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Fun Facts and Myths about Solar Energy in La Mesa | Solar Panels, Battery Storage, Roofing, HVAC

While we like to think to harness the power of the sun to benefit mankind is a new technology, this is not true!  If you are interested in some fun facts and myths surrounding solar energy from the best solar company in La Mesa, read on!  You may be surprised by what you learn!

The San Diego area is one of the world leaders in solar home use, so you can be proud to have solar panels powering your home!  We love to help our customers become free from the grid and with solar panel installation in La Mesa, you can eliminate your electric bill completely!  Read on to learn some interesting stuff about solar!

Fun Facts about Solar Energy

 1. There is enough solar power available to go 8,000 times total the world’s power usage!  We just can’t harness it all. Even the best solar installation in La Mesa can’t harness it all-YET! (but we are working on it!)

2. The Greeks and Romans first harnessed the power of the sun!  They used passive solar designs to provide heat and light in their homes!

3. In the 1960s solar power was used as a power source onboard spacecraft!  Vanguard 1 was the first satellite powered by solar cells, and it is still in orbit-it has traveled more than 6 billion miles!

4. More energy hits the earth in one hour than we can use in one year.

5. Solar power is the environmentally friendly-in fact it produces no water or air pollution and emits no greenhouse gases.

6. There is no noise pollution for your neighbors to hear when you use your solar panels. So if you don’t have solar yet, look up a reputable solar company in La Mesa, like Semper Solaris, to come out and give you an estimate!

7. When panels are installed on existing structures, the environmental impact is minimal.

8. Once installed, there is no maintenance required, except cleaning your panels a couple of times a year.

9. The Mojave Desert here in California houses the largest solar power plant in the world. It is about 1,000 acres!

10.  Solar energy has been used for more than 2700 years and is only getting better and more efficient! 

Myths about Solar Energy

1. Solar is Free

  • Well, that is not entirely true. You can finance panels for zero down and the government rebates to help subsidize your panels. 

2. Solar is for the wealthy only 

  • Nope!  While that may have been the case about 20 years ago, solar is very affordable for most Americans. We will evaluate your needs and help you find a system to fit your budget!

3. My panels won’t work on cloudy or rainy days 

  • Guess what?? Your panels will still produce energy even during inclement weather!  They can also be more efficient during those chilly, sunny winter days!

4. I read that solar panels can damage my roof

  • Again, not true!  Any qualified solar panel installer knows how to make sure your roof can support solar panels. They also see the area where the panels are mounted to your ceiling is sealed to prevent leaks. Call us, the best solar roofing company in La Mesa for a free quote.

5. I don’t own my home/I live in a condo or apartment, so I can’t have solar. 

  • There are many community solar programs that exist. Please do not hesitate to research or ask us if your community offers programs for you so you can benefit from solar energy too! 

We hope this little bit of knowledge helped you feel better about solar energy and its future potential!

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