The City of La Mesa is taking action and moving towards net-zero energy with a proactive approach to cutting greenhouse gases. Through a comprehensive Energy Roadmap the city will reduce energy usage in city buildings and the community. Renovation of the city will target energy efficient government and community buildings utilizing solar contractors in La Mesa.

The Climate Action Plan implements net zero construction standards for residential and commercial construction. It includes a retrofit program for both residential and commercial buildings.

You can benefit from the efforts to foster renewable energy right in your home. The best place to start is in understanding what net-zero means and what measures you can take to achieve it.

What is a Net Zero Home?

Net-Zero energy homes (ZEH) are one of the foundations of a sustainable future that is not dependent on fossil fuels. They are tied to the grid and built with energy efficiency in mind. They are airtight, well insulated, and more durable than conventional homes.

With filtered air and other advanced technologies in net-zero homes, there is less need for heating and cooling. The cost of living in a net-zero house is lower than the cost in a typical home. A net-zero home generates the same amount of electricity as it uses over a year yielding a zero energy cost.  The addition of solar panel installation in La Mesa is the catalyst for savings.

Construction of a Net Zero Home

A Net-Zero home is more robust than conventional homes. Built from the getgo for energy efficiency, the design and construction of a net-zero home decreases the need for heating and cooling, lighting and other energy-dependent necessities.

Solar as a Power Source

The net-zero home must produce its own clean power to achieve zero-energy. Rooftop solar is the most common power source for residential use. The house uses a solar thermal system for heating water.

Due to the insulation and energy-conserving construction, the solar panels provide as much energy as the home needs. The difference between a regular solar-powered home and a net-zero home is the reduction in electricity needs combining with increased power generation.

At Semper Solaris, we understand the savings a homeowner can realize on the electric bill with a Net Zero Home. But Net-Zero homes are new and expensive. Solar power along with other ways to cut energy waste is a good start towards less energy usage. We are a solar contractor in La Mesa and can help maximize savings with solar installation.

Retrofitting Towards Net Zero

Retrofitting is the only option for most of us who already own homes. You can make improvements and move your household towards a net-zero style home starting with some simple steps.

• Replace lighting with LED bulbs. They use 75 percent less power.

• Use motion sensor lights in rarely used hallways and areas

• Use dusk to dawn sensor lights for your front porch or anywhere

you want lights to go on at night.

• Use smart strips for appliances like televisions. If you have cable,

you can keep the cable DVR on and turn off the tv and other

electronics connected.

• Use a smart plug for things like the microwave that stays plugged in. A simple flip of the switch when you need to use it is all it will take.

• Install a Smart Thermostat to minimize HVAC usage when you

don’t need it.

• Upgrade to Energy Star highly efficient appliances.

If you are ready to begin the process of retrofitting your home, here are 12 Cost-Effective Steps to Zero Energy Retrofits.

Solar in La Mesa

The capstone to a retrofitting project is the power source. Solar Energy is the renewable energy used in Net-Zero homes. And you don’t have to wait until you have completed your project to begin reducing your energy costs with solar power.

Solar panels will save you money whether you buy or lease them and you can do that right away. For a retrofit, the purchase of the solar system is the most ideal. It will increase the value of your home and give you capabilities for future innovations in solar. And a solar system will protect you from rising energy costs.

Semper Solaris has the knowledge and the tools to facilitate the process of moving towards net-zero in your home. Whether you retrofit or not, we can save you money and improve your carbon footprint.

We are the premier solar contractors for rooftop solar installations in La Mesa. We can help you take advantage of La Mesa’s Energy Roadmap with its financial incentives. We can acquire the right financing for your solar needs. We do the paperwork and handle the permitting from the beginning of installation through the switching on of your new solar panels. It’s a perfect time to go solar in La Mesa.

In Lemon Grove, renovation is on the move and community efforts to clean up and fix up are underway. New jobs, opportunities, and enhanced infrastructure await the residents of this city. Green, clean, and robust, upgrading to solar power is a smart way to beautify and achieve a sustainable model city.

Semper Solaris is on the frontlines of renewable energy and preservation of the environment. Our technicians have years of experience and are passionate about solar power. We know that solar is the most effective renewable energy source available. We are the best Solar Company for Lemon Grove’s move towards sustainability.

Solar Power in Lemon Grove

When planning for a sustainable city, it is essential to consider the conservation of green spaces for residents to enjoy. Clean air and water and renewable energy should be the centerpiece of how a city works. Let’s call it an environmental upgrade. It will bring more prosperity, real estate development, parks, restaurants, and more.

Renewable energy is the key to sustainability.

•        Solar power causes no pollution of the air or water.

•        Solar as the foundation of a city’s infrastructure enhances services by reducing power bills.

•        Solar power provides job growth and opportunities in a clean energy economy

•        Solar can help low-income residents with lower cost power.

•        Solar power protects from power grid disruption from a disaster.

•       Solar power paves the way for energy independence.

•       Solar power as a city’s foundation opens the door for the use of smart technology.

City of The Future and Innovation

Solar Power is an attractive investment to make and opens the door to possibilities. Solar innovation brings smart technology into the city’s infrastructure. And a smart Microgrid is the wave of the future of energy independence.

Beautifying your city will yield clean air and water, reduce pollution, lower operating costs, and make the city bright and beautiful. Semper Solaris is the go-to solar contractor in Lemon Grove. We have experience in the installation and maintenance of solar systems for municipalities and residents. We can help build Lemon Grove’s renewable energy infrastructure. Solar energy will power the future.

Here are some remarkable innovations on the horizon that can enhance the city of Lemon Grove and save money on services offered in town.

It is valuable to have the community involved in the beautification of the city. Homeowners are joining the efforts by going solar in Lemon Grove.  The community is investing in the future of an attractive, enjoyable environment. Economic prosperity and opportunity come with smart renovation that is cost-effective.

Semper Solaris is the best solar contractor in Lemon Grove. We are on the frontlines of renewable energy technology and innovation. We are experts in the design and implementation of solar power for sustainable city infrastructure.

We can provide knowledge and expertise in choosing solar solutions for municipalities and residences. Solar is leading the way to a sustainable world. Call Semper Solaris and let us begin the journey of achieving sustainability with solar power in Lemon Grove.

Bonita, California, is known for frequent flooding due to heavy rains during El Nino. Earthquakes are a concern living near the La Nacion Fault lines. And wildfires are a fact of life in this at-risk Southern California area. Being prepared for any of these eventualities is crucial to your safety and even survival. Planning now will be to your best advantage in the event of natural or other disasters.

Food and water, shelter, and supplies are critical to safety and survival during and after a disaster. And rooftop solar is the most reliable energy source if the grid goes down. Solar power in Bonita, along with a solar backup system, will benefit you in the event of any of these disasters.

Semper Solaris is the best solar company in Bonita. We have many options for choosing a system that suits your needs. We offer top quality, reliable backup battery systems that are designed to hold up in harsh conditions and will keep your power on and your communication systems operational during and after an emergency. We will even monitor your panels from our central location for any problems that might arise.


Flooding is not a threat to your solar panels. They can operate in inclement weather. Unless your house is underwater, your solar system will continue to produce electricity. If the grid goes down, a solar backup battery will enable you to keep in touch with emergency services. Be sure to prepare and have a plan for a flood hazard.


Solar manufacturers design solar Panels for seismic activity as well as harsh weather conditions. They can take quite a beating while still working to provide electricity. The panels are constructed from tempered glass and mounted securely on the roof. Semper Solaris, the best solar contractor in Bonita, uses top rated roof mount systems that are robust and tested in extreme environments. The addition of a backup battery system will enable you to use your power in the event of an earthquake when it is probable that your power will be interrupted. Be prepared for an earthquake in the San Diego area.


Solar panels are built to endure high heat, but they are not fireproof. If you have not yet evacuated and the flames are not close, there is smoke and debris in the air. It is essential to run your HVAC system during the critical parts of a fire. It will filter pollutants coming into the home. With a widespread wildfire, it is likely that the power grid will go down. With a backup battery, your HVAC can continue to operate at least while you are safe in your home.

Semper Solaris’ uses the safest and most durable panels for solar panel installation in Bonita. Our solar panels meet building and fire codes and are reliable even in high temperatures like those in the hot desert. There is no telling how higher temperatures will interfere with energy production.

It is best to prepare to evacuate in the event of a wildfire and keep communication lines open. A backup system will keep your panels running and your power on as long as possible. Plan and be sure you know what to do in the event of a wildfire that threatens your home.

Solar panels are resilient and can be a lifesaver in the event of any of these possible scenarios. They have no moving parts and a high likelihood of surviving most disasters. That is why solar power is utilized in disaster relief efforts all over the world.

Semper Solaris cares about the safety of you and your family. The use of solar power in Bonita will serve you well when you need it the most. If you have a solar system or are in the market for one, Semper Solaris will help you choose the best solar system for your needs. We are experts in emergency preparation and can install high-quality, reliable solar backup systems. Call us today and let us help you go solar in Bonita.

There is a saying that “a rising tide lifts all boats.”  When it comes to solar power, it is truly a rising tide. Solar power will drive the energy of the future and California is ahead of the curve. Access to solar power can have a profound impact on low-income and families living in poverty.

In this up and coming renewable energy economy, it is vital that everyone has access to the benefits of solar.

Low-Income families spend a more significant percentage of their income on their utility bills compared to most households.

California’s new mandate for installing solar power on new construction is paving the way for the future of sustainability. As we move towards phasing out reliance on fossil fuels, everyone should enjoy the economic benefits of solar power in El Cajon.

Semper Solaris is a solar power company in El Cajon that cares about the future of this city.  We are committed to solving some of the economic problems of the community through solar power.

Low-Income Homeowners

Homeowners can get rooftop solar installed at no upfront cost and enjoy the benefit of lower bills. With a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), you can have solar installed by a provider. You will pay for your energy usage through the provider at a lower rate than you pay to your utility company.

There are low-cost solar loans that can help homeowners install rooftop solar and reap the benefits of lower electric bills and increased home value. Semper Solaris is the best solar contractor in El Cajon. We can help you find the right options for going solar.

Landlords Can Help Low-Income Families

If you own rental property in El Cajon, you can help struggling tenants with their high utility costs by installing solar on your rental home, condominium, or apartment building.

If your tenants pay their own electric bill each month, the addition of solar power can help them reduce costs and as a tradeoff, incur a small rise in rent to help defray the cost of installation. If electric bills are included in rent, installing solar will reduce your monthly expenses.

There are several ways to finance your solar power. You can purchase your system for your rental units, or you can go with a solar lease with no upfront costs, and your tenants can enjoy the lowered electricity costs right away.

If you choose to purchase your system, there are state and federal tax incentives you can take advantage of as well as other returns on your investment. A solar system will also increase the value of your rental property. We are experts in solar installations in El Cajon.

Solar Options for Renters

If you rent your single-family home or live in a multi-family apartment building, there are other options for accessing solar power. Whether to protect the environment or save on your power bill, when it comes to going solar, “there is more than one way to skin a cat.”

Solar Power for the Homeless

In El Cajon and California at large, we have a serious homeless problem. Cities and communities across the country are finding solutions for the homeless population. Solar power is being deployed to help lift people out of homelessness.

Organizations offer mobile showers and toilets for the homeless.

By providing access to power through, Smart chargers and solar benches the homeless can connect with necessary services and look for jobs.

Solar is a powerful resource for helping people in poverty at home and in the world. Semper Solaris is leading the way in installing solar power in El Cajon and other communities. We are passionate about promoting the environmental and economic benefits of renewable energy.

Semper Solaris is the best solar power company in El Cajon for solving the problem of access to solar for everyone. Whether for your rental property or your home, solar power is a cost-effective way to help families improve their station in life, putting more money in their pockets for the things they need.

Call us, and we can help you find the solutions you need for going solar and moving the line forward for the future of solar for everyone.

Here in Carlsbad, a coastal town and unique vacation destination, conservation is an integral part of the community. With a sense of duty to the protection of habitats, open spaces, clean air and water, the value of solar energy is on the forefront of their commitment to renewable energy.

The benefits to the city both through residential, government and business solar power installations reach far into the future as California leads the way in achieving the sustainable goals for decreasing fossil fuels and carbon emissions.

Semper Solaris supports conservation and the development of renewable energy. We are committed to clean air and a reduction in pollution. We are experts in the maintenance, repair, and installation of Solar Panel systems for municipalities and local businesses.  

Solar in the City

Carlsbad is committed to making the city environmentally friendly, financially efficient, and economically prosperous.  Savings on the cost of power, achieving goals for sustainable energy, promoting local business and protecting the local environment and infrastructure are all part of the commitment to citizens and tourists alike.

The city can generate its electricity and reduce monthly bills and operating expense

Residential Solar

Homeowners in Carlsbad are following suit with the commitment of their city to sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint.  With investment in solar, you can reap the financial rewards as well as join in making Carlsbad a model town for residents and tourists alike. An example of a city on the cutting edge of conservation, renewable energy, and overall clean environment is a worthy goal.

Solar benefits you in many ways, and with rising energy costs, you can save big and get a return on your investment in solar.  It is a win-win for the city and homeowners alike.

Your investment in solar will save significantly on your energy bill now and in the future as technology makes strides towards even more efficiency. You can help the environment and support your cities commitment to clean energy, conservation, and enjoyment of your town.  

Semper Solaris is on the frontlines of renewable energy technology and innovation.  We use only the very best equipment available, and our technicians are experienced in the installation of all types of solar systems, and that list is growing. We can provide you with expertise in choosing your solar system, its design, and aesthetics with the many options for Solar installations in Carlsbad.

There are numerous variables that play into what makes a good solar design. The way a panel is not only installed but designed can greatly impact the productivity of the solar array and the efficiency of the entire solar panel system. That is why it is important to have an experienced solar designer working with you throughout the installation process.

The challenge is that homeowners can sometimes have strong preferences about how they want their solar panel system to look with their home design. While they may prefer the panels to be placed a certain way on their roof or layed out according to their vision, a designer can help them not only get the best possible appearance, but also production.

Factors Designers Consider

So much goes into the actual design of a PV system layout. Designers think through every and factor that can impact a home’s solar energy system. Though your neighbors may look out the window and think the installation process is just a simple step of placing the panels on the roof, the where and how are complicated steps you’ll want to consider with your designer.

The main things a solar system designer will calculate and think through:

An experienced solar designer will take into consideration everything from your past utility bills to the direction of the sun to the type of inverter and arrays you need to maximize your solar investment. Having a designer to the heavy lifting for you means you don’t have to worry about missing any details that could impact solar efficiency for your entire system. With an investment this big, it is crucial that you have your system setup to be as productive as possible to put more savings in your pocket and value back into your home.  

Get an Experienced Designer on the Job

You don’t want just any solar team to install your panels and system — you want a qualified Inland Empire solar company that uses great products and knows how to come up with a strong solar design. At Semper Solaris, our designers have upwards of 10 years of collective experience and have tackled around 10,000 jobs and counting. We have the knowledge of what makes a truly good and efficient solar system. Our designers ensure our customers have systems setup to produce the best results and benefits their home.

By listening to our designers, you can be confident that your new solar panel installation will not only produce but be as cost-effective as possible!

Time for a roof replacement? If your roof has seen better days and you’re tired of placing buckets under leaky spots, getting a new roof can be an exciting process. It’s also a process that can involve numerous steps and obstacles, which is why you want to make sure your project is handled by the best roofing contractor in the Bay Area.

Semper Solaris is a qualified and dedicated contractor that handles all types of roof repairs and replacements, from San Francisco and San Jose to Sacramento City. Our team handles everything from the tear-off to the clean-up, and the thousand steps in between to ensure your repairs or roof replacement are done correctly. After all, your roof is the shield of your home, making it a very important project to be tackled.

Steps in the Roofing Installation / Repair Process

While not every roofing project will look the same, there are some common steps you can expect to take along the way.

  1. Finding a Qualified Contractor

Before any work can be done, you need to find the right roofing company to actually handle the job. Every homeowner wants the best for their home, which is why they should do their due diligence and research before settling on a roofing contractor, comparing company values, customer reviews, past project completions, and experience and credentials. You also want to confirm the contractor you are interested in is licensed and insured before starting any work.

  1. Getting an Estimate

Depending on whether you just need some roofing repairs or a complete new installation, the price could vary. The size of your roof, style, and the extent of your roof’s damage could all impact the final estimate. Another factor that will play a part in the cost of your roof project is the materials involved. Asphalt roofing, on average, tends to be more affordable, though it may need more regular repairs or replacement of shingles. In comparison, a slate or wood shake roof will likely cost more to repair but provides more lasting durability over the course of time. If you are completely replacing your roof, you’ll want to keep these factors in mind, as well as any upgrades you’d like to add to your home down the road.

  1. Securing a Permit

Now that there is a contractor in place with an estimate you approve of, the final step before any real work can begin is securing the building permit. Speak with your contractor about this responsibility, as some contractors will handle the process for you while others may leave it up to the homeowner to tackle this step. A permit is crucial in order to pass the final code inspection for your roof once the work is fully done.

  1. Preparing for the Unexpected

As with any construction project, it is important to prepare for the unexpected. For example, in a roof repair project there may be significant more damage uncovered throughout the process or a slow down due to weather. Whatever the case, it is important to plan ahead of these types of problems and ensure you have a contingency plan, such as a small budget for additional expenses or costs. While not every project is guaranteed to run into problems, it is better to safely plan ahead!

  1. Skill Work Completed on Roof

For the homeowner, this is the easy part. Your contractor is in full swing, getting all the skill roofing work done while you sit back and wait for the final results. On average, a roof replacement can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. A project can range based on the size of the home, types of materials being used, craftsmanship involved, and unexpected issues and weather. The good news? The contractor you hire should have a team of top-notch roofing experts who’ve handled countless projects before.

  1. Debris Clean Up

The roof may be down and looking pristine, but the work isn’t quite finished until the final clean up has been tackled. From shingle pieces to stray nails to underlayment, any good contractor will make sure the entire property is looking spick and span and not a single piece of material is left behind. Once this process is done, you can finally sit back and enjoy your new roof.

More Questions? Call Our Roofing Experts Today!

Getting the ball rolling on a major roof installation project can sometimes be intimidating. That’s why Semper Solaris is here to answer any questions you may have! Whether you want to make sure you have the right material selected or are meeting the specifications to add solar panels down the road, our Bay Area roof installers have the insight you need.

Get connected with our roofing team today.

California is one of the leaders in renewable energy resources. While the rest of the country is following suit, not every state or city is as passionate about solar and other renewable energy sources. This means that not every homeowner across the country would necessarily add property value by installing solar panels on their home.

The good news? The Bay Area is one of the most popular areas for solar panels. Whether you live in Sacramento City or San Francisco, having solar panels could be a great investment if you are looking to add value to your home.

How Going Solar Can Benefit Your Property Value

Sure, you’ve heard that adding solar panels can be a great boost for a home, but does it really add any property value? According to a study done by Berkeley Lab, potential homeowners have been showing a willingness to pay a higher price tag (floating around $15,000 or more depending on the size of the system) for a house with an adequate solar panel system.

While buying a solar system is a big investment, the savings on utilities, reduced carbon footprint, and added monetary value to a home make it an attractive upgrade. Just like a remodeling kitchen or backyard addition, solar panels are seen by potential home buyers as a distinguishing factor on the market. In fact, in a past study, homes in California that had energy efficient features, such as solar arrays, were actually found to sell faster than those that were not as efficient.

Some factors can impact the solar value added to your Bay Area home:

It is important to note that just leasing a solar panel system will likely not add value to your home at all. On top of that, it can be difficult to transfer the lease to a potential buyer, so make sure to consider your financial situation and options when it comes to your solar investment.

Deciding if Solar Panels Are Right for Your Home

If you are simply looking for a way to add value to your property for a quick sell, solar panels won’t necessarily be the simplest or even most beneficial option. However, if you are planning to invest in solar panels so that you can reap the benefits of saving on your utility expenses and have your panels paid off or significantly covered, going solar could bring a nice boost to your property value. Down the road, if you decided to sell your home, you could expect to benefit from having solar panels already installed.

Still have questions about the value solar can bring to your home? Semper Solaris is here to provide more insight. Give our experts a call today to learn more.

As utility prices continue to fluctuate, solar electricity is slowly becoming the new norm in California. Homeowners throughout the Bay Area are jumping at the opportunity to add solar panels to their home in order to save on monthly electrical expenses. Choosing the right company to do the job can be tricky though. How do you find the best solar company in the Bay Area? What about the right company for your project?

While there are plenty of solar companies claiming to be the best out there, the “best” company doesn’t just mean the cheapest, fastest, or the one with the newest equipment. Far from that, the best companies often look beyond the flashy promotions and latest and most popular products to offer simplicity and technical skill to their customers. When it comes down to it, having a solar panel installer that is reliably recommended or approved by an electrician is one of the most validating factors. Having other certifications and qualifications to back up their work is also extremely important.

At the end of the day, you are going to have numerous solar contractors to select from. So what makes one contractor rise above the rest?

Backing Up Your Solar Investment with Credibility

When it comes to adding a solar panel system to your home, you aren’t just investing in the panels, electrical wiring, and converter — you are investing in the trustworthiness of your solar contractor. Having an installer that has been already certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners is probably one of the most reassuring qualifications out there. Why? The NABCEP is a highly respected certification organization in the renewable energy field. Having a certification from them means a contractor knows what they are doing and can back up their promises with actual experience and results.

Here are just a few of the qualifications that make Semper Solaris stand out:

While we are proud of our certifications and professional recommendations, we don’t rest on these accolades. Our team takes our customers’ solar investment seriously, going above and beyond to ensure the work is done properly.

Put Your Trust in the Solar Experts

Semper Solaris doesn’t just talk the talk — we back up our promises with highly skilled solar experts, top-quality solar panel equipment, thousands of glowing customer reviews, and unmatched work ethic our customers can count on. We are electrician and expert-recommended, giving our customers 100% peace of mind when they call on our Bay Area solar company.  

When you go with us, you get a 5-star solar installation experience. From top solar manufacturers to the best quality solar panel mounts and racks, we think of it all. Contact us today to get more information!

Have questions about solar? You’re not alone! Even though solar has been around for a long time, many homeowners want to know more before they decide if going solar is the right choice for their property. Your curiosity may begin with “How do solar panels work?” and end with money matters. Getting to know PV panels is smart — goodness knows there are a lot of rumors about solar that aren’t true (no, your lights won’t go out after dark if you’re running on solar!).


We’ve assembled some of the most commonly asked questions about residential solar panels and answered them in one convenient place. From understanding how solar power works to knowing what happens to solar panels in weather, you’ll be smarter than ever about translating the sun into green energy once you’re done with these FAQs. Let’s get started.

1. How Do Solar Panels Work?

The short answer is that solar panels (officially comprised of photovoltaic — or PV — cells) absorb sunlight and translate it into electricity. The longer answer is that the silicon in PV panels, which is intentionally doped with boron to increase its conductivity, knocks electrons free from the sunlight that hits the panels. This creates an electrical current. Your panels convert the sunlight into direct current (DC) energy.


Since most appliances in your home use alternating current (AC) power,  your solar panels are connected to an inverter. The inverter changes the solar energy from DC to AC. From there, the energy is ready to be sent to your outlets and used in your home.

2. How are Solar Panels Affected by Clouds and Rain?

One of the biggest myths about solar power is that it won’t be effective when it’s cloudy. Homeowners who live in areas with a lot of sea fog, for instance, may be worried that getting solar power isn’t worth it. The reality is that solar panels can still capture sunlight even when it’s cloudy outside. In fact, panels can often produce up to 25% of their typical output even when clouds are present. When it’s raining, your solar panels may produce about 10% of their regular output. During weather events, your solar panels can draw upon their storage of saved energy so your home can stay off the grid until the sun comes out again.

3. Do Solar Panels Overheat?

You want your solar panels in direct sunlight. But how much sun is too much sun? Some panels do operate with less efficiency in super hot temperatures. Solar panels are tested for efficiency at 77 degrees Fahrenheit, and they’re most efficient around that temperature. Panels will lose a certain amount of efficiency for every degree above 77 (this is called the temperature coefficient figure).


If you’re living in the desert, you may want to select panels with a better temperature coefficient. Thin-film panels, which are started to gain steam, are also known to work quite efficiently in hot temperatures. It’s important to note that your panels will still work when they get hot, they may just take longer to generate the same amount of electricity as they do on cooler days. They will draw on stored energy to make up the difference.

4. How Many Solar Panels Does a Home Need?

Now, on to brass tacks. How many solar panels will you need to successfully make the switch from grid power to self-sustaining solar power? There are a lot of factors that contribute to the answer, including the efficiency of the panels you choose and how much power you use every month. For a home that uses 5kW of power each month, you will require on average about 20 panels. You’ll need 300 square feet of roof space, ideally facing south.

5. Can Solar Panels Be Recycled?

If you’re entertaining the thought of going solar you probably care about the environment, and you’re asking yourself how you can recycle the panels when you’re done with them. The good news is that solar panels often last up to 30 years, so you won’t have to change them out often. If you inherit a home with outdated panels and want to upgrade them, however, the rules of recycling may be pertinent to you. The EU has a more organized system for recycling solar panels than the United States, but the US is started to get on board.


Many of the components of solar panels, including glass and wiring, can easily be recycled. Groups like SEIA and some individual manufacturers are allowing customers to turn in old panels for repurposing or recycling.

6. Are Solar Panels Expensive to Maintain?

No, solar panels are not expensive to maintain. Regular cleanings represent the majority of your responsibility; depending on where you live and the type of panels you have, you may only need to clean the panels annually. It’s best to consult a professional when you need your panels cleaned and schedule the cleaning for a day that is partly cloudy whenever possible. Aside from cleaning, you won’t need to attend to your panels unless you notice something wrong. Many solar panels have a warranty of 25 years for parts and materials, so you can also count on free replacement components in many cases.

7. Can Hail or Snow Damage My Solar Panels?

Solar panels are specifically designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. In fact, they are tested to make sure they can survive through one-inch hail falling at a rate of 50 miles per hour. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) was itself faced with a hail storm, and of the thousands of solar panels on the organization’s campus, only one was broken in the end. When it comes to snow, the main problem is that snow coverage impedes panel efficiency. Many homeowners can simply wait for the snow to melt because the angle at which the panels are installed encourages the melted snow to naturally run downward. You can also hire a professional to come and clear the snow.

8. How Much Money Will I Save with Solar?

The amount of money you save with solar may vary, but if you buy efficient panels and live in Southern California you are apt to save up to $40,000 over the course of your time in your home. You can use Google’s helpful Project Sunroof to estimate how much money solar panels can save you. The tool uses your address and current electric bill to provide you with an estimate.

9. Can I Take My Solar Panels When I Move?

Technically your solar panels are your property and you could take them with you to a new property. But you may not want to consider it when you factor in the increase in your home’s value. In California, a solar panel system that generates about 5kW could improve the worth of a home by tens of thousands. You’re typically better off to leave your solar panels in place, sell your home, and install a different system at your new address.

10. What is Net Metering?

Many city grids, including SDGE, have a program in place to buy your excess energy. Most homes with solar will create more energy than they need, so you may as well be paid for it! Net metering is a system by which homeowners who generate solar energy and remain connected to the grid will send their extra energy to the grid. Your utility company will pay you for this electricity and use it to offset the load for your neighbors. Anything beyond your personal “net” use is used to power your community.


Solar power has the potential to make your household energy independent, reduce your carbon footprint, and help your community. When we reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, we create new jobs and help protect the California landscape we all love so much. Solar energy is also helping local veterans get back to work after they complete their service. Contact Semper Solaris today to learn more about how to install solar panels on your home. We’ll give you a reasonable bid and talk to you about any other questions you may have about solar use.

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