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IS your roof ready for the summer heat wave

Is Your Roof Ready for the Summer Heat Wave?

Summer in Southern California can be a wonderful time. The weather is warm enough to enjoy long days at the beach, early morning hikes in the hills, or relaxing poolside afternoons. While you are enjoying a break from the sun inside your home, your roof is experiencing constant exposure. Since we don’t have very harsh winters here in San Diego and surrounding areas, the summer is when your roof’s job kicks into high gear.

So what can you do to make sure your roof gets the job done and doesn’t suffer any unnecessary damage?

  1. Keep Your Gutters Free of Debris

    During the fall and winter months, plenty of debris can begin to build up on your roof, especially in the gutters. Most people make sure to keep these areas clean during the rainy season, but may forget that warm summer weather can lead to debris and falling leaves as well. From leaves to twigs and rocks, a moderate summer breeze could be blowing in more debris than you’d imagine. Keeping your gutters clean during the summer is crucial for your roof’s overall health. Another solution would be to install gutter guards to help prevent this debris from building up in the gutters.  

  2. Do a Quick Shingle Head Count

    Harsh winter winds and rainstorms can do some damage to your roof, even if it is very minimal. This minimal damage may look like loose shingles or tiles that end up being blown off your roof. While exposed spots may seem like more of a problem in the rainier months, there is just as much potential for damage in the summer. Mold and mildew could begin to develop. Take advantage of the clear skies in the summer to check for any missing, warped, or damaged roof materials. You can then schedule moderate repairs or get a professional roof inspection to see how bad the damage is.

  3. Get Your Attic in Order

    While you may not always think of your attic and your roof as going hand-in-hand, they definitely do. If you want to keep your house cool over the summer and do everything you can to help your roof get the job done, making sure your attic is in order is important. Some simple things you can do include checking on your exhaust fan and vents, inspecting your attic for insulation issues, and sealing up any cracks or potential air leaks.

  4. Schedule a Seasonal Inspection

    Not one to embark on a major DIY project in the summer? We get it. Truthfully, we appreciate it when our customers leave the roofing inspections and repairs to the professionals – it makes our jobs easier and ensures their safety and satisfaction! Semper Solaris would be happy to send out our roofing experts to take a look at your roof before the summer sets in. If you can’t remember the last time you scheduled a roofing inspection, there is no better time to check this home improvement project off your list! We’ll make sure to give you a clear picture of your roof’s health and help you determine the right steps moving forward, from repairs to replacement. Our experts work with top quality products from well-known manufacturers, from GAF to Owens Corning.

We’d be honored to help you tackle your summer roofing improvements. Reach out to our San Diego roofing company today to set up an inspection.

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