Semper What Are the Most Installed Residential Solar Panels

What are the most installed residential solar panels in America?

You have the freedom to choose American made solar panels, but there are a number of things to know:

What Are the Most Installed Residential Solar Panels in America?

The freedom to choose American made solar panels can make it hard to choose the best panel for your needs. Determining which solar panel product to go with can be a challenge, especially since there are so many options available on the market. How do you know which is best for your needs? A good place to start is with the most popular brands used by solar companies. Why? The ones that are installed the most typically keep getting used because of their great quality, customer satisfaction, and durability. By withstanding the test of time and exposure to the elements, certain brands continue to be a reliable go-to for homeowners.

Here are some of the most commonly installed solar panel brands in America:

How Do These Panels Hold Up in California?

Sometimes different brands grab more of a market share in different states. As the number one state for cumulative solar capacity, California plays a major role in the growing industry. LG Solar, and SolarWorld all stand as top competitors in California.

Take a look at the costs for these products in California:

LG Solar

For an average household size, the solar panels from LG Solar average the following:

  • $4.09 per watt average cost prior to 30% tax credit
  • $3.81 per watt for the entire system prior to 30% tax credit

While price is a major selling point for homeowners, this isn’t the only factor that makes these brands key players in the market. For example, our lines of American Made solar panels have a higher price tag than other panels, but have raised the bar on solar panel efficiency year after year. Their products are second to none when it comes to innovation, technology, warranties, and production. These panels continue to be the most frequently installed across California and the U.S. because of their quality and durability, making them a reasonable investment for consumers looking to move towards a renewable energy source for their home or property.

When it comes to your solar panel system, you want a trusted product installed by a trusted contractor. You can count on Semper Solaris.