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What Are Solar Panels?

Your Home Powered by Renewable Energy

You see them dotting roofs throughout your neighborhood and perched atop your favorite restaurants and craft breweries. Californians are embracing solar power, it’s clear.

But how do solar panels actually work, and are they the right option for you?

Solar electric panels are photoreactive panels that convert sunlight to electricity. Over the past decades, solar electric panels have become efficient, commonplace, and very reliable, contributing to an overall boom in renewable energy usage. Photovoltaic solar panels are easy to install on rooftops, on the sides of buildings, or even on the ground.

How Solar Energy Works

A solar panel is made up of many photo-reactive cells that create electricity. The panels store photons from the sun, which are converted into the power that keeps your air conditioning humming, your dishwasher washing, and your lights shining bright.

Solar panels have become so efficient that the typical home can fit enough panels on the roof to supply all the power needed for the entire residence.

Meanwhile, larger ground-mounted solar systems can help cover the energy needs of larger facilities, from schools to factories.

Today’s solar panels are not the clunky grid-designed blocks that you probably remember when they first came on the scene. Instead, today’s leading solar manufacturers, including our partnering manufacturer have refined the technology and now offer sleek panels that do a better job of absorbing sunlight.

These high-quality panels also last longer, providing you with more savings along the way!

Are Solar Panels Right for You?

Are you looking to save money on your electricity bill every month, while taking control back from the utility company AND lowering the environmental footprint of your home?

Then it’s time to consider solar panels for your home.

Solar energy can be a great investment for almost any homeowner and will help you come out ahead as energy prices continue to rise in the future.

California is a land drenched in sun, so - if you are a resident of the Golden State - you should definitely harness solar power.

If you need any more convincing to make the switch, know that you could get some juicy tax credits and incentives to cut the cost of your initial investment. However, as solar panels become more popular, these incentives could be discontinued.
So what are you waiting for?

Why Semper Solaris Is the Right Solar Energy Company

If you’ve decided to make the investment in solar panels, the next step is to work with an experienced, reliable, and highly rated California solar energy company.

At Semper Solaris, we are a local and veteran-owned business that uses products designed in the USA. We are proud to be the most award winning elite solar energy company in California and to retain an A rating from the Better Business Bureau.

We would love to compete for your business. Schedule a free energy analysis today and start seeing what we can do for you!