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Top Questions About Solar Panels

Market share among panel manufacturing companies determines the top solar manufacturers around the globe, which right now includes Trina Solar, JA Solar, and Hanwha Q Cells; however, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are “the best.”

What Are the Best Brands of Solar Panels?

Some factors to consider when thinking about the best solar panels for your home include the price point of the panels, efficiency capabilities, suitability for your energy usage needs and roof type, product quality and long-term performance, and overall brand credibility. Another main factor to keep in mind is the overall satisfaction that the actual customer has after the product has been installed.

For example, here are some of the top-rated solar panels from SolarReviews:

Semper What Are the Best Brands of Solar Panels

  1. Enphase Energy
  2. Canadian Solar
  3. SMA America, LLC

These ratings are taken from consumer reviews based on overall satisfaction with the product. As a homeowner, you know that “the best” doesn’t necessarily mean the largest manufacturer. When it comes down to it, the best product is the one that provides optimal efficiency while staying within your desired budget. That means finding the best solar panel brand for your project requires an understanding of your overall energy-saving goals and the amount of upfront money you are willing to invest. Not only that, you also need to find a local solar company that knows how to install these panels.

How Do Our American Made Solar Panels Stand Out?

There are plenty of solar panel brands to consider when looking at going solar. American Made panels are ones that sit comfortably at the top of most rankings of solar panel manufacturers. Why? Heralded as the most efficient solar panels available, American solar products have been a consumer favorite for many years, especially for those concerned with efficiency. Though they come with a higher price tag than lower-rated brands, the performance and production speaks for itself—as well as the optimal financing options available. The investment in American Made solar panels truly pay you back like no other product.

Something else that makes America Made solar panels stand out is their commitment to durability and sustainability. They also back up this sustainability with a 25-year combined power and product warranty, known to be the best option in the industry.

Made in America solar panels are one of the most trusted brands available for both corporate and residential projects. They are determined to create innovative solar panel products that deliver advanced solutions, sustainability, and fully integrated systems – covering everything the consumer is looking for.