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Poway Residents Save with Solar Power

Poway – “The City in the Country”

Poway, just north of the city of San Diego, is known for its rolling hills, prominent school system, and its popular lake. Poway is known as a great place to raise a family outside the bustle of the main city. It has plenty of beautiful trails and hiking, and many residents take their horses or bikes on the trail. Poway isn’t Poway without its lake! Lake Poway is an actual water supply, and also serves as a recreational area for boating and fishing. Lake Poway also holds many hikes up to the top of the mountain near the lake, including the Mt. Woodson Trail. The Mt. Woodson trail leads to the world-famous “Potato Chip Rock” near the summit. As part of San Diego County, Poway residents live in the best place in that nation to go solar. San Diego leads the country in solar installations. A recent study found that San Diego solar homeowner save over $266,654,305 a year!

Go Solar Today in Poway

Today is a great day to go solar. The sooner that you go solar, the sooner that you can reduce or even completely get rid of your electric bill. There’s no reason to keep paying a bill for the rest of your life when you can start producing your own electricity now through your solar panel system. Some customers actually produce so much extra electricity that the electric company ends up paying them! Electricity bills have only gotten more expensive, and solar panels are more efficient and affordable than ever. Plus, government tax incentives are still in place, but could disappear at any time. Install solar today!

Why Choose Semper Solaris?

Semper Solaris offers several financing options, so you don’t have to pay a large upfront cost to get solar today. In fact, we offer special zero-down options for new customers. For many homeowners, their solar payments are actually less than their electricity bills—and unlike the electricity bill, your solar payments will end! We also offer unique financing options like the HERO Program, where homeowners have the option of paying for their solar panel installation through their property taxes.

Furthermore, Semper Solaris only uses American Made solar panels. These panels are designed in the USA and are more durable than other panels due to a heat-conducting copper backing. They also come with a 25-year warranty, significantly more inclusive and longer-lasting than other solar panel warranties. These panels have also set world records in efficiency, which is why Semper Solaris believes that these are the best panels on the market.

Call Semper Solaris today, and one of our solar experts will work with you and discuss the best solar options for your needs. Our team, many of them veterans, is known for strong military values, including faithfulness, personal responsibility, and great communication. We’ve even earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for our renowned customer service. When you call today, one of our solar experts will work with you to discover the best options for your roof, your home, and your energy needs.

Everyone's been raving about the potential savings of solar power, but not all solar power systems are created equal. For Poway residents to realize their maximum savings potential, they need to choose the best solar company in Poway - That's where our team at Semper Solaris comes in.

With abundant sunshine and the Pacific Ocean in its backyard, San Diego County has always been an eco-friendly place, that’s why it’s one of the top U.S. cities for solar panel installations.

In fact:

Going solar in San Diego County is a common theme for America’s Finest City and its residents. The San Diego metropolitan area tops the list at #2 for Best City for Solar.

Here are some quick facts about San Diego County Solar:


Go Solar, Poway

The Best Solar Companies Come From the Best Cities for Solar


It’s a no-brainer:

The best solar companies come from the best cities for solar. Solar panels are being installed all over San Diego County and Semper Solaris has performed countless solar installations from El Cajon to Oceanside and even all the way up to Carlsbad and Poway. Check out our solar San Diego Yelp reviews to get a glimpse of the work we’ve done for our San Diegan customers.

Our goal is to have your San Diego County solar install run smoothly. We’ll answer any of your solar panel or renewable energy questions. As a local solar panel contractor, our team can answer any San Diego County specific questions regarding solar rebates, SDG&E rates, and solar permits. We’re proud to take part in making San Diego a 100% renewable energy city by 2035.

sdge solar battery storage

Stay Local, Poway

Your local Semper Solaris technicians aren’t just solar tech geeks - they’re also experts regarding San Diego County solar regulations.

Think about it:

What out-of-town solar company is going to know your exact neighborhood’s HOA regulations? They probably won’t even know whether your home is eligible for a solar permit! (That’s a recipe for disaster). Our team at Semper Solaris knows the ins-and-outs of San Diego County’s solar regulations and building codes so you can rest assured we’re getting the job done right. Check out the links below for some quick resources on San Diego County solar permits.

San Diego Gas and Electric

San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) is the sole electric provider for San Diego County.  SDG&E’s rates and solar policies are independent of other California electric companies, creating a unique situation for San Diego County residents who are considering going solar.

SDGE Rate Hikes:

As a local, you’ve probably noticed your electric bills go up in the past few years. SDGE is requesting another set of big rate increases starting in 2019. How big are these increases? Well, the breakdown is astonishing: 11% in 2019, 6.9% in 2020, 5.1% in 2021 and 4.9% in 2022. That’s a 28% total increase for electric bills over a four-year span. The time is now more than ever to switch to solar power and free yourself from constant rate increases from electrical companies.

Find yourself a solar contractor that knows how to work with SDG&E:

By choosing Semper Solaris, you’re not just lowering your SDGE bill, you’re maximizing your San Diego County solar panel investment.

As the leading San Diego County solar expert, Semper Solaris has undergone hundreds of solar projects specifically related to connecting to the SDGE electrical grid. We’ll work with you to maximize your money saving potential and walk you through any energy rebates that you qualify for.

Find out more about SDGE solar rebates and save more on solar power!

Poway Residents Can Make Money With Solar:

If you’re considering renewable energy for your home, you’ll be happy to know that solar panels can generate income.


SDGE offers a Net Energy Metering (NEM) program which allows you to sell any solar energy you don’t use back to the grid. There are only two main factors that determine your NEM eligibility with SDGE:

  • Your electrical generation system must be renewable (i.e solar panels)

Your system must be compliant with SDGE rules and regulations (with Semper Solaris, we’ll make sure your solar energy system is compliant).



Take Pride, San Diego

Not all San Diego County solar companies are created equal. At Semper Solaris, we take pride in our American heritage, our American economy, and of course, our American military.

With Naval Base San Diego serving as the home port of one of the largest US Navy fleets, thePacific Fleet, it’s no wonder why San Diego and the surrounding areas are home to a large population of US veterans and active duty military personnel.

As a veteran-owned and staffed company, Semper Solaris works to make San Diego the solar capital of the world by upholding the values of our service members.

Semper Solaris and the Freedom to Choose

Semper Solaris partners with the finest American Made solar panel manufacturers. They are the industry leaders, developing record-breaking technology every day. Our American Made solar panels are the most efficient solar panels in the world. The solid copper backing stands up to damage and corrosion. And, the thick cell connectors are strong enough to expand and contract with daily temperature changes. Plus, our solar panels come with an industry leading 25-year warranty. Ask for American Made solar panels and support our American economy.

Solar Providers in San Diego County

Even with so much solar installed, there is always room for more. Our team of solar contractors is based in San Diego and we specialize in local San Diego County solar installations. If you’re interested in exploring the benefits of rooftop solar panels, give Semper Solaris a call. Our local San Diego team will be ready to send over a representative to guide you through the solar process and answer any questions you may have.



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