Solar panels installed on tile roof of Southern California home.

Historic Buildings and Solar Power In Pasadena | Solar Panels, Battery Storage, Roofing, HVAC

Pasadena, California, lays claim to some of the most memorable and celebrated landmarks in the United States. From Frank Lloyd Wright’s Millard house to the world-famous Rose Bowl Stadium, history and tradition abound in Pasadena.

The internationally recognized Tournament of Roses parade draws over a million visitors from all over the world every year. The American custom of the Rose Bowl Football Game has been a long-standing tradition for nearly 100 years. Pasadena is also recognized for the many famous theatres, scientific institutions, museums, and historical places that all call Pasadena home. 

It goes without saying, without its rich history, Pasadena wouldn’t be Pasadena. People come to appreciate and experience Pasadena by touring the Gamble House and walking the streets of Old Town. Even Pasadena City Hall is a tourist destination of beautiful, historic architecture. These famous landmarks and historically rich sites are a part of the Pasadena culture, and require maintenance and care to keep their aged beauty and preserve their historical significance for the years to come. 

History of Solar Power in Pasadena

Preserving history is a priority in Pasadena. But how does installing solar on historical buildings fit into both the preservation of the homes and upgrading to cost-effective renewable energy? While it is important to preserve history and maintain the premises in their historical context, installing solar power is a viable addition to any home. 

Semper Solaris is the best solar company in Pasadena for solar power installations. We are concerned about preserving the history and promoting solar power as the most efficient and cost-effective renewable energy source available. We can work within the Secretary of the Interior’s Guidelines for Historical Buildings and offer solutions that will preserve the integrity of the architecture while providing solar energy to historic residences and buildings. The proven, cost-effective nature of solar power can lead to cuts in electrical expenses for the city and still supply the landmarks with abundant and sufficient authority.

Semper Solaris is local to Pasadena, and these historic places matter to us. Because we are a local company, we understand the care and attention to detail that goes into taking care of Pasadena’s historical sites. Our team of award-winning contractors and representatives are prepared and excited to help Pasadena’s older buildings switch to solar power.

Solar Installation in Pasadena

According to the government guidelines, on-site solar installation is an option only after methods to improve the home’s energy efficiency has been implemented. 

  • The solar technology needs to benefit the building without altering the significant characteristics of the building and surrounding area.
  •  It must not change the historic nature of the roof and have a minimal impact visually. 
  •  It must benefit the site by reducing its energy usage significantly.

Semper Solaris is the most reliable solar roofing contractor in Pasadena. We have years of experience in the repair and restoration of roofs of all styles and ages. Preserving the design of the architecture is a crucial consideration in maintaining the historical construction and design of an older home. 

Repair, restoration, and solar panel installation on historical homes require an experienced and careful hand. We can provide that with our highly trained and expert team for solar panel installation in Pasadena as well as roofing. Each building has its own unique beauty and design; our team wants to preserve the integrity of each roof while offering the best solar installation in Pasadena for historical homes. 

Upgrading the energy efficiency of older buildings in Pasadena will make them less expensive and more environmentally friendly. It is becoming more vital to be energy efficient as issues emerge due to the high demand for energy with a finite and unsustainable supply of energy fuels. Clean energy sources, like solar power in Pasadena, reduce greenhouse gas and pollution that cause damage to the planet and to our future. 

With solar, Pasadena can protect its history while also helping secure a better future.

Solar Solutions for Historical Buildings in Pasadena

There are many ways to implement solar power to lessen its visual impact and maintain the historical details and nature of the roof and site. 

  • Install solar panels on flat roofs without visibility from the street
  • Install rooftop panels horizontally or flat to limit visibility
  • Install solar panels on newer non-historic, additions or parking structures
  • Install ground-mounted or pole mounted systems in a less visible location
  • Install panels at an alternate area nearby

When it comes to installing solar panels on historic homes, most fear destruction to the natural age or authenticity of the building. Solar panels can stand out on the roof of a house and can take away from the aged detail of the roof. 

Our team at Semper Solaris can analyze how solar technology can be used effectively in a historic building without compromising the character of the site or district. We can install solar power in Pasadena’s historical homes with minimal impact on the building’s historical characteristics and integrity. 

Semper Solaris is the best solar contractor in Pasadena for installing solar systems in historic buildings. We work with care and diligence on every solar installation in Pasadena. With temperatures reaching into the hundreds in the hottest months of the year, air-conditioning is crucial. Pasadena’s historic buildings and renowned sites see large numbers of tourists and foot traffic each year, and power plays a big role in keeping the buildings operating.

Partner with Semper Solaris and together we can prepare landmarks that have stood firm in Pasadena for hundreds of years with the power they would need to stand firm for hundreds more. Semper Solaris technicians and contractors are experienced, knowledgeable, and provide top-notch service for every job. 

We can make solar work for Pasadena’s treasured landmarks. Call Semper Solaris today. Let’s make history with solar power in Pasadena!

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