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Time for a Roofing Inspection? What You Can Expect.

We all know that roofing inspections are important, especially if you want to do any upgrades (like adding solar panels) on your home to make it more modern or energy efficient. Having regular roof inspections done on your home can be a great preventative maintenance method, helping you avoid costly repairs or replacement roofing in the long-run. The questions we often get when scheduling a roofing inspection usually have to do with what a homeowner can expect.

Semper Solaris prides itself on providing top quality, professional roofing inspections. Our goal is to provide customers with an honest and clear assessment of their roof’s current condition. That is why our inspection process looks a little like the following:

The Interior Inspection Process

Typically, signs of roofing problems show up in the interior of a home, particularly the attic. We will always perform a thorough inspection of your home interior areas for optimal insulation, ventilation problems, and potential moisture (and mold / mildew) threats. These areas can all be key indicators of your roof’s health, which is why we never underestimate the interior assessment. If we notice any issues, we will quickly alert you and get working on the best possible solution.

The Exterior Inspection Process

Of course, the exterior inspection also provides critical insight into the health of your home’s roof. We will send our qualified roofing inspection team onto your roof to do a thorough assessment. Some of the things we look for include aging and weather damage to roofing materials, leaks, areas missing shingles, loose materials, and more. Overall, we are looking to get an accurate picture of your roofing system’s status so we know if you need a roof replacement, upgrades, repairs, or just some minor fixes. We also take a look at other areas around your roof that are vulnerable to developing leaks or drainage problems, ensuring all components are in tip-top shape.

Creating Customized Roofing Solutions

The final step of the roofing inspection process is to follow up with customized solutions for any issues found, whether interior or exterior problems. Our team works with you to outline a plan to take care of any roofing upgrades on your schedule and within your desired budget. We also make sure you have a clear understanding of any costs upfront. We never leave you in the dark in regards to the cost of a project!

Semper Solaris knows that a durable, lasting roof is comprised of much more than just quality materials. We make sure to create comprehensive roofing systems that take every detail into account, from waterproofing barriers to ventilation. You can count on our team to think of it all, including sun exposure issues, insulation, starter shingles, and everything in between.

Set up a roofing inspection with the right team today. We are always just a phone call away.

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The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.

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