the unique needs of homeowners of San Diego.  Consider Financing Options  PACE is considered as the best solar financing option in San Diego.  If you qualify it, you will be allowed to pay back your loan over five, ten, fifteen, or twenty years. Also, you do not need to put any money down. The key players in PACE financing in San Diego are YgreneWorks and HERO Program. To qualify for PACE, you will need at least ten percent equity in your home. In the absence of that much equity, you can consider other financing options. Know Your Usage  Your usage will decide how much solar energy in San Diego you will need to meet your daily needs. You can trim your energy usage before installing a solar PV system. You can also try an energy audit and then look for the energy updates. How Long Solar Panels Last  With proper maintenance and due attention, a solar PV system will last over two decades. So, you can reduce your electricity bill in a great manner during this period while contributing to your health, environment, and the quality of your life. From the above, you might have realized that installing a residential solar PV system in San Diego is certainly worth the investment. You should do your own research to find out the best local solar company in San Diego and the right financing options to make your solar PV system installation cost-effective.

Rancho Cucamonga, "The Jewel of the Inland Empire," located below the San Gabriel Mountains and the Angeles National Forest, is a beautiful, affluent city that prides itself on being clean and safe. It is home to many beautiful homes because of the city's proximity to major transportation centers. This city is exceptionally friendly and is committed to solar power in Rancho Cucamonga as a primary, renewable energy source. If you operate a business from your home in Rancho Cucamonga, you most likely have a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), protecting your electricity run equipment from power surges and disruptions. While the USP can protect your gear from spikes, dips or other fluctuations and irregularities, the interruption from a long term power outage, perhaps days and weeks, can cost you a lot. According to a Berkeley report, U.S. businesses lose billions of dollars a year to power outages and disruptions. POWER INTERRUPTIONS IN RANCHO CUCAMONGA A UPS or surge protector will protect your equipment from damage and provide backup power in the short term. Surges or spikes are jumps in voltage and can be affected by many different factors. Electric Grid Switching Lightning Large Appliances Turning On And Off Power tools Sags and dips are a drop in voltage and are short term Heavy motors starting Downed cables Faulty wiring or equipment Utility problems Power outages or blackouts are a total loss of power and can last for days and weeks. You need more than a surge protector or UPS to protect your home equipment and keep things running smoothly. Downed power lines Failure of power stations Fault on a power line Natural disasters that knock out the grid HYBRID SOLAR INSTALLATIONS IN RANCHO CUCAMONGA If you do not have a solar panel system for your primary electricity source, why not consider a hybrid solar system for your home?  A hybrid system gives you the best of both worlds and provides redundancy, using energy from both the solar panels and your utility provider.  It uses a back up solar battery to store power which is continually recharging from the solar panels. This stored energy is for use when the panels are not producing enough electricity or during a power outage. The addition of hybrid solar installation in Rancho Cucamonga for your home is cost-effective.  It will keep your power running seamlessly as a failsafe in the event of a long term interruption of electricity such as an earthquake, flood, or fire. This solar/grid system is like having your own microgrid. SEMPER SOLARIS IN RANCHO CUCAMONGA Semper Solaris is the best solar contractor in Rancho Cucamonga for solar installations. We can help you save on the cost of electricity and provide a safe and secure backup to run your computers and other electrical devices and machinery. By adding Solar as your primary power source, tied into the grid for redundancy, you will not have to worry about power outages over the short or long term. We offer top quality and reliable Tesla Powerwall and Enphase Encharge Battery backup batteries. In fact, Semper Solaris is a Tesla Powerwall certified installer, and our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable in the installation of solar power in Rancho Cucamonga.  Our solar panels are the most reliable and efficient panels available. Call Semper Solaris today.  We can keep your home-based business up and running when the unexpected happens.

The City of La Mesa is taking action and moving towards net-zero energy with a proactive approach to cutting greenhouse gases. Through a comprehensive Energy Roadmap, the city will reduce energy usage in city buildings and the community. Renovation of the city will target energy-efficient government and community buildings utilizing solar contractors in La Mesa. The Climate Action Plan implements net-zero construction standards for residential and commercial construction. It includes a retrofit program for both residential and commercial buildings. You can benefit from the efforts to foster renewable energy right in your home. The best place to start is in understanding what net-zero means and what measures you can take to achieve it. What is a Net Zero Home? Net-Zero energy homes (ZEH) are one of the foundations of a sustainable future that is not dependent on fossil fuels. They are tied to the grid and built with energy efficiency in mind. They are airtight, well insulated, and more durable than conventional homes. With filtered air and other advanced technologies in net-zero homes, there is less need for heating and cooling. The cost of living in a net-zero house is lower than the cost in a typical home. A net-zero home generates the same amount of electricity as it uses over a year yielding a zero energy cost.  The addition of solar panel installation in La Mesa is the catalyst for savings. Construction of a Net Zero Home A Net-Zero home is more robust than conventional homes. Built from the getgo for energy efficiency, the design and construction of a net-zero home decreases the need for heating and cooling, lighting, and other energy-dependent necessities. Solar as a Power Source The net-zero home must produce its own clean power to achieve zero-energy. Rooftop solar is the most common power source for residential use. The house uses a solar thermal system for heating water. Due to the insulation and energy-conserving construction, the solar panels provide as much energy as the home needs. The difference between a regular solar-powered home and a net-zero home is the reduction in electricity needs combining with increased power generation. At Semper Solaris, we understand the savings a homeowner can realize on the electric bill with a Net Zero Home. But Net-Zero homes are new and expensive. Solar power along with other ways to cut energy waste is a good start towards less energy usage. We are a solar contractor in La Mesa and can help maximize savings with solar installation. Retrofitting Towards Net Zero Retrofitting is the only option for most of us who already own homes. You can make improvements and move your household towards a net-zero style home starting with some simple steps. Replace lighting with LED bulbs. They use 75 percent less power. Use motion sensor lights in rarely used hallways and areas Use dusk to dawn sensor lights for your front porch or anywhere you want lights to go on at night. Use smart strips for appliances like televisions. If you have cable, you can keep the cable DVR on and turn off the tv and other electronics connected. Use a smart plug for things like the microwave that stays plugged in. A simple flip of the switch when you need to use it is all it will take. Install a Smart Thermostat to minimize HVAC usage when you don’t need it. Upgrade to Energy Star highly efficient appliances. Solar in La Mesa The capstone to a retrofitting project is the power source. Solar Energy is the renewable energy used in Net-Zero homes. And you don’t have to wait until you have completed your project to begin reducing your energy costs with solar power. Solar panels will save you money whether you buy or lease them and you can do that right away. For a retrofit, the purchase of the solar system is the most ideal. It will increase the value of your home and give you capabilities for future innovations in solar. And a solar system will protect you from rising energy costs. Semper Solaris has the knowledge and the tools to facilitate the process of moving towards net-zero in your home. Whether you retrofit or not, we can save you money and improve your carbon footprint. We are the premier solar contractors for rooftop solar installations in La Mesa. We can help you take advantage of La Mesa’s Energy Roadmap with its financial incentives. We can acquire the right financing for your solar needs. We do the paperwork and handle the permitting from the beginning of installation through the switching on of your new solar panels. It’s a perfect time to go solar in La Mesa.

In Lemon Grove, renovation is on the move and community efforts to clean up and fix up are underway. New jobs, opportunities, and enhanced infrastructure await the residents of this city. Green, clean, and robust, upgrading to solar power is a smart way to beautify and achieve a sustainable model city. Semper Solaris is on the frontlines of renewable energy and preservation of the environment. Our technicians have years of experience and are passionate about solar power. We know that solar is the most effective renewable energy source available. We are the best Solar Company for Lemon Grove’s move towards sustainability. Solar Power in Lemon Grove When planning for a sustainable city, it is essential to consider the conservation of green spaces for residents to enjoy. Clean air and water and renewable energy should be the centerpiece of how a city works. Let’s call it an environmental upgrade. It will bring more prosperity, real estate development, parks, restaurants, and more. Renewable energy is the key to sustainability. Solar power causes no pollution of the air or water. Solar as the foundation of a city’s infrastructure enhances services by reducing power bills. Solar power provides job growth and opportunities in a clean energy economy Solar can help low-income residents with lower-cost power. Solar power protects from power grid disruption from a disaster. Solar power paves the way for energy independence. Solar power as a city’s foundation opens the door for the use of smart technology. City of The Future and Innovation Solar Power is an attractive investment to make and opens the door to possibilities. Solar innovation brings smart technology into the city’s infrastructure. And a smart Microgrid is the wave of the future of energy independence. Beautifying your city will yield clean air and water, reduce pollution, lower operating costs, and make the city bright and beautiful. Semper Solaris is the go-to solar contractor in Lemon Grove. We have experience in the installation and maintenance of solar systems for municipalities and residents. We can help build Lemon Grove’s renewable energy infrastructure. Solar energy will power the future. Here are some remarkable innovations on the horizon that can enhance the city of Lemon Grove and save money on services offered in town. Solar drinking fountains that pull water from the air can cut the water usage in and around the cities drinking fountains and watering systems. There are even solar drinking fountains for dogs placed around the city that use excess rainwater. Solar trashcans can both beautify and save money for the city by reducing waste. Solar roadways can generate power to help run the city’s infrastructure. It is valuable to have the community involved in the beautification of the city. Homeowners are joining the efforts by going solar in Lemon Grove. The community is investing in the future of an attractive, enjoyable environment. Economic prosperity and opportunity come with a smart renovation that is cost-effective. Semper Solaris is the best solar contractor in Lemon Grove. We are on the frontlines of renewable energy technology and innovation. We are experts in the design and implementation of solar power for sustainable city infrastructure. We can provide knowledge and expertise in choosing solar solutions for municipalities and residences. Solar is leading the way to a sustainable world. Call Semper Solaris and let us begin the journey of achieving sustainability with solar power in Lemon Grove.

Bonita, California, is known for frequent flooding due to heavy rains during El Nino. Earthquakes are a concern living near the La Nacion Fault lines. And wildfires are a fact of life in this at-risk Southern California area. Being prepared for any of these eventualities is crucial to your safety and even survival. Planning now will be to your best advantage in the event of natural or other disasters. Food and water, shelter, and supplies are critical to safety and survival during and after a disaster. And rooftop solar is the most reliable energy source if the grid goes down. Solar power in Bonita, along with a solar backup system, will benefit you in the event of any of these disasters. Semper Solaris is the best solar company in Bonita. We have many options for choosing a system that suits your needs. We offer top quality, reliable backup battery systems like Tesla Powerwall that are designed to hold up in harsh conditions and will keep your power on and your communication systems operational during and after an emergency. We will even monitor your panels from our central location for any problems that might arise. Flooding Flooding is not a threat to your solar panels. They can operate in inclement weather. Unless your house is underwater, your solar system will continue to produce electricity. If the grid goes down, a solar backup battery will enable you to keep in touch with emergency services. Be sure to prepare and have a plan for a flood hazard. Earthquakes Solar manufacturers design solar Panels for seismic activity as well as harsh weather conditions. They can take quite a beating while still working to provide electricity. The panels are constructed from tempered glass and mounted securely on the roof. Semper Solaris, the best solar contractor in Bonita, uses top-rated roof mount systems that are robust and tested in extreme environments. The addition of a backup battery system will enable you to use your power in the event of an earthquake when it is probable that your power will be interrupted. Be prepared for an earthquake in the San Diego area. Wildfires Solar panels are built to endure high heat, but they are not fireproof. If you have not yet evacuated and the flames are not close, there is smoke and debris in the air. It is essential to run your HVAC system during the critical parts of a fire. It will filter pollutants coming into the home. With a widespread wildfire, it is likely that the power grid will go down. With a backup battery, your HVAC can continue to operate at least while you are safe in your home. Semper Solaris' uses the safest and most durable panels for solar panel installation in Bonita. Our solar panels meet building and fire codes and are reliable even in high temperatures like those in the hot desert. There is no telling how higher temperatures will interfere with energy production. It is best to prepare to evacuate in the event of a wildfire and keep communication lines open. A backup system will keep your panels running and your power on as long as possible. Plan and be sure you know what to do in the event of a wildfire that threatens your home. Solar panels are resilient and can be a lifesaver in the event of any of these possible scenarios. They have no moving parts and a high likelihood of surviving most disasters. That is why solar power is utilized in disaster relief efforts all over the world. Semper Solaris cares about the safety of you and your family. The use of solar power in Bonita will serve you well when you need it the most. If you have a solar system or are in the market for one, Semper Solaris will help you choose the best solar system for your needs. We are experts in emergency preparation and can install high-quality, reliable solar backup systems. Call us today and let us help you go solar in Bonita.