Solar on shingle roof

How much power do solar panels produce?

Solar panels are designed to take photons and turn them around into usable electricity for commercial properties and households. Making the decision to switch to solar energy requires thorough research and understanding. If you are curious about solar panels, you are likely wondering how much power solar panels actually produce.

How do I know if my panels will generate enough electricity?

The best way to determine how much a solar panel will likely produce is to look at three main areas:

  1. Who makes the solar panels
  2. Efficiency of the solar cell
  3. The amount of direct sunlight that the panels get

While you can’t always control how much sunlight you will get on any given day, you can control which solar panel manufacturer you choose. Made in America solar panels are known for record efficient compared to cheaper panels designed outside of the U.S.

Solar panels have numbers associated with amount of solar electricity they can produce during optimal conditions – or max power rating. The rating comes from the DC power that the panel produces under standard test conditions. Average panels can range from 250-350 watts depending on efficiency and size.

How many panels do I need to power my home?

The more panels that you have, the more power that your home gets. Therefore, having an efficient panel allows you to install more panels that take up less space on your roof. Higher efficiency panels give you optimal energy return while keeping your property looking sleek and modern.

If you want your solar panels to only cover half of your usage, you could start with a smaller system. On the other hand, if you want the most efficient system right away, you could start backwards by identifying how much electricity you use and determine how much your solar panels should produce. Once you’ve figured out how much electricity your household uses on average, you can match a solar panel system to your specific needs. Essentially, this gives you the freedom to have solar panels producing as much power as possible within the scope of your residential electricity usage. What if your solar panels produce more than you use? It will be credited back to you through the grid system, meaning you’ll have credits to use during nighttime and other times when your panels aren’t producing energy.

What type of solar panels are most efficient?

When it comes to selecting solar panels for your home, the more efficient they are, the better. Our American Made brands are clear industry leaders in solar panel efficiency. Our solar panel cells produce more energy over the first 25 years when compared to conventional panels.

The name of the solar energy game is efficiency. If your panels aren’t producing usable solar energy, they aren’t providing you the optimal savings you need. American Made solar cells truly live up to their reputation of efficiency and durability, providing maximum returns to homeowners and peace of mind thanks to their factory-backed 25-year warranty on the complete system – not just the panels.

Other common questions that our customers have about solar panels: