Solar Panels

Del Mar Solar

Solar Leasing Options for Del Mar Residents

As solar technology continues to improve and sustainable energy options become more and more accessible, homeowners across California and the U.S. are beginning to line up to switch to solar. The great news about going solar in San Diego? Homeowners don’t also have to have the savings to cover all the upfront expenses of installing…

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What It Takes to Get Off the Grid with Solar Panels in California

Do you dream of finally cutting the chord with your power company and living in peace and harmony with nature? Going off the grid – that is, living without an electrical, water, or sewage connection – is not for the faint of heart, but it is possible. More and more people in California are showing…

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Creative uses of your Solar Power

SOLAR PANELS: BEYOND THE ROOFTOP Creative uses for your solar power system Solar rooftop installations are a booming business and with the tax incentives and rebates available, Chula Vista, residents are installing systems to save money on electricity.  But Solar rooftop panels for lower bills are only one aspect of the potential of residential solar…

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United States Manufactured Panels

Why Buy U.S. Manufactured Solar Panels

SOLAR PANELS:  MADE IN THE U.S.A. Why does it matter? As Americans know, the Trump Administration has imposed a 30 percent tariff on Chinese imports of solar cells in what the U.S. International Trade Commission considered a threat to U.S. Manufacturers through unfair trade practices and pricing. Opponents of the tariffs on Chinese imports argue…

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An In-Depth Look at Two Top Rated Solar Panels in California

When you make an investment in solar power, the dream is to save thousands of dollars each year on utility costs and perhaps even sell some of your excess energy back to the grid. With the proper installation and maintenance, a set of solar panels can last decades and be a sound financial decision. In…

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Solar Technology Advances

Latest and Future Technologies in Solar Power

EMERGING SOLAR TECHNOLOGY The future of Solar energy is promising as solar becomes more efficient, bringing with it innovation and the latest trends in solar technology. New chip technology, micro-inverters, and improvements to solar tech products are promising better and more efficient solar ideas. And looking to the future, groundbreaking technologies for building materials are…

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The Do’s and Don’ts for Adopting Solar Panels in San Diego

With 266 days of sun per year, San Diego is a prime candidate to become the leader in solar power. After all, the average number of sunny days is just 205 across the country. We nearly have the type of sun towns in New England could only dream of, especially in January. You can contribute…

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