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Looking for top-rated solar panel installation in Downey? We are here to help! Semper Solaris is a locally run and Veteran owned company here to assist you with all of your solar needs. We understand that installing solar can be a big step, so here is some information to help you. If you are looking for an honest company that has the best solar installation in Downey, Semper Solaris is it! Living in Downey, which has fantastic weather, offers you on average almost 290 sunny days a year, which is 24% higher than other cities in the nation. Why not take advantage of harnessing that sunshine to power your home? Solar is also an excellent investment for your home. In the last 10 years, the cost of putting in solar has decreased by 60%, which means many more people can afford to install it. The best thing about solar is that it is a clean source of energy. It is also an infinite and renewable energy source. Now you don’t have to worry about polluting your home and the environment for electricity! Our solar company in Downey can come out and go over your options to see what system size is right for your family’s needs. We will never try to upsell you or convince you to get something you do not need! Worried about the cost? The Federal Government extended the period allowed for the 26% tax credit they are offering to citizens who install solar. This can decrease the cost of your solar panels by quite a bit. Southern California has a high grid electricity cost at $0.17 per kilowatt-hour. With the more than 13% hike in our expenses in the last year, your solar panels can help offset that quite a bit, or even eliminate your electric bill totally!  In fact, many solar customers report that they pay their system off in about 8 years. Depending on usage in your home, you may be able to enjoy having no power bill for the lifetime of the solar panels, which is usually 25 years! Are there other ways for me to save money on my solar? Yes! SCE offers net metering, which can save you even more money! The federal government requires most power providers to get some of their power from renewable energy sources, and this can benefit you. When your panels are providing more power than you can use, SCE will “buy” that power back from you by applying credits to your account. You can then use your saved credits to supplement your supply like during the winter when your panels may not keep up with demand. If you have credits left at the end of the year, SCE will pay you for them! Call us today! We can schedule an appointment too to have an expert solar contractor in Downey come out and look over your home and usage to see what is right for you!

Residents in San Jose are going solar in record numbers, cashing in on incentives and rebates, and the lower prices. They are saving money on their electric bills—putting plenty of money back in their pockets. As the sunshine state is moving towards sustainable, renewable energy sources, Solar Power is the top choice for homeowners in San Jose.  If you have a solar panel system or are planning on installing one, there are some things to consider before you purchase. The type of equipment will be determined in your initial consultation and evaluation with our knowledgeable technicians. Benefits of Solar Batteries Semper Solaris is the best Solar Contractor in San Jose, and we are on the cutting edge of the most up to date solar technology available to homeowners. And the smart move when it comes to solar is the addition of solar batteries in San Jose that will provide the most efficient solar system both now and in the future. There are many reasons for installing a battery backup system. According to Energy Sage, “With solar batteries, you maximize your ability to use the electricity generated by your solar panels on a day-to-day basis. During the times when you need more electricity than your solar panels are producing (later in the day or at nighttime), you can use the solar energy you have stored.” Surplus Power and the Future Adding a Solar backup battery installation in San Jose will provide surplus electricity. You can use this creatively and allows you to power anything you need to at any time, day or night. Solar Battery storage in San Jose should be part of your solar panel installation. Be prepared for emergencies when the grid goes down Become more energy independent Add more value to your solar system and your home Be more prepared for future smart home innovation.  Enhance the potential of your solar system for things like an EV station The addition of Solar Panel battery storage in San Jose brings you closer to energy independence and keeps you up and running when the grid goes down for blackouts or emergencies.  Maximize Your Solar If you are considering solar panel installation, Semper Solaris can help you choose the best system for your home. Whether you have a system already or are planning to, Semper Solaris Smart Storage Systems will give you surplus power when you need it. You can use the extra energy to generate a profit from your solar power system or go off the grid. You can also, in anticipation of the future need for more electricity, add more solar panels than you may currently need. And there are many ways to create more value for only a few dollars more. Call us today and let us help you maximize your solar investment for a financial return and move towards energy independence.

Solar Panel Installation in Fullerton is a significant investment! We know your home value is important to you, and we want to help. Fullerton has beautiful weather, and you can reap the benefits by installing solar panels to power your home. With an average of 283 days of sunshine, that is more than 24% above the national average! This means that solar panels will offer an excellent return for you! Semper Solaris is top-rated and is one of the best solar installations in Fullerton you can get. Our knowledgeable, honest, and caring staff will make sure that the process is as quick, easy, and painless as possible! We want you to have a pleasant experience with us! Our company is owned and operated by military veterans, so we understand that integrity and honesty are core values, and we show that every day!  We are ranked one of the best companies partly because we only offer the best quality available solar panels that are made here in the United States. We work with companies like Silifab and Q-cells. These companies offer the best warranties available as high as 25 years, which is generally the lifespan of a solar panel system! You can’t beat that! Installing solar can help offset or even totally negate your electrical bill. In Fullerton, solar panels can offer an average of $160 a month in savings depending on usage and size of the system installed. You can also count on receiving a federal tax credit, which could mean a savings of $7,000 on a $25,000 system. Give us a call to set up an appointment with one of our experienced technicians. We will send out a solar contractor in Fullerton  Additionally, SCE offers a program called net metering. The power company will “buy” your excess solar energy from you. This program helps you earn credits towards future bills during periods when your solar panels may not generate enough power for your daily usage. If you make more credits than you can use up within the year, they will pay you for the unused credits!  There may also be state or local incentives you may use, such as the Property Tax Exclusion for Solar Energy Systems.  When you call to schedule an appointment, we can go over those with you. There are great ways to cut the initial cost for installing your solar, and we want to help! Remember that installing solar is not only a significant investment in your home, but it is also an investment in the future health of our planet. Solar energy is clean, renewable, and it is infinite! Most people find the value of their home increases by at least $10,000 if their home has solar panels.

Thinking about solar panel installation in El Monte? Wondering if it is a viable option for you? Solar panel installation is a great way to save on your energy bills and take care of the environment all at once! Solar energy is an infinite, clean, and renewable energy source, so it is an excellent option for all your energy needs! Also, El Monte’s weather is ideal for maximizing a solar panel system. We average 282 sunny days a year, which is more than 25% higher than the national average! What can I expect it to cost? The cost can vary depending on the size of your home, the position of your roof, and the amount of electricity that you use daily. That said, call us, and we can schedule an appointment for one of our certified technicians to come and discuss your options and usage with you. Remember that solar is an investment in your home, so when you choose to sell, you can see an average increased value on your home of $10,000 or more from your solar panels! We will not upsell you! Are there rebates or incentives available? Yes! Currently, there is a Federal Tax Rebate that can be as high as 30%. There may also be other incentives, so when you schedule your appointment, we can go over those with you if they are available. We offer the best solar installation in El Monte! Additionally, SCE participates in a net metering program. The government requires power companies to use a percentage of clean energy to supply its customers with power. This can mean savings for you! On days when your panels provide more power than you can use, SCE will apply credits to your account to have access to your excess. When those few rainy or cloudy days affect your panels, you can use those credits or surplus energy to supply power to your home. If you have unused credits at the end of the year, you will receive payment for them from SCE! If you have questions about these programs, give our solar company in El Monte a call so we can help. Our local representatives can help you! The best solar contractor in El Monte We only use the best available American Made solar panels,  you can be assured that the quality is impeccable and the warranty will back up your investment! Our panels come from quality companies like Silifab and Q-Cells. All of these companies offer up to a 25-year warranty. We also have the strictest standards for our installers. We support our military veterans by hiring them because we know they have a fantastic work ethic. We expect them to keep a clean work environment, and to be courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable. We want our customers to be happy and confident in their decision to install solar with us!

If it is time to replace the roof on your Livermore home, technology has produced roofing materials that drastically increase the energy efficiency of your home. So, even though it is an added expense, the lower electric bills will offset the cost. Semper Solaris is the go-to roofing company in Livermore for the repair and replacement of your roof. We can help with financing and discounts that are available to defray the upfront costs. The Roof Over Your Head The most important part of your home is your roof. It protects your home from the elements, increases the value of your property, and a roof looks excellent if it is done right, adding to the curb appeal. With the technological advances in building materials, many options are designed to be customized to your location and style of your home.  Replacing the roof on your home not only increases your property value, but it significantly decreases the cost of your electricity. At Semper Solaris, we have built our reputation on being the expert in roof construction and roof replacement in Livermore.  Your Best Home Roof in Livermore Because of technological advances, roofs are built to higher standards and are more durable than roofs in the past. According to Energy.gov, “A cool roof is one that has been designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than a standard roof. It comes with reflective material and proper sealing and ventilation for even more energy efficiency, giving your home protection from the elements over the long term. Various types of roofs can be made into cool roofs. The most common roofing tiles are Shingle roofs Tile roofs Metal roofs Wood shingles. Semper Solaris is the best roofing company in Livermore for your roof replacement. As top-notch roofers, it is essential to know about the various options on the market today. We are up to speed on the latest technology and top-quality roof replacement products from Owens Corning and GAF. Your Roof and Solar in Livermore Installing solar panels along with your roof is a smart investment for your home, maximizing the value. A solar power installation will save you thousands of dollars throughout the life of your solar system. It is well worth the added cost in the long run. Using Semper Solaris, professional roofers and solar installers is the safe bet, with both your roof and solar panels being covered by the same reliable company for warranties and service. We are experts in the design, construction, and repair of roofs as well as solar panel installation. We provide top-notch service with knowledgeable, experienced technicians and engineers. Our experience is second to none when it comes to the repair and construction of roofs. Our passion for solar power and our reputation for excellence makes us the best roofing contractors in Livermore as well as experts in the installation of Solar panels. We offer excellent warranties and considerable discounts for the installation of both. And we can help you with financing options. Call Semper Solaris today for your best roof. You won’t be disappointed. 

If you plan to install a solar system in your Descanso home, you are already aware of the money you will save on utility bills. Did you know that you can improve the performance of your solar panels and enhance their usefulness beyond saving money or reducing your carbon footprint? There are simple steps you can take for solar can be a way to improve your day to day life. Solar power is generated by way of sunlight being collected by Solar Panels made up of photovoltaic cells. The sunlight is transformed into energy and circulated to your home’s electrical system. The more the sun shines on your panels, the more electricity they generate. The benefits of solar power installation in Descanso both economically and environmentally are clear. Save money on your utility costs Hedge against rising energy costs Increase in the value of your home Achieve Energy Independence Lower Carbon Footprint Solar in Descanso California is ahead of the curve when it comes to solar power. Homeowners in Descanso are joining the move towards the elimination of carbon-based fuel. It is a great time to join the solar revolution that is taking place across the country.  Semper Solaris is the go-to solar contractor for the best solar installation in Descanso. We are experts with years of experience serving this city and the surrounding areas. We can make the installation of solar easy for you and help you with financing, including incentives and rebates, to make solar an affordable option. Investment in Solar Power in Descanso Investing in solar now will prepare your home for the future of technology and smart home innovation, and all without harming the earth or creating more greenhouse gases. And with the price of solar dropping drastically, solar power is an attractive investment for you and the future of sustainability.  But the benefits of solar go beyond the financial savings and environmental issues to your everyday life. Solar is a growing field, and there are ways to make it more productive as well as enhance its usefulness. Get More from Your Solar Panels Use smart apps to monitor your solar panels' energy output, and your usage to determine the most productive hours. Use the most energy-hungry appliances during your solar panel’s most productive time. Use Energy Star appliances - nearly 40 percent less energy. Keep your panels clean – Wash, clear debris, such as leaves or branches or dirt to avoid a reduction in energy yield.  Keep trees and foliage trimmed, so they aren’t blocking or shading your panels from the sun. Expand the Usefulness of Solar You can enhance the value of your solar installation in creative ways from using backup systems to heating your pool. Add extra panels, or overbuild, to enhance the potential of your system now and in the future. Store power with a Semper Solaris Battery Backup system for your home to make up for when your panels are not generating enough energy. The combination of solar panels with a backup battery like Tesla Powerwall can meet nearly 90 percent of your energy needs. Heat your water with a Solar Water Heater  The extra panels could pay for themselves just by reducing the cost of hot water.   And heat your pool with a Solar Pool Heater   Heating a pool is expensive. A solar pool heater and filtering system will let you enjoy your pool and spa year-round. Semper Solaris is the solar company in Descanso that will help you maximize the value of your solar system. If you have not installed solar in your home, prices are lower than they ever have been with rebates and tax incentives.  We are on the frontier of innovative solar technology and its uses. You can do more than save money or reduce your carbon footprint, you can use your solar power in ways that improve your life. We are the best solar contractor in Descanso for your Solar power installation.   Call us today, and let’s get started on your solar adventure. 

If you are considering going Solar in Costa Mesa, it is an excellent time to join the solar revolution and help SAVE THE PLANET. In Costa Mesa, there is so much to do and places to see. Conservation is part of the community of this coastal city, aiming to provide sustainable ecosystems and green spaces for residents and visitors. From cutting greenhouse gases, lowering our carbon footprint, and providing renewable energy, clean air and water are central to providing the best environment for all to enjoy. The city of the future will rely on solar power as the primary source of energy worldwide. It is a good thing because they need electricity for running smart homes. Apps and appliances and even EV charging stations will be the new normal as advances in technology stimulate innovation and invention. At Semper Solaris, we get it. We understand the effect of fossil fuels and are at the forefront of promoting renewable energy. We know that electricity is a need that can’t be filled in the same old way. Solar power is the leading alternative to fossil fuels, and we are protecting the environment through solar panel installation in Costa Mesa. This will provide more power for powering more things without a negative environmental impact. Semper Solaris is on the frontlines of renewable energy and the solar revolution. We use the very best equipment available and made in America products. Our technicians are experienced and can provide you with the best solar installation in Costa Mesa. With years of expertise in solar system design and aesthetics, we are the solar company in Costa Mesa for the job. We have the most knowledgeable and can help you choose the best system for your needs. Solar Power is an attractive investment to make, and millions are moving to solar-powered homes. Costa Mesa residents are joining the movement towards a green city and energy independence. The future is very bright for installing solar power for your home. And Semper Solaris is the solar contractor in Costa Mesa who can get the job done.

While panning the night sky in Borrego Springs, no errant lighting casts a mist over this extraordinary canvas of stars glowing against a pitch-black sky. Stargazing is the thing to do with these very starry skies at night. In fact, Borrego Springs is a place to enjoy nature both day and night. Solar Panel Installation in Borrego Springs yields quiet enjoyment. And at night, the sleepy solar cells retire, until tomorrow when they will begin another day of harnessing the power of the sun. Solar power has no moving parts, does not create any waste or pollution of the air or water. It makes no noise and is the perfect form of electricity for preserving natural surroundings. Light Pollution According to an article in World Atlas, "Light pollution is the existence of artificial light sources in what would otherwise be a naturally dark setting." There are five types of light pollution.  Glare - light bouncing off reflective surfaces Light trespass - light shining into personal space from some outside source Skyglow - aerial view of all the light produced in a city and its surrounding area Light clutter - disorganized light like along roadways Over-illumination – overuse of lights for brightness and the amount of time left on. Light pollution can affect the natural ecosystem just as other types of pollution affect the environment by interrupting the nocturnal creatures who need darkness for their activities, some even for hunting and breeding. In fact, baby turtles, newly born on the beaches, use the light from the moon to scurry into the ocean for the very first time. Light pollution obscures the ability for the little creatures to find their way—and some of them don't make it to their new home at all.  Dark Sky Community Borrego springs sit very close to downtown San Diego with the bright lights illuminating the city sky and beach communities. But the village of Borrego Springs is a designated "international dark sky" community. No stoplights and minimal nighttime lighting preserve the natural, dark sky ambiance. Light pollution in this beautiful natural environment does not exist. Surrounded by a state park, pristine is the best description for this town. Here in Borrego Springs, the environment matters.  Semper Solaris offers the best solar installation in Borrego springs. Reduce your carbon footprint, enjoy the quiet, the clean air, the beautiful starry nights along with stargazers and animals alike. Solar Power for your Borrego Springs Home The benefits of solar power for protecting the environment are well known. Cutting our carbon footprint is the key to cleaner air and a safer, unpolluted environment. The Borrego Springs Community understands the importance of preserving the desert ecosystem balance. And with the added component of reducing light pollution at night, this city is a unique example of the best practices in balancing the interests of the population with nature. Semper Solaris is the best Solar Company in Borrego Springs. We have years of experience in the installation of solar power in the diverse communities of San Diego County. Borrego Springs is on the forefront of protecting the environment and preserving the dark skies for the night time habitat and stargazers alike. We can help you with the best options for your unique situation.  The addition of a solar backup system is a good idea for your home and community, giving you options for off-grid operations. Borrego Springs as a municipality operates on a microgrid system. Homeowners are following suit so that there is less reliance on traditional utility companies and more independence from the grid. Borrego Springs as a designated Dark-sky community means that Borrego Springs is forward-thinking and aware of preserving their surroundings for future generations.  Semper Solaris is the solar contractor in Borrego Springs that will help get your solar system up and running in no time. We can help you with the discounts and financing available to you, which will offset the cost of installation. And you will save big by going solar not only for the environment but your pocketbook. Call us today and let us help you go solar.

California solar revolution has made solar power more accessible for more and more homeowners. With tax incentives and rebates along with California’s laws requiring solar on new construction, the cost of solar installations is dropping across the state. Homeowners are taking advantage of low prices, rebates, and incentives and reducing their carbon footprint. SOLAR POWER BENEFITS Solar power causes no pollution of the air or water Solar can help low-income residents with lower-cost power Solar Power can help the local economy Solar power is dependable in emergencies THE COST OF SOLAR Although prices for solar are lower than ever before, the cost is still high for lower-income homeowners. Low-income families, fixed-income seniors, and the poor have had a more difficult time participating in the solar revolution due to the cost of purchasing a system. Either they own their home but can’t afford to buy. Or their roof needs replacing before they do. Or they don’t own their home at all. Semper Solaris believes that Solar power in Arvin should be a priority and that access to solar power for all is a worthy goal. Semper Solaris is the best solar contractor for Solar Panel Installation in Arvin.  SOLAR FOR LOW-INCOME FAMILIES Solar power is the most cost-effective energy source and can help low-income families with their monthly bills. Low-Income families and those living in poverty spend more of their income on their utilities than the average household. Semper Solaris provides the best solar installation in Arvin; we are a solar power company that cares about solving the problem of poverty through the use of solar power.  We believe it is essential that everyone can reap the benefits of solar energy.  Purchasing Through non-profits, lower-income homeowners can get help with installing solar.  The California Solar Initiative and the New Solar Homes Partnership  “can help affordable housing customers Go Solar through partial or full funding for solar energy and solar thermal systems”. Leasing and Power Purchase Agreements Semper Solaris is the Best Solar Company in Arvin for your solar needs. Homeowners can get rooftop solar installed at no upfront cost and enjoy the benefit of lower bills through the use of a Power Purchase Agreement.  You can have solar installed and pay for your energy usage through the provider at a lower rate than you pay to your utility company. HOW LANDLORDS CAN HELP If you are a landlord in Arvin, Energy Sage has ideas on how you can benefit from installing solar on your rental home, you can help defray the high cost of utilities for your struggling tenants and cash in on incentives and rebates while increasing the value of your property.  If services are included with the rental, you will save even more for your operating costs.  There are several ways to finance your solar power.  For a return on your investment, you can purchase your system for your rental units using the rebates and incentives to lower the installation costs. Or you can go with a solar lease with no upfront costs and your tenants can enjoy the reduced electricity costs right away. Solar for Renters Whether you own your home or rent, access to solar for all is becoming more prevalent.  So solar power for renters will soon be a reality.  Semper Solaris is at the forefront of promoting renewable energy. Call us today and we will help you go Solar.

Temecula is a beautiful place to live, work, and play. With sprawling vineyards, beautiful green golf courses, and hot air balloons flying high into the bright sky, and the summer fun begins. Tourists flock to the many attractions and events that are happening in this town. And it is a great time for solar power in Temecula. Aptly called “The Place of the Sun” by Temecula Indians long ago, the sunshine is plentiful. In the summer, it gets sweltering hot, and your air conditioner is essential for beating the heat and staying comfortable. And while temperatures soar, so does your electric bill unless you have solar power. The addition of solar power will save you a bundle in power costs. You can cool your home to your heart’s content, knowing it won’t come back to haunt you. Semper Solaris is the top solar contractor in Temecula with years of experience in harnessing the power of the sun for residents and businesses alike. REAP THE BENEFITS OF SOLAR The benefits of solar power are well known at home and abroad. And here in Temecula, California, lower electricity costs make solar an attractive investment. But there are other benefits to the installation of solar in Temecula. You can save big and get a return on your investment in solar.  Reduce or eliminate your power bill with solar Offset installation costs with solar incentives and rebates Benefit from tax deductions for depreciation for your solar Increase the value of your home with solar Help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint with solar Help your local economy with solar There has never been a better time to switch to solar power, the advantages outweigh the costs, and actually, it is fun to have solar power for your home. Join your neighbors and become another satisfied customer. With Semper Solaris at the helm, you will be glad you did.  FINANCING YOUR SOLAR You can finance your solar by leasing or purchasing. Purchasing is a better financial investment. But if that is not an option, you may finance your solar power through leasing. A solar lease or PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) gives you the same advantages without the initial upfront cost. It is a great way to go if you cannot afford to purchase. Semper Solaris offers solar financing options along with the very best solar installation in Temecula. We will evaluate your situation so you can decide whether leasing or purchase will benefit you the most.  BE CREATIVE AND ENJOY YOUR SOLAR With so many uses for solar power and the innovative appliances and devices that run on electricity, you can expand your solar potential by adding extra panels on carports, patios, ground mounts or solar trees. Use a solar water heater to heat the water in your home and reduce the cost of hot water. Use solar power to heat your pool and spa all year-round Install an EV charging station for your electric powered car. Be ready for the future of smart homes as technology marches on. Semper Solaris is on the cutting edge and the best solar company in Temecula. Our technicians are knowledgeable and experienced with a reputation built on trust. We have many options to outfit your home with top of the line solar panels and equipment. SURPLUS SOLAR POWER Store lots of extra power in a solar backup battery like Tesla Powerwall. You can use power from your battery during the hours of high demand when the rates from your power company are higher. You will be prepared for emergencies when the grid goes down and keep your power going seamlessly. Semper Solaris will install the highest quality back up batteries right along with your new solar panels in Temecula. TAKE CARE OF YOUR SOLAR INVESTMENT  Safeguard your investment in solar from damage, loss of efficiency, or theft Schedule regular maintenance Schedule a regular cleaning or hose off panels with a garden hose Keep trees and foliage pruned, so they don’t shade or damage the panels Fence your property, use locks and get an alarm system Include your solar system in your home insurance. Use Pest Guards to protect your panels from animals. Semper Solaris is the most trusted solar company in Temecula. Our installation, maintenance, and services are top-notch. We offer a diagnostic, tune-up, and support services for your solar system and are available 24/7. We can diagnose and fix any problems you may have with your solar system from the panels to the electrical to the roof. MONITOR YOUR SOLAR  You can monitor your solar panels with state of the art web monitoring services built into each system we install. The system comes with software to keep track of the amount of power your system produces and your energy consumption. Our monitoring specialist will help you optimize energy usage and detect problems with your system to keep it working optimally. The software is cloud-based, and you can follow your system statistics through wi-fi on your computer, mobile apps, and smart home devices. YOUR ROOF AND SOLAR Most importantly, the primary consideration for your home, whether installing solar or not, is the roof. Roofs today are built to higher standards and are more durable due to technological advances in building materials. A cool roof with reflective material and proper sealing and ventilation will provide even more energy efficiency, giving your home protection from the elements over the long term.  Installing a new roof and installing solar panels at the same time is an excellent investment. Semper Solaris offers discounts when you start fresh with a new roof and solar panels. Our experience is second to none when it comes to the repair and construction of roofs. Our passion for solar power and our reputation for excellence makes us the number one solar roofing company in Temecula. Call us today for an evaluation of your home and let’s power up that roof!