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Energy from the sun is channeled with the help of developing technologies like photovoltaics, solar heating, solar and thermal energy, solar architecture, artificial photosynthesis and power plants with molten salts. These technologies are used for space heating, water heating, space cooling, and others. Solar power energy can be quite expensive, but its advantages cannot be ignored also. Its developmental forces are in politics. Usage of solar power is also becoming more popular each day. Nowadays the solar panels are much cheaper than electricity. This article will inform the readers about the advantages of solar power in Julian and whether it makes any financial sense.  Advantages of solar power energy Few advantages of the solar power energy are given below. Renewable source of energy The solar power is a renewable source of energy. It never runs out like the energy sources which are non-renewable energy like coal fossil fuels, and nuclear. In the sunny days, these are most effective. Even on the cloudy days and night, one run the applications and devices on battery saved from the energy of the sun.  The abundance of solar power With each passing day, scientists are becoming aware of the true potential of solar energy. Earth’s surface receives about 120,000 terawatts of the solar radiation. This is about twenty thousand times more than what is required to supply the entire population on earth. Solar power can be very crucial in third world countries where coal, fuels are way too expensive and unattainable.  Sustainable quality This energy is very much sustainable. All of the sustainable power sources not only fulfill the requirements of the present but also have the ability to fulfill the needs of the future generable. There is no way the human population can consume to much solar energy as it is never-ending.  The solar power is environment-friendly Solar power is extremely environment-friendly as it does not cause any kind of pollution. There occur no kinds of emissions of dust or smoke which are associated with transportation, installation, and manufacturing of solar power devices. As opposed to the conventional sources of energy, solar power is very much climate conscious. The discovery of solar energy helped a great deal in the fight against pollution and climate crisis. Solar energy reduces the costs of electricity  Not only is the energy environment-friendly, but it is also pocket-friendly as well. Many homeowners are becoming conscious of the costs of solar energy and how it is so much pocket-friendly. Anyone can reduce the electricity bill now with the help of a solar panel. The solar financial support by the government or the state The installation cost of solar panels can be quite high. To help, the government in order to fulfill their environmental schemes helps in the costs. The government, as well as state rebates, are now available for homeowners and on an utility-scale. This results in the reduction of the cost of solar panels by 50%. Most homes in San Diego are eligible for these grants. There are many solar financing options in Julian, available now which are extremely beneficial. Low cost of maintenance Most of the solar power panels and other solar power devices require almost no maintenance. Cleaning the devices once or twice a year is more than enough. The solar panel companies and manufacturers offer warranties of twenty to twenty-five years. Also one can easily clean the devices at home on their own, without the help of any professionals. Weather reports register San Diego, California, as having 280 sunny days in a year. So it is important to know if the solar panels make any financial sense. Customers should understand how easily they can recoup the price of installation.  Residential solar installations and solar financing options Julian In order to find out the investment return, one needs to calculate the costs of installation and revenue that the system may earn. The financial inducements available for the residential solar energy power systems are very crucial. The most significant is the 26 percent solar tax credit.  The installation and the profit for solar energy Julian  Financing can add up to ten percent of the total cost. It can also increase the installation cost but investment return according to the contributing capital amount. Any reader can run his or her own numbers for the house according to the usage with the help of the solar energy power estimation tool. The solar panels have warranties that last up to twenty to twenty-five years. Thus if the payback time is about eight years, that is profitable.  U.S. Administration of energy information showed that California households pay about 18.77 cents per kilowatt hour, on an average. San Diego Electric and gas bills have very high rates. Using solar power energy can be very pocket-friendly. The cost of a solar panel installation Solar-Estimate by the government calculated that the installation of the solar panel is less in San Diego. Though the panels can be quite expensive, with regular use over a time period it can turn out to be very user-friendly.  The state helps the nation in giving the incentives and rebates which are based on the solar installation. There are benefits of installing a solar panel at home as well. The solar finance or installation companies help to navigate different incentives, according to the power provider. The crucial details about the home solar economics One can use the solar information resource to find out the exact location of the house and calculate the expenses. It is an online accumulation of the utility solar energy costs in the major cities across the United States of America, including San Diego. There are local guides for the installation companies as well. Solar power energy is the future. It can be expensive at first, but it saves much more electricity. It is user-friendly, pocket-friendly and environment-friendly. Every major city in the world is now opting for solar energy. The article aims to create a better understanding of the financial aspects of the solar panels and help the readers make an informed decision before buying one.  

What is Net Metering? Net metering that is also referred to as net energy metering (NEM) is a solar incentive that makes it possible to store energy from your solar panels in the state's electric grid. During the day, a lot of the electricity produced by your solar panels will be more than you need. As a participant in the net metering scheme, you can send the extra electricity into the grid and get credits in return. During the night, your panels will be producing little to zero electricity. The situation will be reversed and you will be getting most of your electricity from the utility company and using your credits to pay for it. If you have the best solar company in Irvine to install an appropriate size of solar system, you could get all the energy needs you need for a year met. However, due to varying levels of electricity generation through the year, net metering can come in handy to offset any imbalances. Through net metering, you get your credits for excess electricity and use them later when your solar panels are generating less than you need.    There are many ways to get compensation for going solar, though net metering remains one of the most popular. As it currently stands, 41 states alongside Washington D.C. have mandated net metering regulations and two more utilities allow it.   Overall, the summer is when you will produce excess electricity while you will depend more on the grid during the winter. With net metering in place, you can get either a lower bill or none at all during the winter months, as you will build up enough credits through excess generation during the summer months. With a well-designed system, you should get enough electricity to match or surpass your electricity needs for the year.  How Net Metering Works Solar Panels in Irvine will typically be producing the most electricity during the afternoons of summer when you are more likely to be out of the house. Most people spend the most electricity during the evenings and in the morning. Net metering helps to reconcile the surpluses and deficits in usage and production in daily use. When you are on net metering, the excess generation from your solar system will be redirected to the utility's grid. When this happens the meter will run in reverse granting you credits. When your panels are not producing enough such as during winter or at night, your meter will run normally so that you can now draw on the credits earned during the summer and during the day. This balances out your production such that you never have inefficiencies where you are wasting excess energy or do not have enough energy at any given time.     When you generate more electricity than you can use in a month, you will get a monthly bill that has a credit indicating how many kilowatt-hours you sent to the grid. If your system produces less than you need in a month, you will have to buy power from the utility company to make up the difference. Nonetheless, you would only pay for the electricity you got from the utility company, less what your solar system generated. How Net Metering Benefits Irvine Residents California has one of the best net energy metering policies of all the United States. As such, if you are a resident of Irvine you stand to gain a lot from going solar as the state provides a lot of incentives.    California's Net Energy Metering Policy  If you are a business or homeowner in Irvine that has registered for California's net metering you get to enjoy bill credits as long as your solar system is less than 1,000 kilowatts. With net metering, you can save tens of thousands of dollars on electricity costs for the lifetime of your solar system.    Under the original Net Energy Metering (NEM) in California, it was very simple to calculate how much you would get in bill credits. You would typically get a bill credit of a kWh from the utility for every kilowatt-hour you fed into the grid when you had excess generation. As such, If you got the best solar contractor in Irvine to design your system, it should have enough capacity to cover your energy needs for the entire year using bill credits. The revised NEM changes a few aspects to the original net metering policy. However, you will still have access to retail bill credits. If you register your business or home in the program you will still get the credits measured in per- kWh for every kWh you feed into the grid.     Another benefit of going solar for residential power users in Irvine is that you are exempted from standby fees, demand charges, installed capacity fees, and grid access charges.      Time-of-use (TOU) Rates Time of Use rates tends to cause a huge spike in the cost of electricity as demand goes up during certain times. During the early morning, late afternoon and early evening most people are at home and hence demand for power reaches its peak between 7 to 8 pm. Utility companies tend to charge more if you are using the grid during these times. However, you can avoid these high charges by claiming the credits you accumulated during the day when the system was producing excess energy.  If you live in Irvine, you will typically be switched to TOU rates once you install a solar system. Overall you will get higher TOU rates during the summer and in the afternoon which then go down during the weekend, at night and during the winter. Solar panels typically perform the best when you locate them on the west side of the roof, where they can get maximum exposure from the sun. This will ensure that they produce as much power as possible during the day, which you can then claim during peak hours. Interconnection fee  If you live in Irvine, you will have to apply and wait for a representative from the city to visit and inspect your solar system and sign off before you can be accepted into the NEM program. You will pay a small fee of 145 dollars for PG&E installation and $132 for SDG&E installation. Once you have paid the interconnection fee and have had the system connected to the grid, you can start enjoying the bill credits from your utility company.

For the past few years, California has undergone several devastating wildfires. The exact causes of many of these fires are unknown, but some have blamed powerlines. Last year’s Camp Fire – the deadliest fire in California history – burned 125,000 acres, killed at least 42 people, and was reported to be caused by a snapped transmission line. This summer, as you may have heard, California power companies are planning to plunge your Canyon Country home into darkness with rolling blackouts. On particularly windy days during this summer wildfire season, these companies will shut off all power in certain cities and grid areas until the threat of fire dies down. This precaution is hoped to decrease the number of fires this summer, but it comes at a cost. Some fear up to 5 days of blackout. This puts whole towns in complete darkness including streetlamps, gas pumps, and many facilities. Maybe you already prepared for these blackouts with flashlights, backup generators, and canned goods. Or maybe you’re not quite prepared. You’re in luck either way, because there is a much more efficient and environmentally healthy way to reap the same benefits while at the same time enjoying electricity: the energy of the sun harnessed by solar panels. Solar Contractor in Canyon Country Semper Solaris is your local solar contractor in Canyon Country. We have everything you need for solar success. We understand what you want and need for your Canyon Country home and we can help you see that dream become reality. How do you get started? The moment you contact Semper Solaris in Canyon Country, we will pair you with your own personal solar contractor and representative who will be a reliable source of contact throughout the process. Your contractor will work for you and with you through financing, installation, and everything in between. Money is an important element in life, and our representatives know exactly what solar panels will work with your budget. Semper Solaris also provides different solar financing options for Canyon Country. If you have concerns or questions about the cost of going solar, contact your local Canyon Country solar company – Semper Solaris – and we will connect you with a representative today! Solar Storage in Canyon Country  Because of the constant threat of wildfires, it’s important to be prepared for a blackout. With Tesla Powerwall solar battery, you can do just that. What is Tesla Powerwall solar battery? Before the technology for solar batteries, solar power was a “use it or lose it” game. If your solar panels were producing excess energy, it would just go to waste. However, solar batteries allow you to take surplus energy and store it for later use. This means you don’t have to use the grid’s energy even during the night when the sun’s rays are no longer being converted into electricity by your solar panels. Tesla Powerwall is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and is made for residential solar storage for self-consumption, balancing the supply of solar energy, backup power, or off-grid use. Lithium batteries offer the longest life-span for solar batteries and are often the best choice of solar batteries. The excess energy that Tesla Powerwall can’t hold will be sold back to the grid, meaning you not only save money with your solar panels, but you stand to make a profit as well. Roofing for Canyon Country Solar panels can add a layer of protection on your roof and increase the value of your house, but underneath those solar panels is one of the most expensive parts of your house: the actual roof. We haven’t forgotten about this crucial part. From the deck to the insulation to the shingles, Semper Solaris’ roofing has done it all. We offer the best roofing warranty on both the labor and parts for 50 years! That’s how sure we are that your new roof will be durable and resilient through any weather, including the hot California summers. Our roofing team could install for you the last roof you ever have to install. Our Semper Solaris contractors will walk you through each step of the process so you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you want and nothing you don’t need. We want you to understand exactly what is being done to give you the best roof, so you can have peace of mind throughout the process and for years to come. Our passion is to see each of our customers completely satisfied. We seek to tailor each experience to you, our customer. It’s all these things that make Semper Solaris the best solar roofing in Canyon Country, CA. Satisfaction Guaranteed for Canyon Country Semper Solaris is owned and operated by veterans who understand and seek to conduct all our business with honor. We take our service seriously, and it’s our joy to be able to guarantee you our award-winning service.  We’re proud of the reputation we have already built-in Canyon Country and are excited to build a relationship with you. Other companies even seek to emulate our award-winning service because of our customer reviews and endorsements. We make solar easy to understand. You can know from start to finish each of our projects will be done with diligence and attention we cultivated during our time in the military. Join us in lowering the fire risk for Canyon Country and the rest of California by going solar with Semper Solaris. We are a Tesla Powerwall certified installer and the best solar company in Canyon Country!

What are the pros of using renewable energy? Renewable energy is energy obtained from sources such as solar power, wind, and others which are not depleted when utilized. Most renewable energy is accessible either indirectly or directly from the sun. Solar energy, or sunlight, which is one of the examples of renewable energy, is used directly for lighting and heating buildings including homes, for generating electricity, and for a comprehensive range of other commercial and residential uses. The Importance of Renewable Energy Less Global Warming Most of our day-to-day activities are overloading our air space with global warming emissions such as carbon IV oxide and other harmful gases. These gases are responsible for trapping heat by acting like a blanket in our atmosphere. The outcome the emitted gases produces are a plethora of harmful impacts including, frequent storms and drought, extinction, and sea-level rise among others. Renewable energy technologies, which replace conventional energy technologies that emit harmful gases, are clean and safe sources of energy with lower environmental impact. Inexhaustible Energy Some types of renewable energy including solar power and others can offer users an immeasurable and constantly replenished source of power. Based on facts, renewable energy can offer an enormous percentage of future electricity worldwide. Employment Opportunities and the Economy   Renewable energy speculations are spent on workmanship and materials for building as well as maintaining the facilities, instead of on expensive energy imports. Most renewable energy speculations are spent within the country, regularly in the same town and therefore are vital for fueling local economies and creating jobs, instead of being transported overseas. Benefits of Using Solar Energy in Huntington Beach Though there are several types of renewable energy, using the power obtained by harnessing the energy from the sun can expose you to a wide variety of benefits. As a homeowner in Huntington Beach, installing solar panels will help you to generate own electricity energy and use less electric power of your utility provider. This will help reduce your energy bill to a great extent. Using solar energy in your home is also a great way to maintain your surrounding area from harmful greenhouse gases. However, for you to use solar energy and encounter the various pros this type of renewable energy offers, you should first install solar panels in a strategic location in your home. This will require you to look for a reputable company that offers solar panel installation and maintenance services. At Semper Solaris, we are the foremost solar panel installation contractor in Huntington Beach and one of the best solar providers in Huntington Beach. We are committed to giving our esteemed clients incredible solar services that are affordable. Whether you want to install brand new solar panels in your home or you want to replace the existing ones, here at Semper Solaris we have the expertise and technology to help you in the most efficient and reliable way. The Leading Solar Energy Huntington Beach Service Provider Semper Solaris is a full-service solar provider, installing solar panels for homeowners across Huntington Beach, California. Our mission is to offer complete commercial and residential solar power solutions which work in an incredible way to surpass your expectations. At Semper Solaris, we are ready to tailor your solar panel costs in Huntington Beach to what performs best for you. Don't wait for your electric prices to skyrocket. Hire us today and take advantage of savings you can get by placing solar components in your Huntington Beach home Residential Solar in Huntington Beach Our incredibly dedicated team of technicians is here to help you with all your residential solar energy needs. If you are a Huntington Beach homeowner, you may wonder if solar energy is right for you. Being a California homeowner, you reside in the best environments for solar. The long sunshine conditions and summers often encountered in Huntington Beach make the area an ideal location for home solar. If you want to convert your residential property to solar, we can help you. We specialize in selling modern and unique solar panels that are customized to meet the design and style of any home. Call us today to get the perfect solar panel solutions from the leading solar provider in Huntington Beach. Battery Storage for Your Huntington Beach Solar System Battery storage works alongside your solar panel system to store any extra energy your system created from throughout the day. This extra energy can be used during the evening, when not as much energy is created. The surplus can also be sold back to the electric company for money back into your pocket. Semper Solaris is proud to offer Tesla Powerwall and Enphase Encharge Battery to its customers and encourages looking into this source of energy storage as we enter the summer. This summer is the beginning of rolling blackouts. Rolling blackouts are used to prevent wildfires when the weather is at a particular temperature and humidity, leaving homeowners in specific grids without power for a certain period of time. Exceptional Customer Care Here at Semper Solaris, our mission is to provide quality solar services by ensuring your system works at its best. We strive to give our customers the best solar services that are of the highest quality, but affordable. The expertise skills possessed by our team combined with our premium solar tools are enough to provide you with superior quality and durable solar solutions in the most effective and reliable way. Schedule Your Appointment and Get Started with Solar Here at Semper Solaris, we provide 24/7 solar services and we are ready to offer the most innovative inexpensive solar power solution to your home in Huntington Beach. We offer a logical, expert solar service all the time to get our clients happy and satisfied. Call us now and learn how you can benefit from the various solar services we specialize in.

In Glendale, California, we live with the inevitability of earthquakes and ongoing seismic activity. The many fault lines that run through Glendale and the Greater Los Angeles area have been the cause of some of the most noteworthy earthquakes in recent California history. In 1971, the San Fernando quake took place along the Sierra Madre Fault with ruptures nearly 12 miles long. Although the San Fernando Valley was the hardest hit, buildings in the city of Glendale incurred extensive damage. The other fault lines crossing through Glendale are the Hollywood, Verdugo, and Raymond fault in the central southwest areas. And very close by is the Big Bend of the San Andreas fault. Earthquakes like the one in 1974 can cause things such as power outages for long periods of time. When these powerlines can go out for an unexplained amount of time, residents are left in the dark and using “old fashioned” ways of using light like candles and flashlights. These items are nice for a short period of time, but when you can’t find the matches or the batteries run out of juice, another alternative energy can come into play if your home is equipped. Solar energy, smart solar batteries, and a new roof are the best defenses against earthquake aftermath planning. Solar panels paired with a smart solar battery like Tesla Powerwall can ensure you are powered through rain or shine or earthquakes and a secure roof can hold everything in place and lowers the risk of debris falling in the midst of an earthquake or after the fact. SOLAR INSTALLATION IN GLENDALE Solar is a growing trend, and solar power in Glendale and other Los Angeles cities are leading the way with rooftop solar installations. As California moves towards phasing out carbon-based fuels with the mandate for new construction to include solar installations, how does solar stack up when it comes to damage from an earthquake? How can you use Solar power to prepare for the big one? THE DURABILITY OF SOLAR PANELS Solar panels are very durable except in the case of a direct hit. They are constructed using tempered glass and can take a lot of punishment. Although there are not many statistics concerning solar panel damage from earthquakes, the risk of damage to solar panels from an earthquake is low. They are designed and tested for strength in withstanding harsh weather and powerful winds, snow, and hail. California has been ahead of the curve when it comes to building and safety codes for earthquakes since the 80s. The Structural Engineers Association of California (SEAOC) has done studies and testing specifically for Solar panels on roofs. They have published standards for seismic activity that are now being adopted and put into effect by manufacturers and installers in California. ROOFTOP SOLAR INSTALLATIONS IN GLENDALE The real vulnerability to solar panels is the condition of the roof. The weight of the solar system on the home’s roof as well as the mounting system for the panels are the chief concerns when installing solar power. Your roof must be inspected by a reliable roofing contractor for suitability for solar. Semper Solaris is the top contractor solar roofing in Glendale, California. We are experts in the repair, design, and construction of roofs. We use the most reliable and durable roof-mount brackets to secure the panels to your roof. Our service technicians and engineers are knowledgeable and experienced in both the installation of solar power and the repair and replacement of roofs. Not many solar companies can make that claim. SOLAR BACKUP BATTERY Solar power is the most reliable source of energy in the world and is used for emergency relief all over the world. Your electric power, even with solar installed, is connected to the grid. And during an earthquake, or other emergencies, it is probable that your energy supplier will be offline even for days following a big shaker. A backup solar battery is a solution for this contingency. Solar Power in Glendale is the most reliable and resilient energy source available. It will continuously generate power and will be a lifeline in the event of a catastrophic emergency when the grid goes down. You can operate your solar energy off of the backup solar battery and have little or no interruption to your electric power. Your communication lines will remain open, so you will have contact with emergency services, loved ones, and can monitor what is going on outside your home or area. We offer the very best, reliable backup battery systems. They will hold up during an emergency and will keep your power up and running. SEMPER SOLARIS: SOLAR CONTRACTOR IN GLENDALE Semper Solaris has experience with disasters and their aftermath. It is vital that you prepare for a large scale emergency that could hit at any time. Food and supplies are critical after a disaster. Here are FEMA’s recommendations for earthquake preparedness. Semper Solaris is the most experienced and reliable solar contractor in Glendale. We have many options for installing solar on your property, including ground-mounted systems if your roof is not a good fit. We will guide you through the process of choosing and installing the best solar power system for your needs. We also work with the best roofing material company and provide you with the highest quality material. We are Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor meaning they trust us to get the job done right, every time. They also provide one of the best limited warranties for roofing. Call us today and let us help you go Solar in Glendale, California.

Have you ever been without power in your home when you really needed it? Have you ever had to fumble around your house with a flashlight between your teeth, or to light every candle you own? Or have you ever been without power for so long that you hesitated to open the fridge, not wanting to let any precious cold air out? For those of you that have experienced a power outage, especially a long one, you know exactly how unpleasant it is. Yet, in 2019, power outages will be the price that many Californians will pay in order to help avoid disastrous wildfires. California electric companies have started taking more proactive measures in order to prevent wildfires, like the deadly Camp Fire that killed 85 people in 2018. According to Time, California’s wildfires have only gotten more frequent and more costly in the last few years. Through research and debates, electric companies have discovered that fallen power lines or other electric accidents can be major contributors to these terrible fires. With that in mind, they have decided to implement outages when fire danger is especially high. Californians should expect to see these power outages this summer. When winds are high and humidity is low, electric companies like PG&E are planning to shut off all power to at-risk areas until the danger is lower. PG&E will also specifically be implementing other fire-safety changes like clearing brush and conducting more regular inspections. So what does that mean for the average Californian? In short: more rolling blackouts. Whether you’re under PG&E, Southern California Edison, or Sempra Energy, you can expect your power to be shut off--sometimes for days at a time. This raises an important question: what can you do about it? Of course, there are all kinds of ways to prepare for a blackout. You could stock up on flashlights and candles, or have battery-powered lights easily accessible. You could also keep insulated bags on hand for your freezer food. Remember to keep extra ice packs for your other food in your fridge--and some for yourself, because no power in the hot California summer also means no air conditioning! Finally, whether you’re expecting a blackout or not, it’s always a good idea to keep extra containers of drinkable water on hand. Will My Solar Panels Work in a Blackout? Yes—Through Battery Storage! However, there’s another, much easier way of dealing with an energy shut-off: having your own power supply. When other Californians may be sitting around candlelight, still sweating in the summer nights, you have another option. Californians all over the state are installing solar panels for all kinds of reasons, including saving money on electric bills, “going green,” and increasing home value. One of the most beneficial reasons to install solar panels, however, is having your own power supply when the grid’s power is cut. Solar panel systems can now be installed with battery storage, which means long-lasting energy stored for extra energy or for emergencies such as a power outage. These batteries are connected to your solar energy system and store any extra energy that your system produces. Not only are they great for emergency power shut-offs, but they can also strategically sell back some of that extra energy to the grid during peak hours. This means that your system can save extra energy and money, no matter what your energy circumstances! Semper Solaris Offers the Tesla Powerwall There are several energy storage systems available, though two of the most popular are the Tesla Powerwall and Enphase Encharge Battery. Semper Solaris is proud to carry both. In fact, though over half of solar energy installers report that consumers are asking for Tesla’s Powerwall above any other system, only 12% of installers actually have the Powerwall available. The manufacturer of the Powerwall, Tesla, is constantly growing in consumers’ minds, likely due to exciting news coverage and technological developments. For example, in the fall of 2018, Elon Musk’s space car passed by Mars, meaning that it had traveled many more miles than any other car on the face of the Earth. It’s no wonder that Americans are asking for anything Tesla develops, and many solar installers are simply not equipped to fill the growing demand. Semper Solaris is a Tesla Powerwall certified installer and proud to partner with companies like Tesla in order to provide exactly what customers want and need, including battery storage. Though battery storage has always been an excellent addition to any solar power system, it will become essential during this summer’s rolling blackouts. No one should suffer from being unable to sleep in hot summer nights. No one should have to deal with perfectly good food going bad due to a turned-off fridge. And no one should have to sit around in the dark with their family and friends in their own home! In the end, these rolling blackouts are a cost that many are willing to accept if it means that lives can be saved. No one wants to see more horrible wildfires or any more homes burned to the ground. Many are praising California’s electric companies for doing whatever they can in order to help. However, this doesn’t mean that dealing with the blackouts will be easy! Though no one wants to endure a blackout, the response from consumers doesn’t need to be frustration and anger. Instead, consumers can respond by taking the necessary steps to make sure they’re prepared for what’s coming. By gathering their own energy from solar panels and storing it, people all over California can do their part to help prevent wildfires without sitting in the dark. Contact Semper Solaris today to install your solar energy system, including battery storage, before the summer fire season hits. While your neighbors may be enduring spoiled food and dark rooms, your family will be comfortable and enjoying your lights and air conditioning. In fact, after installing your new battery storage, consider inviting your neighbors over so they don’t have to suffer, either!

Solar Panels For the Right Reasons With the cost of solar installations getting lower and lower, homeowners are making the smart move of going solar. Take advantage of the low prices, rebates, and incentives, and help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. This move towards renewable energy is good for consumers, good for the economy, and good for the environment and the air you breathe. Solar Saves You Money Going solar will save you money, and you can reduce and even eliminate your electric bill. Your solar system connects to the grid and unused power from your solar system is fed back into the grid giving you credits while saving your generated electricity for the times your solar is not producing energy. Using solar power gives you a hedge against rising prices. And by producing your electricity and monitoring your usage, your energy bill will be more predictable and protect you from fluctuating energy prices. If you have a PPA, then your electric bill is the same from month to month all year long. Solar As an Investment Whether you choose to buy or lease your solar system, you will reap the benefits of lower electric bills and save money. By purchasing your system, the incentives and rebates will offset the upfront costs giving you a return on your investment. In a few years, when your system is paid off, you will reap the benefits even more with tax deductions for depreciation. And with the cost of electricity rising each year, a reduction in the cost of electricity can match or outperform traditional investment instruments. Solar Increases Property Value Investing in a solar system will increase the resell value of your home, and in most cases, the sale of the house will more than cover the total cost of installing the system. Adding a solar system is considered an upgrade like other home renovations. According to the Department of Energy, home buyers are willing to pay a premium and homes with solar tend to sell faster if they are energy efficient. Going Solar Helps the Economy Solar is among the fastest growing industries in both installation and manufacturing as more and more Americans are getting on board with Solar Power. Innovation spurs economic growth, and Solar is at the forefront of bringing new ideas and new jobs to the U.S. economy. Solar Advances Energy Independence Solar power helps promote energy independence which protects from price fluctuations and dependence on foreign fuel sources – because sunlight is free. Solar Helps the Environment And most of all, Solar power helps protect the air by reducing the need to burn fossil fuels, the leading cause of pollution. Solar produces no pollution and has a positive effect on reducing greenhouse gases. They say that the elimination of carbon emissions from a residential solar power system is like planting around 100 trees per year. So why not plant a few trees and have the satisfaction of knowing you are participating in the future of renewable energy while enjoying the financial benefits? Semper Solaris offers the best in Solar products and installation. We have various solar financing options available from buying to leasing and guarantee our work with a 25-year warranty. If you are contemplating installing a solar power system in your home or business, we have the experience, credentials, and expertise to make going solar an easy option. Call Semper Solaris for an appointment today and let us help you go solar. How does Solar Energy Work? The sun rises and shines down on your solar panels. Sunlight is made up of photons, tiny bursts of energy which emanate from the sun and hit the photovoltaic panels (solar panels). Photovoltaic is the process of chemical conversion of light to electrical power. And so, begins the progression of collecting the sunlight and converting it into electricity for your home.It produces clean energy, has no moving parts and needs no fossil fuels for power. Solar Panels Solar panels are comprised of a system of various parts that work together to collect and transform the sun’s energy into electricity. Many smaller units or photovoltaic cells are linked together with metal frames and wiring connecting throughout the panels. The panels have a mounting system and are arranged at the best angle facing the sun to convert the power generated into Direct Current (DC). The total cells per solar panel and the number of panels in a solar system is directly related to how much energy is created. Solar Cells Semiconductor material like silicon forms the small photovoltaic cells or modules. Although there are several types of semiconductor materials, silicon is the most common type used in making solar panels. These are busily at work allowing particles of light (photons) to pass through the material causing the electrons to break free to begin the process of creating an electrical current. Each cell needs to create an electrical field to generate a current. Each cell has both a positive and negative layer and works like a battery. The electrical field forces the electrical current out of the cell, or semiconductor, into the metal contacts and wiring that connects the cells and the panels. The current flows into the inverter where it converts the Direct Current (DC) into Alternating Current (AC) which is the current that runs throughout your home. Solar Inverters A solar inverter takes the DC from the solar panels and transforms it into AC. The inverter operates much like the Central Processing Unit, the brains, of a computer. It not only inverts DC to AC, but the inverter also provide grounding protection, monitors the system, voltage, and current on the circuits, monitors the production of energy and Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) which is the maximum available power. There are central inverters that optimize the entire solar system, and Micro-inverters which monitor each panel. Inverters are tied into your home and usually to the grid through a meter. The process of collecting and converting sunlight to electricity goes on throughout the day until nightfall, when the panels stop generating energy. The energy that was not used by the home during the day is funneled back into the grid, and that power is credited back to you. In the evening, the network begins to deliver the unused credits in the form of electrical power back to the home to run the lights and television and other devices used at night. Semper Solaris knows how solar works, we know how to find the best and most cost-effective options available with the highest quality products and installation. We have various options for panels, for inverters, and should you want to be energy independent, we provide solar backup systems to store your unused energy for later use—saving even more money on your utilities. Call us for an evaluation of your property and let us help you go solar. Choose the Right Solar Financing Options With the cost of solar going down, now is the time to cash in on low prices, incentives, and rebates which are available from the Federal and State and City governments. These incentives paired with a solar loan are an attractive investment for homeowners and homeowners are cashing in. The upfront costs of solar, should you choose to buy, will be eased by the tremendous savings, tax deductions, and added value to your home. And if you decide to lease there is no upfront cost, a PPA is the way to lower your utility costs and regulate your monthly electric bill —saving money from the get-go. You will benefit not only financially, but your community and the environment will reap the rewards. Solar Loans A solar loan is a good option for those wanting to purchase their system. Solar loans are comparable to other home improvement loans but focused on energy efficiency projects. hey are offered at banks or solar panel manufacturers. And, you can take advantage of the Tax Credits and available deductions as well as the incentives and rebates. Things to Consider: Savings on your monthly bill compared to loan payment Incentives and Rebates from Federal, State, and City Tax deductions for investment in Solar Subsidized loans Secured and unsecured loans Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Loans Finance your solar energy installation with a PACE program. A PACE loan is available to homeowners through an authorized PACE provider. PACE financing is attached to your property and paid through the annual property tax bill. The tax rate determines the interest rate, and if you sell your home before you pay off the loan, the balance transfers to the buyer. Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO Program) The HERO program is a residential Property Assessed Clean Energy PACE program offered by Renovate America, a home renovation lender. HERO financing is for home improvements and solar and energy efficiency residential projects. Fannie Mae Homestyle Energy Loan With a Fannie Mae Homestyle Energy loan, you can finance your solar installation. They offer affordable and flexible options to homeowners for energy efficiency and disaster preparedness improvements. What is the difference between a solar lease and a PPA? Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) PPAs offer all the benefits of using a solar panel system without having the upfront cost of purchasing it. The PPA provider installs solar panels on your property, and you pay them a below market rate for the electricity for a set term, usually 20 years. The provider owns, maintains the system, an in return, receives the rebates, incentives and Tax Credits for the installation. Things to Consider: Rent or own your home? The upfront cost of solar installation Financial burden from a solar loan Savings from the lower cost of electricity Reduced Carbon Footprint Whether you lease or buy your solar system, it is a smart idea to reduce your home’s energy expenses while reducing your carbon footprint. Semper Solaris offers a variety of financing options. You will enjoy the benefits of low-cost financing for your system and reap the rewards of going solar. Call us for an evaluation of your property and to discuss all the financing options available and go solar. How to Choose the Right Solar Company So, you have decided to join the trend of going solar. What next? Investing in Solar is an important decision and a long-term investment. The most critical step in making this big decision is to find the right solar company. Your installer should be experienced and have a good reputation for top quality work and the very best solar panels available. Going solar is a complicated process, and there are many things to consider when choosing a solar provider: Evaluation of Your Property Design and Layout of the Solar System Permits and Inspections The Right Solar Financing Options Many situations can arise during the process of installing a solar system. Your installer must be very thorough in assessing your home’s readiness for solar. For instance, if your roof is too weak for the system, your roof could collapse under the weight of the panels. The company you choose should be expert in Roof Installation and construction. You can Google to find solar companies in California and see which companies are a good fit. You should have a list of more than one company and get quotes from each one. Reputation & Reviews Check companies in your state local areas and make your list based on the reputation of the companies: Reviews on Yelp, Facebook, Google Business, and Better Business Bureau Angie’s List and other online sources SolarReviews.com News articles Recommendations from satisfied customers Credentials & Expertise It is essential to know the experience of a company, and whether they have the proper certifications and licenses. You should be able to find these out on their website. Things to Ask Your Solar Company: How long have they been in business? Do they handle all the permits and paperwork for city and state require? Can they provide examples of previous installations with testimonials? Do they have a business license for their state and jurisdiction? Do they have liability insurance? Proper Solar Company Certifications: North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABC) General contracting, electrician and home improvement licenses Quality Products & Solar Installations: What options and types of solar panels do they offer? Do they use the latest solar technology? Do they use the best installation equipment such as solar mounting brackets and reinforcement? Do they offer Product and installation warranties? Do they offer multiple solar financing options? The top companies offer a variety of the most popular and reliable solar panels and equipment using the latest technology. They offer warranties on products and their expert installation. they only use the sturdiest brackets and reinforcement systems available. Attentive and Helpful Service The relationship between you and your solar company should be built on trust. They should accurately represent costs as well as projected savings on electricity and have a track record of happy customers. Look for companies that have a reputation for exemplary customer service. Semper Solaris’ core values like trust, loyalty and high-quality service. We will steer you through the process answering all your questions and addressing all the problems that arise promptly. We do have a track record of happy customers. Call us today to schedule an evaluation of your home. There has never been a better time to go solar! Play the Safe Bet: Always Choose American Made Solar Panels If you are thinking about going solar and want to begin the process, how do you choose the best solar panels when you finally decide to go solar? There are numerous available options for solar panels on the market today, and the choices seem daunting. But you can narrow down your options and choose the most efficient, reliable panels made. An excellent place to start is by looking at the most popular and reliable brands used by the top Solar installers. Solar panels are made in manufacturing plants all over the world. China is leading the way in sheer volume of manufactured panels. But the unfair competition from China and their illegal practices has resulted in a tariff on Chinese solar panels, paving the way for North American Solar manufacturers to once again dominate the market here in America. The most reputable Solar Companies use American made solar panels which have proven to be the most reliable and efficient, and are the superior option in quality, price, and economics. Quality & Economy American manufacturers adhere to the highest standards of quality and offer top-quality panels to their customers. Semper Solaris chooses premium panels for both quality and economy. Benefits America Solar is the fastest growing energy source, and there are huge benefits from American solar-panel manufacturing. Since the tariff on foreign-made panels has taken effect, American Solar manufacturing is reestablishing their standing in the field of solar technology. Jobs in the solar manufacturing sector are on the rise as well as transportation, engineering and goes so far as to affect education, taxes and other government policies including clean energy practices. The move towards a renewable energy economy will allow for energy independence as we break free from the price controls of the utility companies. American-Made Solar Panels America is the pioneer of solar energy. Solar panels manufactured in America benefit from American innovation. They provide more choices, not only in quality and price but promote a renewable energy economy as we move away from fossil fuels. Why Buy American Made Solar Panels? Reliability—proven track record Highest efficiency = greater customer satisfaction Highest environmental and safety standards Warranties – Semper Solaris offers a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty Accountability – Manufacturers that stand behind their products Customer Service – fast replacement in the case of defective panels At Semper Solaris, we use the very best products made in America and choose leaders in the manufacture of solar panels that comply with our standards. We are leading the way in promoting solar products made in America. You can count on our top-notch service and the highest quality products made in America. Understand the Solar Installation Process If you are considering going solar it is essential to understand the process from beginning to end. There are many aspects to the process, and you need an installer has experience in every facet, so the project does not get bogged down. You will first decide upon a reputable provider that meets your needs, and they will do an initial inspection of your site. They will take measurements and discuss the options with you, including how much you will save on your utility bill, the available rebates, incentives, and financing options. Site Assessment After the initial signing of your solar contract lease or loan, you will begin the first phase of your installation which is the assessment by an engineer or technician to evaluate your home for the installation. This visit is more in-depth than the initial evaluation to begin the process. Evaluation The condition of your roof’s structure to make sure it will support the panels Your electrical panel for compatibility with the solar system The system design for compatibility with your home. Evaluate the sunlight and shade for placement of the panels on your roof. Calculate how much sunlight your system will be able to capture Paperwork & Documents Your installer will handle most of the paperwork and the permitting of your solar power and will only have you sign on the dotted line. There is much work to be done, and the paperwork lays the groundwork so that all the bases are covered before the installation process begins. Building permits from City State and Federal Solar incentives Local solar programs Clean Energy Financing programs like PACE Solar System Equipment After the paperwork and permits, it is time to choose the equipment and design the solar system for your home. Your Solar provider will help you select the best equipment and components for your situation. But it is a good idea to have something in mind before you discuss final plans. Once the equipment is on order, the date of installation will be scheduled according to your installers availability. Permits approved (30 to 60 days) Approve system design Choose and Order equipment Solar panels Inverters Supporting hardware and wiring Installation of Solar Components The permits have approval. The equipment arrives. And now it is time to install your solar. It will take around two or three days to complete depending on the design and preparation of the roof. Solar Panels Electrical panel Electrical wiring. Racking to support panels Connect inverter to panels Final Approval & Connecting to the Grid Once your inverter is installed, and the DC is converted to AC it is time to connect to the electric grid. The city planning and electric company will come to inspect your solar installation: Make sure the system meets all regulations. The system is installed correctly Has proper connection points Check that electrical systems are working properly Once these have approval,  it is time to be connected to the grid and with a flip of a switch—you are now generating clean, renewable energy and the savings begin. Understand the Solar Permitting Process After you have signed your contract for your solar with your provider and done the necessary paperwork including financing and all applicable incentives and rebates, you will have an initial inspection of your site followed by site assessment. Any significant structural changes to your home require permission from your local government planning office. The permitting is critical to ensure your installer is meeting all applicable building codes. If they don’t, then you must start all over again. Permits Your installer will file the various applications for permits. Permitting involves the city and county governments, and it is dependent on how fast they approve. Some cities are stricter than others. Your installer should be experienced in this process and will take it from here handling the applications for permits and follow through to final approval. You will only need to sign the paperwork. Building Codes The permitting process for solar involves several parts of the Californian Building Code Title 24: Building Code Residential Code Electrical Code Mechanical Code Plumbing Code Energy Code Fire Code As you can see, there are many rules and regulations involved in the permitting process. It can get very complicated and sometimes drag the process out. The good news is, In California, the Solar Permitting Efficiency Act (Assembly Bill 2188), passed in 2014, made it a requirement that all local governments adopt ordinances that expedite the permitting process for small residential solar systems. Other states have also implemented expedited permitting processes for Solar Systems. Your experienced installer will know how to advance the process so that they can install your rooftop solar within the earliest possible timeframe. Application Review The local permitting agency must review permit applications to ensure compliance with state and local requirements. Structural safety Electrical safety Planning and Zoning Fire Safety After you have gone through the necessary permitting approval of your system design and it meets all the required building codes, it is time to order the equipment and set a date for installation. The installation will take a few days. And once the installation is complete, you have one more hurdle in the permit approval process. Final Inspection & Approval The city government inspector will check the installation to be sure the wiring was done correctly and that the mounting is attached, and the system meets all electrical and roof and building codes. Following that, your electric company will do a final inspection. It will take approximately two weeks to a month for final approval before your system is given the green light to connect to the electric grid. The system will be connected, and it is time to flip the switch. Your solar system connects to the grid, and your solar panels will begin generating power and saving you money. Semper Solaris technicians are knowledgeable and proficient in installing solar from the initial site inspection through the final approval of your system going live. We handle all the paperwork and permits and are there with you every step of the way. Call us today for a free evaluation and consultation. We will help you on the road to going solar. Monitoring Your System: How to Keep Track of Your Energy Production If you plan to install a rooftop solar system in your home, you already know you will save money. But how do you see the amount of power your panels are generating or how much money you are saving? Photovoltaic cells in the solar panels transform sunlight into energy and energy into direct current (DC). The inverter is connected to your homes electrical system and converts DC to AC for use in your home. You can increase the productivity of your solar panels by monitoring your system to achieve peak solar power efficiency. You can take advantage of products and services to get the most benefit out of your system. Net Metering Most solar systems connect to the grid through Net metering or net energy metering. A net meter replaces your regular electric meter on your house and is connected to the power from your solar system and the grid. Net metering monitors your solar power generation and usage and keeps track of energy that is routed back into the network grid and stored there. What you don’t use is credited back to you to be used when your panels are not producing electricity, like at night or on very cloudy days. It is possible to build up enough extra credits during the summer months so that you can use them in the winter. If you generate enough electricity from your panels, you can eliminate your electric bill. Web Monitoring Solar monitoring software for your system works through the solar inverter to monitor your solar system’s performance in real time. Your solar system will come with built-in software for this purpose. It will track the energy generated and energy use. It will help you optimize energy usage and detect problems in your system. It is essential to monitor your system, so you are sure it is operating at optimal levels. The information gathered by the software is sent to your installer through a cloud-based system with a website where you can view your system statistics. Web monitoring works with computers, mobile apps, and smart home devices. You can access the data from your mobile devices without connecting to your Wi-Fi. Spot problems in real time and minimize your system’s downtime See your day to day, monthly, and yearly savings See the benefits of upgrading to more efficient appliances and fixtures Adjust your power usage to match the production of your panels and eliminate your utility bill Run appliances during your optimum solar generation. Tweak your power usage by identifying appliances using the most power Program appliances like your refrigerator to use energy when the rates are lower Semper Solaris’s solar panels are installed with a state-of-the-art monitoring system which allows you to keep track of your solar energy production. Our monitoring support specialist will help you access your system through your home computer, a mobile app, or device. You can log on any time to view your system’s performance. There is no better time to go solar, call us today for an evaluation of your home and join the solar revolution. Maximize Your Investment: Why Using a Contractor for both Your Solar and Your Roof is a Smart Idea Now is time to go solar. The cost-benefit concerning savings on electricity is enough to justify the expense of installing a solar system on your roof. Add to that the value it adds to your homes resale value. The government incentives and tax rebates alone are enough to bring the price in range for homeowners. In a few years, the system will be paid off while you continue to profit from the reduced power bills. Solar & Roofing The most important consideration when installing solar on your roof concerning durability and the life of your solar system is the condition of the roof. It is essential to have your roof assessed for the ability to handle the weight of the solar panels. But maybe it would be better to maximize your investment and start fresh with a new roof combined with your new solar panels. Unless your roof is relatively new, it is likely your roof will need repairs or will degrade faster than your solar panels. Why not consider starting with a new roof and a new solar system and maximize your investment? If you replace your roof when you install solar panels, you will save money by avoiding the expense of removing and reinstalling your solar panels should you need to replace your roof in the future. Roof Installation vs. Replacement If you do have problems with your roof needing repair or replacement, there are labor costs involved in taking the panels off and putting them back on. If your hardware also must be removed, the cost will be a few thousand dollars higher than just the Roof Installation and panel removal. If you combine a new roof with a new solar installation, it is unlikely you will need to replace your roof for life of your panels. Panels last from 30 to 35 years and are much more durable than roofing material, and they will protect your roof from degradation. A solar power installation will save you thousands upon thousands of dollars throughout the life of the system. So, the added cost of reroofing is well worth it in the long run and is better than taking a chance that there will be problems with your roof later. The Right Solar Company Few solar companies offer roofing services. Choosing a solar company that is also an expert in the repair and construction of roofs, is a very safe bet. At Semper Solaris, we have built our reputation on the construction of roofs along with our solar installations. We offer warranties on roofing and solar as well as great discounts when you install a new roof along with your solar panels. If you need roof replacement anyway, consider installing solar along with the new roof. It is a wise investment to make, and the financial benefit is enormous for both savings and value added to your home. If you already plan on installing solar on your rooftop, consider starting with a clean slate by also installing a brand-new roof. Call us today, and we can evaluate your home for a new roof and solar system. Capitalize on Your Solar Investment – Battery Storage and How You Can Make Money with Solar If you have or are contemplating installing a solar system on your rooftop, why not capitalize on your investment? Maximize your savings with solar battery storage. You can profit from your solar installation from savings on your electricity. A penny saved is a penny earned. And battery storage can give you that extra penny or two. Profit from Solar With the cost of electricity rising, investing in solar makes sense. And you can create a profit scheme from using solar energy. Generating your power is a hedge against the rising and fluctuating energy costs. You can capitalize on the savings on utility bills and solar rebates and incentives, as well as the increased value of your home. The lowered cost of electricity through net metering is essentially selling excess power generated from solar, back to the grid. It comes back to you as credits in the form of electricity when your solar is not producing electricity. By selling your power back to the network, you are receiving credits toward your electric bill as good as cash. Maximize Profit with Backup Battery Adding a backup battery to your solar system will enable you to store extra power for your use, get a financial return, or be prepared for emergencies when the grid goes down. If your electric company charges high demand rates, or you have Time of Use (TOU) rate structures with high peak and off-peak rates, you can use your stored power to control costs. Electricity rates are lower during the daytime, and solar panels are producing the most energy. You can save energy in your batteries for use during high demand or peak hours and avoid the higher rates during that time. Or, you can use the power from your battery during off-peak hours and generate surplus energy to sell back to the grid during on-peak hours. You will save money and create an income by adjusting to changing rates. Some companies, like LADWP, have tiered rates designed to push your rate higher according to how much power used during your billing period. Depending on your power usage, and for heavy use days, you could feasibly use enough of your solar power to give you a deficit which would force you into a higher tier. With battery storage, you can monitor your energy and save your solar power to the battery to use on high use days or for overages and avoid all or most of the extra cost of higher tiered rates. Make a Move Towards Energy Independence If you are considering a solar system but have not yet made a move to go solar, Semper Solaris can help you make your decision with accurate and helpful guidance from our representative. Whether you have a system already or are planning to, Semper Solaris can install an Enphase Encharge Battery or Tesla Powerwall backup battery so that you have surplus power when you need it. You can use the extra energy to generate a profit from your solar power system or go off the grid. Call us today and let us help you maximize your solar investment for a financial return and move towards energy independence. Protect Your Solar System Solar panels are made of tempered glass and are designed to tolerate extreme temperatures, weather, and other outside factors. They are tested to handle falling debris, hail storms, and very high winds. But many other factors can cause damage to your solar system, and you have no further to look than your backyard. It is essential to safeguard your investment to avoid damage, loss of efficiency, and even theft. If you have installed Solar Panels on your roof, you will be saving a lot of money on your power bill. And although solar panels are reliable requiring little support, you can preserve and protect the life of your solar panels through regular inspection, maintenance, and cleaning. Solar Maintenance It is good to get a regular comprehensive examination of your panel system to see that it is performing at its optimal efficiency and that it is safe, with no issues to the electrical system and components. Inspection is especially critical if your solar system is a few years old. Comprehensive maintenance for your system should include: Inspecting the electrical system wiring and components Inspection of the roof for degradation Review of monitoring equipment Racks and mounting Checking for faulty wiring Replacing cracked or broken panels Thorough cleaning of panels Solar Cleaning Clear debris, such as leaves, or dirt (use garden hose) Schedule a cleaning with your solar panel provider OR Install a solar cleaning system Keep trees and foliage trimmed So panels are not shaded from the sun and to keep falling branches from damaging your panels Conserve Solar Power Monitor your system and know when your panels are the most productive. Adjust your power usage to when your system is generating the most electricity Use smart plugs or power strips to turn off appliances not being used Use timers on your devices and run the most power-hungry appliances during your optimum solar generation. Led lights 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs Motion sensor lights will cut down on unnecessary lighting in some areas Weatherize your home Store power – Semper Solaris can install an Enphase Encharge Battery or Tesla Powerwall backup battery for surplus power. Protect Solar Panels Alarm System Serial numbers for your home insurance Fence your property Use locks Pest Guards to keep rodents from nesting in your wires, roof, and panels At Semper Solaris, we are committed to top-notch solar energy installation, maintenance, and service to our customers. We offer a full system diagnostic with an inspection, tune-up and maintenance services for your solar system. If your system is older or you have any issues with your solar system, Semper Solaris is a company you can trust. Our solar experts can diagnose and fix any solar system problems you may have from the panels to the electrical system to the roof. If there is a problem—we can fix it–give us a call. Understand the Value Solar Panels Add to Your Home If you are contemplating or have decided to go solar and have a solar system installed on your rooftop, you will save money on electricity. And the benefits are not only financial you will reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to the efforts to move away from carbon-based fuels and towards renewable energy. But how does adding solar to your rooftop affect your bottom line over time? Solar Panels Increase Property Value The research is in, and study after study confirms that purchasing a solar power system for your rooftop will increase the value of your home. And the total cost of the system is offset by the rise in the home’s resale value even before taking into consideration the incentives and tax rebates. Purchasing Your Solar System Adding a solar system is considered an upgrade like any other home renovation only the return is much higher for solar than for a kitchen or bathroom. According to the Department of Energy, home buyers are willing to pay a premium for homes with solar and homes tend to sell as much as 20 percent faster than homes without. And beyond that, the reduction in energy costs continue to produce excellent returns on the investment, saving thousands of dollars for many more years. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory Study shows that property value goes up about 20 dollars for each $1 in savings from a rooftop solar installation. Buyers are paying more to enjoy savings on their utility bills, which makes a mortgage payment more affordable. According to the Lawrence Berkeley Lab’s study, the rise in property value is approximately four dollars per watt on average. A 5 kW system or 5,000 Watts will fetch around 20,000 in increased resell value. So one kilowatt (kW) equals 1,000 watts times 4 giving a $4,000 increase in resell value. Here is the calculation for a 3.1 kW system: 3.1 kW system – 3.1 X 1,000 = 3,100 watts X 4 = $12,400 increase in resale value. Smaller systems increase the value of even more per watt than larger systems. Homebuyers consider any size solar installation to be an asset. According to studies, this is called the “green cachet” effect where homebuyers are willing to pay more to have solar.< Solar is beneficial for homeowners and homebuyers alike. It is clear that going solar is a smart investment that gives you a hedge against rising energy costs, and in most cases, outperforms traditional investment mediums. By purchasing your system, incentives and rebates will reduce the upfront costs significantly and give you a return on your investment. But how does Leasing affect this return and the resale value of your home? Solar Lease (PPA) In a Power Purchase agreement, PPA, the homeowner does not own the panels and does not make payments on the solar system. Instead, the PPA company installs, owns, and maintains the panels. You are either charged a set rate for the electricity produced or pay only for the energy used, and the company gets the benefits of rebates, incentives, and tax breaks. Solar leases can last up to 20 to 25 years. If you are leasing your solar system, the process of selling gets a bit complicated. For sure you are buying the system in the long run, but if you sell before your lease is up, how does that affect the resell value and purchase of the house? If you sell your home and have a PPA, there are two routes you can take. If the buyer will take over the lease and enjoy the benefits of the PPA, it can still be attractive because the buyer will save a lot of money on electric bills. If however, you wish to take the solar with you or the buyers do not want to assume the lease, what happens? It will likely require that you pay off the contract at a pro-rated amount and pay the cost of having the panels removed from the roof, repair the roof for the new buyers, and have the panels installed on your new home if that is an option. Installing Solar Panels? There are no reliable studies on how leasing solar affects the value of your home. In the future, that will be a consideration for reviews, but there is no data on it now. Either way, you and the buyer will benefit from lowered energy costs. So if you are wanting to install solar panels, but plan to sell your home in the future, you should find out all the terms for this process and make it part of the contract before you sign. Of course, with solar panel prices getting lower and lower all the time it is becoming more affordable. And with the addition of incentives, rebates, and tax breaks, purchasing is the better option to make sure you get the most value from your solar power system. There are many solar financing options, and we can help you find the right fit whether purchasing or leasing.

When you live in Tracy, you know that the California sunshine is something to capitalize on. With Northern California pushing for more renewable energy sources, now is the time to consider solar installation. Take Advantage of Solar Savings Today   How can you benefit from the push to go green and reduce the carbon footprint of the area? Of course, you are probably happy to help the environment and do your part in cutting back on emissions, but saving money along the way is also important. You need to be able to afford to go solar and get those savings down the road after all. Here are some of the ways you can take advantage of solar savings: Net metering - Through net metering, homeowners can get a credit back for any surplus amount of energy their solar panels create, which can then be applied to times when their panels aren’t producing enough to save them even more on electric bills. Local rebates and incentives - Every area, including Tracy, offers unique rebates and often incentive programs available for local residents to take advantage of. These programs and savings can vary. California Solar Initiative - This initiative allows low-income homeowners to get back cash after installing a solar panel system, with some amounts reaching as much as $10,000 for homeowners. Of course, this depends on the location, size of the system and home, and income of the household. How the Bay Area Leads the Way in Clean Energy The Bay Area is known for being a leader in the clean, renewable energy movement, with San Francisco offering homeowners extensive programs and other rebates to encourage the development of more solar energy. SF is aiming large, striving to completely reduce their carbon footprint to net-zero in just over 30 years. These drastic measures speak to the urgency that the Bay Area officials are treating greenhouse gas emissions and the need to reduce them. For this reason, homeowners in San Francisco, Hayward, Tracy, and surrounding Bay Area cities are not only nudged, but incentivized to join the clean energy movement with accessible options like solar panel installation.Don’t wait any longer to join the movement and start saving -- both the planet and your wallet! For a Tracy solar contractor you can trust, look to Semper Solaris.  

With movements like CleanPowerSF and other programs and incentives developed by the city of San Francisco, there is no doubt that it is one of the leaders in the renewable energy movement for the Bay Area and beyond. The city fully supports the idea that renewable energy resources like solar, wind, geothermal, and hydro power are essential to the sustainability of our future as a country and a planet. In fact, Mayor London Breed is so passionate about shrinking the city’s impact that she has made a very aggressive goal to completely eliminate San Francisco’s carbon footprint by 2050. How will the city reduce their dependence on natural gas and other pollutants? By requiring any new buildings in 2030 and beyond to be net-zero carbon emitters and other dramatic tactics, encouraging more efficient electrical appliances, promoting shared or cleaner transportation (like electric cars and bicycles), and providing incentives for residential and commercial renewable energy systems. By embracing renewable energy solutions like solar panels and more, San Francisco has already successfully reduced their greenhouse gas emissions by 30% compared to the levels in 1990. That stands alongside a major growth in population as well. Going Solar Can Help the Planet & Your Wallet Sometimes it feels like going green or reducing your carbon footprint requires significant sacrifice. While it's true that it is a change of lifestyle, reducing your carbon footprint doesn’t mean you have to give up comfort or even suffer financial loss because of it. That’s the beauty of going solar. So how much can you save with solar panels in San Francisco? It depends. First, you could be looking at significant savings on the cost of installation simply by taking advantage of local rebates, tax credits, and incentive programs. Some of the options available to SF residents include: The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which allows you to deduct 26% of the system installation costs from your federal taxes.City of San Francisco - Solar Energy Incentive Program (GoSolarSF) offers residential homeowners who install solar panels rebates ranging from $300 to $650 per KW, with different incentive levels based on system size, location, and other factors.The Single-family Affordable Solar Housing incentive allows qualifying low-income homeowners to get cash incentives when installing solar systems (managed by GRID Alternatives). The Upfront Cost vs. the Long Term Savings Though there will be some upfront investment on your part with solar installation on your home, the long term benefits are definitely worth it -- including financial savings, grid independence, and a spike in the value of your property. What could be better than cutting back on greenhouse gases while saving money? It may sound too good to be true, but we promise it isn’t.That’s why countless customers in the area have already trusted Semper Solaris to install solar panel systems on their homes. If you are interested in talking to a solar contractor in San Francisco about reducing your carbon footprint with solar panels, Semper Solaris is always ready to provide insight. Get started by filling out a simple learning more about our services in San Francisco!

Solar panel installation is a great way to take advantage of the sun’s free renewable energy. For many homeowners considering solar, their regional climate is the many concern. Are they in an area well-suited for solar panels? Will they get enough sun to meet their household electricity needs? First, understanding how panels work is key to figuring out if they will work best in your area. So how exactly do solar panels bring electricity to a household? We like to keep it quick and simply so you can understand the basic idea without getting into the nitty gritty science details. When the particles of sunlight reach the solar panels, the conversion process begins. The photons of the particles are turned into electrons, which are used as direct current electricity. From there, the system’s inverter will begin it's work, converting it to usable electricity for a home. Why Cloudy Days Aren’t the End of the World for Solar Most people assume that solar panels are only able to work when the sun is out and shining. While this is definitely the best weather for solar panels to produce useful energy for a home, it's not the only time those solar panels can harvest sunlight. Of course, it would be reasonable to think that solar panels can only create converted electricity when we can see the rays of sun hitting them, but this is simply a misconception. The important thing to remember is that direct sunlight isn’t necessary for this process. All the solar panels on a roof need are the photons that are emitted from the particles of sunlight, which means even a cloudy day can result in solar energy. While not as powerful as direct sunlight, this allows a home’s solar panels to be productive even in not seemingly “ideal” weather conditions.” Overall, solar panels are extremely durable and designed to withstand even harsh winter climates and storms for decades. Still, getting 100% production compared to the 10 to 25% production rate on cloudy, stormy days is preferable, which is why consistently sunny areas can be much better suited for solar panel systems. How Clairemont Is Part of the Renewable Energy Movement When you live in Southern California, you know you’ll be enjoying particularly sunny and comfortable weather year-round. Even with the winter months are pretty moderate considering the snow and ice storms in other areas of the country can experience. That’s one of the main reasons that San Diego - including Clairemont - is one of the leading cities in renewable energy. Modern PV panels undergo serious testing to ensure they meet quality standards and can endure extreme climate and weather. While solar panels can still produce electricity in colder winter climates, the more moderate winter in Clairemont means there will be no snow or ice to clear off of panels to ensure they are operating at maximum capacity. San Diego is one of the top cities (in 2nd place behind Los Angeles) in the nation for solar, boasting a total capacity of 287.2 megawatts and at least 50 watts of PV capacity installed per person. As a nearby neighbor, Clairemont is part of the trend as well, with more and more homeowners opting to have solar panels installed to increase their savings and boost their home value. Want to join the renewable energy movement? Let our team help you install solar panels in Clairemont! Get in touch with our solar contractors to learn more.  

With California’s solar boom, green homes win when it comes to real estate. Solar panel installation saves you bundles on your energy bill and increases the resale value of your San Marcos home. Buyers consider solar to be an asset and are willing to pay a premium. And homes sell faster if they have the added value of energy efficiency. More and more realtors are getting on board and featuring energy efficiency aspects of a home as a desirable commodity in home buying. With the California mandate that all new homes and buildings be outfitted with rooftop solar, it isn’t hard to imagine that solar is the wave of the future and will be in demand in older homes as the grid phases out carbon-based fuels. Although there is a cost to installing solar, the cost of the installation according to the Department of Energy estimates will be offset by the substantial savings in energy bills over the life of a 30-year mortgage. And if you take into consideration the other cost reductions, solar installation is an attractive financial investment for your home and will provide a return on your investment. Rebates and Incentives Hedge Against Rising Energy Costs Further Savings When The Loan Is Paid Off Increase In The Value Of Your Home If you are leasing a solar system, you still save money on energy costs, but you don’t benefit from incentives and rebates. And leased systems are not considered in the value of your home. It is best to buy, and you can access low-cost solar loans to pay for your system. There are ways to expand the value of your solar system. As technology is advancing, electricity will be more in demand with smart homes being the wave of the future. Adding to your system is a proactive, forward-thinking way to increase the value of your home and its attractiveness to buyers with innovations and uses for solar power. After all, people tend to like getting a little more for their money. Backup Battery The addition of a backup battery to your solar system will enable you to store extra power for use when you need it and add more value to your system. Use stored power at night or times when your panels are not producing enough Be prepared for emergencies when the grid goes down Become more energy independent Surplus Panels Overbuilding your solar capacity as new technologies arise that increase the need for electricity is a proactive move that will add value to your home now and in the near future. Enhance the potential of your solar system for things like an electric powered car. Adding extra panels will leave room to: Expand and accommodate ECC charging stations Heat your water or pool Add RV solar chargers Add Solar Awnings to high sunlight windows Take hold of the future and prepare for innovative technologies that are on the horizon with solar panels in San Marcos. It is cheaper to install panels in the beginning than add them later. It is even better if you are able to entrust a local solar contractor who is familiar with the area. Semper Solaris is on the frontlines of renewable energy technology and innovation. We use only the very best equipment available, and our technicians have years of experience in the installation of all types of solar systems, and that list is growing. We can provide you with expertise in choosing your solar system, its design, and aesthetics with the many options for Solar installations in San Marcos.

Valley Center, this small rural community in north San Diego, has traditionally been a farming and agriculture community. But that is changing thanks to the nearby Casinos that have generated interest from businesses, investors, and homebuyers alike. Economic prosperity and investment in infrastructure are moving this town forward with real estate development featuring retail outlets, restaurants, recreation center, parks, and more. The wide-open spaces of Valley Center have plenty of room and land for expansion. Valley Center is a community on the rise, bustling with opportunity. As the new city grows, the infrastructure is developing and opening up avenues for businesses and residences with amenities that will be built from the ground up. Investing in solar is one of the smartest moves a community can make. And with California's mandate to meet sustainability goals and phase out fossil fuels along with the requirement to install Solar Panels on new buildings, Solar Power is in. Valley Center has the unique opportunity to be a historic traditional town based on the technology of the future. Solar power, with its flexibility, supports developing smart infrastructure, promotes innovation and investment. This opportunity along with farming and agriculture brings with it the prospect for a truly sustainable town. Going Solar ensures a more healthful environment with clean air and water and a better quality of life for its residents. The benefits to the city through residential, government, and business solar power installations reach far into the future as California leads the way in achieving the sustainable goals for decreasing fossil fuels and carbon emissions. And with a city built on renewable energy, it is possible to detach from commercial utilities and manage energy through what is called Microgrid which leads to energy independence, higher efficiency, and even more savings. Semper Solaris supports conservation and the development of renewable energy. We are committed to sustainable metropolitan infrastructure, clean air, and a reduction in pollution. We are experts in the maintenance, repair, and installation of Solar Panel systems for municipalities and local businesses. Through the implementation, Valley Center can benefit in many ways. We can help you plan for the future. The Benefits of a City Going Solar Financial Reduction in monthly electrical bills and operating expenses Earn credits to apply towards future bills Reinvest the savings in the development of more infrastructure Economy Clean energy and green economy Provide Job growth with local solar contractors Help Low-Income Residents with low-cost power Environment Meet sustainability goals Reduce or eliminate air, water, and noise pollution Promote energy independence Infrastructure Smart Technology Resiliency in natural disasters Provide energy to remote areas Disconnect from local utilities with micro-grid Homeowners in Valley Center are joining their growing community as it moves towards becoming green and clean. In a city on the move with solar as its primary source of energy, aligning yourself with your cities sustainability goals will reduce your carbon footprint while reaping the financial rewards of going solar. The Benefits of Residential Solar Lower or eliminate your electric bills Increase the value of your home Get a return on your investment by hedging against rising energy prices. Offset installation costs with incentives and rebates Access energy upgrade financing Benefit from tax deductions for depreciation Increase the value of your home By going solar, you are investing in the future and opening the door to future technology that will increase efficiency, add useful innovations, and enhance the comfort of your home. Why not get on board and join your cities commitment to clean energy, conservation, and enjoyment of your town? Semper Solaris is on the frontlines of renewable energy technology and innovation. We use only the very best equipment available, and our technicians are experienced in the installation of all types of solar systems, and that list is growing. We can provide you with expertise in choosing your solar system, its design, and aesthetics with the many options for Solar installations. Click here to learn more about solar in Valley Center.

Here in Carlsbad, a coastal town and unique vacation destination, conservation is an integral part of the community. With a sense of duty to the protection of habitats, open spaces, clean air and water, the value of solar energy is on the forefront of their commitment to renewable energy. The benefits to the city both through residential, government and business solar power installations reach far into the future as California leads the way in achieving the sustainable goals for decreasing fossil fuels and carbon emissions. Semper Solaris supports conservation and the development of renewable energy. We are committed to clean air and a reduction in pollution. We are experts in the maintenance, repair, and installation of Solar Panel systems for municipalities and local businesses.   Solar in the City Carlsbad is committed to making the city environmentally friendly, financially efficient, and economically prosperous.  Savings on the cost of power, achieving goals for sustainable energy, promoting local business and protecting the local environment and infrastructure are all part of the commitment to citizens and tourists alike. The city can generate its electricity and reduce monthly bills and operating expense Earn credits to apply towards future bills Reinvest the savings to other items in the city budget More solar panels installed can support the local clean energy efforts Increase clean energy employment using local contractors Protects from power grid disruption with battery backup The lowest negative impact on the environment than other energy sources Does not generate noise pollution Does not create waste Does not produce greenhouse gases Does not pollute the water Promotes energy independence Residential Solar Homeowners in Carlsbad are following suit with the commitment of their city to sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint.  With investment in solar, you can reap the financial rewards as well as join in making Carlsbad a model town for residents and tourists alike. An example of a city on the cutting edge of conservation, renewable energy, and overall clean environment is a worthy goal. Solar benefits you in many ways, and with rising energy costs, you can save big and get a return on your investment in solar.  It is a win-win for the city and homeowners alike. Save money by reducing and even eliminating your power bill Hedge your future against rising energy prices Offset installation costs with incentives and rebates Access energy upgrade financing Benefit from tax deductions for depreciation Increase the value of your home. Your investment in solar will save significantly on your energy bill now and in the future as technology makes strides towards even more efficiency. You can help the environment and support your cities commitment to clean energy, conservation, and enjoyment of your town.   Semper Solaris is on the frontlines of renewable energy technology and innovation.  We use only the very best equipment available, and our technicians are experienced in the installation of all types of solar systems, and that list is growing. We can provide you with expertise in choosing your solar system, its design, and aesthetics with the many options for Solar installations in Carlsbad.

Living in Pacific beach, our ocean is a vital resource for not only the beautiful beaches, but the sea life, plants, and birds that all contribute to an ecosystem that encompasses life along the boardwalk. People stroll the city streets enjoying the enchanting ocean view and urban feel. This is the backdrop of one of the best places to live in California. With the ocean being so much a part of the ambiance and the attraction for visitors and residents alike, what does the future hold for the sea and the wildlife? How do greenhouse gases affect our oceans? What part does solar power play in protecting the ecosystem of the sea? Semper Solaris understands the effect of fossil fuels on the environment, and we are committed to protecting it. Acidification of the Ocean Fossil fuels used for generating electricity release carbon dioxide and make up the greater part of greenhouse gas emissions that pollute the air. The sea is vast, and we have been protected from the effects and have not noticed the changes in the ocean from carbon emissions altering the chemistry of our oceans by lowering the PH and making the sea more acidic. Over time, this acidic state has taken such a toll that it has affected many characteristics of the ocean environment as it has been slowly absorbing the emissions into every facet of life deep in the sea. Shellfish are losing the ability to generate shells including lobsters and mussels Organisms necessary to the balance of the systems are growing at a slower rate Oysters are in danger of extinction The coral reefs that play such a big part of protecting the islands and coast and are the raw material of tourist industries are being eroded at huge losses to coastal ecosystems Solar and the Sea As we move towards implementing more renewable energy sources, solar is advancing innovative technologies from powering ships and boats to solar powered means of cleaning the ocean, offshore solar energy, solar-powered boats. Solar Panels in Pacific Beach are a necessary addition to the means of protecting air and sea. Only one home installing a solar energy system can have a huge impact on the environment; it’s like planting 100 trees. Protecting the ocean through conservation and ensuring clean air is a concern for not only Pacific Beach, but for the California coast. Solar power is leading the charge towards the reduction of carbon emissions. By investing in solar, you are helping to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Solar power creates no pollution or waste, has a positive impact on the environment, and is cost-effective. Pacific Beach and Solar Pacific Beach residents are informed about conservation and are committed to sustainability in their community and their ecosystem for residents, businesses, and guests of the city. We are making strides in promoting a safe and clean environment. This is foundational to this thriving community. As millions of people are moving to solar-powered homes, Pacific Beach homes and businesses are installing rooftop solar and joining the movement towards a green city, free of pollution. Development is moving on Pacific Beach, and with California's mandate for solar on all new buildings and homes, it is pointing to a sustainable city and an ocean that is being protected. With prices dropping and the benefits of solar installations in both the city and on residential rooftops, makes this an excellent time to join the efforts towards sustainability and reduction in carbon emissions. At Semper Solaris, our technicians believe in using the utmost care in preserving the environment and the atmosphere of Pacific Beach. We are on the frontlines of renewable energy and solar innovation. We use only the very best equipment available, and our technicians are experienced in the installation of all types of solar systems. We can provide you with our years of expertise in choosing your solar system, its design, and aesthetics with the many options for Solar installations. Call Semper Solaris solar contractors today and take the first step of going solar in Pacific Beach.

Solar power is generated from the sun, the most powerful force in our galaxy. Sunlight is collected on rooftops by Solar panels. The solar panel is made up of many photovoltaic cells joined together to form a system of collecting sunlight, transforming it into energy, and distributing the energy to a building’s electrical system. Simple right? Benefits of Solar Solar power is cheap, useful, and the benefits economically and environmentally are clear. Control over your utility costs Hedging against rising energy costs Increase in the value of your home Achieving Energy Independence Benefits to Local Economy Reduction of greenhouse gases These are all ways that we know solar power benefits both the homeowner and the businessman. But how about investing in the future of scientific discovery, innovation, and invention? Investing in Solar power promotes a creative and dynamic explosion of the new and ends the old, antiquated system of generating electricity not only in homes and your community but the world at large. Technology and Electrical Power We take for granted the invention of the telephone, television and the washing machine which are commonplace or were until the digital age. Suddenly it seems we have smartphones, smart Tv’s and smart just about everything including smart homes. All these inventions have one thing in common that we often overlook. They all run on electricity. With the move away from fossil fuels and even the electric grid itself, we have gone from The Flintstones to The Jetsons and beyond. Will solar power someday launch rockets into space? Communication is as fast as the speed of light. We are becoming an interconnected world powered by electricity from continent to continent. Add to that electric cars as a viable alternative for millions of vehicles, one thing is sure; Our world will demand more, not less, electricity to power the future and that future has arrived. Investment in Solar Power Investing in solar now will prepare your home for the invasion of technology-driven appliances and devices and innovations we have not yet seen. And the good news is that this can all be done without harming the earth or creating greenhouse gases. The future is bright for renewable energy, and solar power is the pioneering force lighting the way. With the price of solar dropping annually, the incentives and rebates and financial benefits of solar power are an attractive investment. But if you use your imagination, you are buying into much more than lower bills and lowering your carbon footprint, you are on the road to a sustainable world with clean air and water, with less noise and complicated machinery blasting away everywhere you go. Solar in Woodland Hills Going solar is easy these days. California is ahead of the pack and Woodland Hills, being a conservation-conscious city, with lots of sunshine, green space, and beautiful parks and scenery is a great place to jump aboard and join the residential solar boom that is happening on rooftops in this eco-friendly town and across the globe. Semper Solaris is the go-to solar contractor for installing solar on your rooftop in Woodland Hills. We are experts with years of experience serving this city and the surrounding areas. We can make the installation of solar easy for you and help you with incentives, rebates, and solar loans to make installing solar an affordable option along with the many benefits you will enjoy by going solar. If it is good for the planet, it is good for you.