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Yorba Linda Residents Save with Solar Power

Do you feel like you’re overpaying for your electricity?

You’re not the only one! Yorba Linda’s electrical rates have been rising steadily over the years with no signs of slowing down in sight. A factor in rising costs of living and having to run your AC year-round due to hotter weather and you can see why that electric bill of yours’ is quickly rising.

What to do?

Investing in renewable energy options such as a solar power system is the best way to manage your rising electric bills in Yorba Linda. In recent years, solar power has surpassed solar parity, meaning the energy generated by solar panels outweighs the cost of solar panels over the duration of your solar system’s lifespan.

Why is this great news?

In California, and especially in Yorba Linda, electrical rates will continue to rise. Investing in solar panels now won’t just help you save money from today’s electric rates; you’ll be protecting yourself from electric rate hikes for years to come. Over the course of 25 years (the average lifespan of a solar panel system), your electric savings will account for quite a sum of money.

Think about it:

As the State of California and Orange County continue to mandate solar panel installations for environmental purposes, there will be fewer Yorba Linda residents paying full price for their electric bills. To offset this drop in income, electric companies will have to raise their rates.

The time to go solar in Yorba Linda is now!

Here’s where it gets tricky. Orange County is one of Southern California’s most populated metro areas consisting of different cities – some with separate municipal electrical grids.

SCE Time of Use Plans Will Make Yorba Linda Residents Pay DOUBLE for Electric By 2020. GO SOLAR

Go Solar and Stay Local in Yorba Linda

Think about what goes into a solar panel installation. Before the installation crew can even start, a solar company has to submit permits, conduct building inspections, and check for compliance with your electricity provider. Then, you’ll want to know what kind of local incentives and rebates are available for your new solar energy system and what options you have for financing.

Those out of town solar companies may be experts in their respective area’s local solar regulations, but the last thing you want is to have a noncompliant solar system installed and the only answer you get from your solar contractor is “oh, that’s how we always do it from where we’re from” (trust us, this actually happens a lot).

Make sure to ask your solar contractor whether they’re local to the Yorba Linda area and if they have a solar technician that’s familiar with your specific city’s solar regulations. This alone can save you countless hours and dollars!

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Read Reviews! It Says a Lot About a Solar Company’s Character!

The world we live in is overrun by sales pitches and advertising. Reviews are the last saving grace we have to legitimate claims when it comes to deciding the best solar company in Yorba Linda. You can take a wild guess and say no solar contractor is going to bad-mouth their company on their own website, but reviews are purely from the customer’s experience.

Good reviews are a huge indicator of what you can expect from a solar company and in today’s world, reviews are a direct representation of a company’s reputation. At Semper Solaris, we’re proud to say we take pride in every solar installation, treating every customer as if they were our own family. Our 5-star solar panel installations go the distance and we make sure to maintain the highest standard of solar services.

If you’ve been considering going solar, you’re probably looking for some direct answers about how many solar panels cost and how much you can save on your electric bill.


There’s a reason why you may be having trouble finding a ballpark estimate for your solar panel project. Every solar panel installation is custom built to the exact specifications for your unique home. There’s a lot that goes into a solar panel estimate including but not limited to:

  • Square footage of your home
  • Slope of your roof
  • Positioning of your home relative to the Sun
  • Your electrical usage

California’s mandate to have all new homes be powered by solar by the year 2020 is putting electrical providers on edge. Yorba Linda’s electric company, Southern California Edison (SCE), is already increasing their rates in anticipation of the decline in full-time electrical grid users due to the California Solar Mandate. To protect your expenses, the time is now more than ever to invest in solar panels.

SCE (Southern California Edison) also offers rebates and incentives for homeowners to install solar before the deadline. Not to mention the tax credits and the options available to those adding solar to their homes:


A PPA or lease gives you all the benefits of using a solar panel system without purchasing it. The PPA provider installs solar panels on your property in exchange for paying them a reduced rate for solar the electricity for a set term, usually 20 years. There is a low or no upfront cost. The provider owns, controls and maintains the system, and receives the rebates and Federal Tax Credits for the installation.


You can finance your solar energy installation with a PACE program loan available to homeowners through an authorized PACE lender. PACE financing is affixed to the property and paid through the annual property tax bill. The tax rate determines the interest rate. If you sell your property before paying off the loan, the balance transfers to the new owner.


The HERO program is a residential Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program for home renovation loans. HERO finances home improvements for solar as well as other energy efficiency residential projects.

You can lower your home’s energy expenses as well as increase the value of your property while reducing your carbon footprint.

If you’re ready to invest in solar panels in Orange County, call a Semper Solaris representative today or leave us a message on our website.

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