Customers are furious at rate increases

Customers are furious about SDG&E rate hike request | Solar Panels, Battery Storage, Roofing, HVAC

Find out what you can do to combat rising utility rates at the bottom of this article.

Customers are furious after San Diego Gas & Electric Company is once again requesting to hike utility prices.
Just recently, SDG&E was part of a record rate increase where they stated their customers can expect their energy bills to more than double.

What type of rate hike is SDG&E asking for?

San Diego Gas & Electric Company general rate case calls for huge revenue increases that if approved will begin in 2024 and run through 2027.

The utility provider is asking regulators to approve new revenue of about $3.6 billion over a four-year period.

Here is a breakdown of the four-year period:

  • 2024: $449 million increase (17.6%)
  • 2025: $315 million increase (10.5%)
  • 2026: $306 million increase (9.2%)
  • 2027: $279 million increase (7.7%)

“I can’t afford to live without shaking in the cold,” said a resident of Carlsbad. “I can’t afford this.”

What does this potential utility increase mean?

This means that if this rate hike is approved by CPUC beginning next year (2024) an average electric customer’s bill could jump about $108 a year and a gas customer would see a potential increase of $115 a year. That means that the 900 thousand customers who have both gas and electric services will have to shell out an extra $223 dollars.

How do SDG&E customers feel about rate increases?

On March 06, 2023 California regulators received heavy feedback from SDG&E customers that were upset with the utility company request to increase revenue during their general rate case.

The truth is, San Diego residents feel powerless about the utility rate increases. Each year, SDG&E customers face growing rate increases that add financial burden and stress. Struggling families already face challenges paying bills, and upcoming increases could impact their monthly budget significantly.

The company’s lack of transparency and communication about their reasons for continuously increasing utility prices is frustrating residents. Many customers feel that these rate increases are unjustified and that the company (SDG&E) should do more to control their spend and costs instead of passing their costs to their customers.

Furthermore, customers feel that they have no choice but to accept the rate increases, which leads to heavy dissatisfaction and a want to search for more affordable and reliable energy sources.

San Diego residents have taken to twitter to express their concerns.

What can San Diego Homeowners do to combat rising utility rates?

As a San Diego Resident, it is important to voice your concerns and stay informed. Here is a link to the Public Forum on SDG&E’s Rate Request where you can find more information and call in to provide your perspective and input.

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