There is nothing like a beautiful, sunny day in Santa Monica. While there may be a lot of them, we still never grow tired of the consistent sunshine! One of the main reasons? It means we can help our customers continue to harvest the power of the sun for their benefit! With how expensive the electricity bills can be in this community, there is no doubt going solar is a serious attraction.

As the fastest-growing solar contractor in Santa Monica, Semper Solaris is ready to help you make your community greener and take maximum advantage of solar savings. While going solar may feel like a big, complicated decision, we like to take the confusion out of the equation. Our goal is to make the solar process and investment as simple as possible for our customers to understand and determine whether it’s right for their circumstances. We’ll walk you through each and every step to ensure you are comfortable with it!

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Perks of Installing Solar Panels

Having solar panels installed on your home can be extremely beneficial. There are countless benefits you’ll reap from this investment — that includes everything from creating a more eco-friendly home to extra cash back in your pocket every month. Take a look at the wide range of solar benefits below!

Real Savings on Long Term Expenses

Looking for a way to reduce your energy bills? Having solar panels installed will greatly cut down on your monthly electricity costs. Electric company rates are predicted to have a steady increase throughout the next years, and being dependent on volatile rates and unable to dimish your electric use can be extremely damaging to your personal finances. Renewable energy allows you to break that cycle — to take charge of your energy source, to monitor your energy production, to understand how much you’re using and producing and to adjust your habits accordingly. On top of that, you’re no longer paying for that electricity: what you produce is yours, and whatever is leftover, you sell back to the electric company.

No Waiting Period for Savings

If you are on the fence about the upfront investment, solar purchase power agreements and leasing options allow you to get more affordable green energy through solar panels right away. You can enjoy all the benefits of solar with a simple “pay-as-you-go” model to take the financial burden off your shoulders and enjoy more immediate savings. A third-party company will actually own the system, but you’ll be able to buy the more affordable solar energy, saving you money month to month.

Reasonable Payback Timeline & Cost

For those who do want to buy their own solar panel system, the option can be very affordable and reasonable. With all the incentives, rebates, and savings, the payback period is often much quicker than homeowners even realize. This means all their savings on electricity goes right back into their pockets!

Boost to Home Value

As a prospective homebuyer, seeing that a house has a solar panel system in place can be very appealing. They can step into a smart home that will offer lower electricity bills, ultimately making it a much more attractive purchase. In fact, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that homes with solar panels were able to sell not only 17% faster, but for 20% more than comparable homes without panels installed.

Numerous Incentives Available

The most attractive incentive is no doubt the Federal Solar Tax Credit, which allows you to deduct a percentage of the total cost of your solar panel system (including equipment and solar installation expenses). That automatically takes out a huge chunk of the solar panel system cost! This credit is set to expire soon, however, so make sure you take advantage of it while still available. California is also determined to expand its reputation as a “green” and energy-conscious state, offerings rebates and incentives alongside the Federal Solar Tax Credit and local rebates for Santa Monica residents.

Proven Performance & Savings

Though they are constantly exposed to the elements, solar panels are designed to be sturdy and long-lasting. Typical solar panel manufacturers stand by their products with extensive warranties, often around 20 to 25 years. These performance guarantees give homeowners peace of mind that their panels are designed to perform exceptionally well for decades to come. And that’s just guaranteed performance, as solar panels are able to last much longer!

Protects Environment & Keeps Local Community Green

Santa Monica is a beautiful area to live in. Protecting that natural beauty is important, and going solar is one of the ways you can help promote a more sustainable future. It may seem small, but every house and every neighborhood can make a big difference for Southern California in the long run. Renewable energy options like solar panels cut back on air and water pollution that traditional fossil fuels emit. Not only is renewable energy good for the environment, but it’s also great for public health, reducing air pollution and protecting precious water supplies.

Provides More Energy Independence

Electricity costs are currently volatile, with some uncertainty about future expenses to homeowners. That means going solar is more valuable than ever before. Having solar panels allows you to take control back over your electricity costs from utility companies. Even with net metering and time-of-use rates, having solar energy gives you much more peace of mind with your primary electricity use coming from your solar panels or solar credit from your panels. With the always-improving solar battery storage technology, you can further increase your energy independence and decrease reliance on the grid!

Why Wait When You Can Start Saving Right Away?

Helping the local Santa Monica community doesn’t have to be time-consuming or costly. Going solar can be a great way to help support the environment and your wallet at the same time! The incentives and tax credits still available for homeowners in California make it an ideal time to invest in solar panels. If you are interested in learning more about how installing solar panels in Santa Monica can help you save, add value to your home, and benefit your community, reach out to our team. We can walk you through each and every step of the process and help you select the right panels and system size for your home needs and budget.

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Solar Installation Steps

So you’ve thought about some of the benefits of going solar and want to find out what to expect in the process. Whether you are in Antelope Valley or Downtown Los Angeles, having the right solar company tackle your installation is key.  Semper Solaris is here to provide a breakdown of the solar installation steps you can expect.

What Is Involved in the Solar Process?

We know that it can be slightly overwhelming trying to navigate all the solar steps on your own. That’s why we’ve created a quick guide on what to expect below.


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Ready to get the ball rolling on your solar installation process? The Los Angeles solar installers at Semper Solaris are always ready to help. We’ve worked with countless customers throughout the L.A. area, installing solar panels on houses big and small alike. With a team of highly skilled professionals — many of which are veterans thanks to our military roots — we are more than equipped to tackle your solar project for you. Working with us means quality service, caring support, and unmatched work ethic and integrity.

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Why does it matter?

As Americans know, the Trump Administration has imposed a 30 percent tariff on Chinese imports of solar cells in what the U.S. International Trade Commission considered a threat to U.S. Manufacturers through unfair trade practices and pricing.

Opponents of the tariffs on Chinese imports argue that they could cause layoffs in the solar installation business.   But solar is the fastest growing energy source nationwide. And the benefits of domestic solar-panel manufacturing industry are huge for the industry and the country.


According to some leading business schools and think tanks, sending manufacturing overseas leaves a void not only for production workers but stifles advancement of technology in the U.S.   Patents, an incentive and mechanism for invention, as well as investment in research and development, are influenced by the manufacturing of products derived from innovative ideas. What is on the horizon?  Where would computer technology and advances in semiconductors be without the incentive to produce and create?


Manufacturing is more than just factories and production workers.  Transportation, engineering, design, development of future technology along with education, training, and job creation revolve around manufacturing.  It reaches so far as to affect government policies for immigration, taxes, and clean energy implementation.

Here in Poway, one solar manufacturing company that shut its doors, along with many others throughout the country, know just how unfair competition from China’s imports of solar panels, with their illegal subsidies, trade controls, and the lack of regulation in the dumping of hazardous waste, hurts U.S businesses.


In China, with its rapid industrial growth, polysilicon plants are a burgeoning business with the establishment of many new plants.  Polysilicon is used to manufacture solar panels. But the byproduct, silicon tetrachloride, is an extremely toxic substance that endangers the environment.

Many of these plants are dumping this poisonous chemical on farmlands, making the land infertile. And the gases emitted from the plants are affecting nearby residents–poisoning the air.  Chinese polysilicon manufacturers are saving millions by not using toxic waste recapture mechanisms. The low cost of imported Chinese solar panels comes with a price not only to the environment and poor farmers but to U.S. companies that cannot compete with the cheap imports.


Because of the threat to the environment from silicon tetrachloride, polysilicon companies in the United States are utilizing effective and costly systems for recycling the waste for reuse in the production of more solar panels. The very purpose of clean-energy is to reduce and eliminate threats to the environment.  And although they are following the rules, the U.S. is at risk of losing the very industry it pioneered, as well as the gains made towards energy independence (not relying on foreign countries for our energy needs).


But that is all changing, and the future of solar manufacturing in America looks bright.  Solar Companies are setting up shop here in the U.S. again. Tesla/Panasonic is opening a large facility in Buffalo, N.Y. to produce solar panels. SolarWorld and others are opening facilities and reestablishing their prominence in the field of solar technology.


At Semper Solaris, we use only the best “made in America” products, and we are proud of it.   Panasonic and SolarWorld are cutting edge leaders in the manufacture of solar panels and systems and comply with our standards.

Semper Solaris offers a 25-year warranty on products and performance, and we stand behind our work.   If you are contemplating installing solar power in your residence or business, you can count on us to provide the best service with the best equipment available.  Call us today and schedule an evaluation of your home for a solar power installation “Made in the U.S.A.”


The future of Solar energy is promising as solar becomes more efficient, bringing with it innovation and the latest trends in solar technology. New chip technology, micro-inverters, and improvements to solar tech products are promising better and more efficient solar ideas. And looking to the future, groundbreaking technologies for building materials are on the horizon.

Fresh new designs make rooftop solar more attractive.


Bifacial solar panels

Also called double-sided panels, bifacial solar panels capture sunlight through both sides.  They produce more energy than standard panels offering more savings on the cost of energy.


All glass solar panels

Glass panels have a  sleek design that is more attractive and durable than regular silicon cell panels.  These can are used in creative ways such being built into skylights. They also are less prone to degradation and offer fire resistance as well.


Frameless solar panels

If you don’t like the unattractive solar frames in rooftop panels, frameless solar sections use a unique mounting that looks more lustrous and matches the system for a modernized appearance.


Clear solar panels

Clear solar panels are frameless and visually appealing. They are enclosed in glass.  They use the same technology as standard panels, but the cells are inserted between to glass casings instead of opaque backing.


Solar skin

New technology brings designs for a custom look to match your roof to your solar panel system with smart grids that are smaller than traditional panels.  A few companies are pioneering this


Solar Shingles

These designer solar roof panels are set apart from other panel innovations. You can go solar without even noticing it on the roof.  Tesla’s tiles are more durable than roof materials and will blend in with the style of your home. They are made with many styles of glass including textured and smooth glass and are one of the next great trends in solar.


Solar windows

Look for this amazing technology that makes sense. Solar windows generate electricity as the sun comes shining through the special hi-tech coating embedded in the glass.


There is a vision beyond the solar products you can acquire for your home or business or gadgets and inventions that we use in our lives.  Pioneering research is paving the way for newer and better ways to reduce and eliminate the carbon footprint and offer a quality of life that is environmentally safe and maintainable.


Hornets And Grasshoppers


As we move forward in meeting the world’s energy needs and addressing sustainability and climate control, scientists are looking to nature for answers. It is apparent that we will need more and more electricity.  We are accustomed to relying on electricity for the things we use each day—like turning on the air conditioner. And as the temperatures rise in the cities—that is not about to change.


Architect and Biologist Doris Kim Sung has looked to human anatomy for answers in the functioning of human skin and creating materials that work the same way.   She has designed what is called a “Thermal Bimetal Skin” which can be used in architecture to regulate temperatures much in the way our skin functions to control the temperature in the body. It uses no electricity at all and can help control the temperatures in buildings to cut down on power used for heating and cooling systems. She is also looking to the respiratory system of grasshoppers for ideas on ventilation in buildings.


Scientists have found that some hornets use sunlight to produce electricity inside its exoskeleton.  In an experiment, a solution was extracted then placed n a solar cell conductor, when exposed to light, the pigment in the solution generated electricity. Extracting energy from plants, animals and insects and biogenic solar cells made from living bacteria are in the sphere of scientific discovery.


Electrical capability from solar and other renewable sources is outdoing those from fossil fuels. Solar energy is one of the least expensive energy choices. Saving money and advances in solar technology leading to more options for the homeowner,  make it an attractive option for homeowners in Escondido where sunshine  is abundant.


From wearables to solar-powered cars.  Solar tech is on the move. And Semper Solaris is a leader in providing the best solar products and installation.  Call us today to begin taking advantage of the future of renewable energy—and go solar.

If you live in California and are wondering, “How can I find solar providers near me?” then you are in luck. You just happen to live in the number one solar state in the country, a state that employs over 80,000 people in the solar industry. If you live in or near a major city in California, chances are good that dozens of solar installation companies would love to have your business. The real trick, then, isn’t finding a solar installation company near you, it’s figuring out how to choose the best solar company to perform your installation.

Putting a solar panel system on your roof is a major expense and represents a big renovation to your home. Workers will need to install racking to your roof and make changes to your electrical system. The solar installer you choose will be the key to ensuring that this process goes smoothly. The quality of their team will play a big role in how well your system functions after the installation and the overall solar power system cost.

In other words, choosing a solar installer is a very important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Rather than searching on Google for “solar providers near me,” and choosing the company that paid for an ad at the top of the search engine rankings, do your homework!

Not sure how to start your search? Here are four easy steps to help you find the best solar installer in your area.


Step One: Ask Your Neighbors and Friends for Referrals

The best way to determine whether a solar installer is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and easy to work with is to ask people who have already used them. You won’t find true feedback on a company from the carefully chosen testimonials on their website. Instead, turn to your friends and family who have solar panels and ask about their experience.

They will be more than happy to tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly about their solar journey and will also help you understand what to expect as you start on your own solar adventure. The main purpose of this step is to eliminate solar companies that didn’t provide excellent service for your friends, family, and neighbors.

If you get a glowing recommendation about a particular solar company, resist the temptation to immediately contact them and sign a contract. Keep in mind that your friend or family member may have not done their homework and could have used the first company that came up in their Google search. You can’t know whether they truly got the best service and price.

Keep their recommendations handy and then continue with your research.

Step Two: Check Out Review Sites

Your friends and neighbors should be able to give you a list of solar installation companies they used and liked (and a list of companies to steer clear of). Of course, you shouldn’t base such a big purchase decision on a single recommendation, so your next step is to do some more research on your new list of prospects. It’s time to head online and see what other previous customers say about your potential solar installers.

(Note: If you recently moved to town or don’t have any friends or family who can make solar recommendations, just go straight to this step.)

We recommend reading up on reviews at SolarReviews, Angie’s List, and the Better Business Bureau. Use Yelp as a last resort, as the reviews on that site aren’t always of the highest quality. The beauty of large review websites is that you’ll get to learn about the experiences of a number of different people, so you can get a much better idea of how a company consistently operates.

It is important to keep in mind that many people are spurred to write reviews based on either a very good experience or a very bad experience, so what you read may not be a completely accurate reflection of a company. Don’t be afraid of one terrible review for a company if the majority of their reviews are positive. If you see a pattern of poor service, then it’s time to cross that name off your list!

As you read through reviews, here are a few general things to look for:

It’s important to know that very few solar installations go off without a hitch. Equipment shipping from the manufacturer may be delayed. Perhaps an inspection of the roof revealed damage that required a repair. Maybe someone at the permitting office lost a permit request. These things happen. When you read reviews about a solar installation company, focus on how well they address the inevitable issues that occur.

Step Three: Request a Consultation

After reading reviews of your potential installers, it’s time to pick a few top contenders. Try to narrow your list to between two and four companies that have gotten an endorsement from a friend or family member and have generally positive reviews.

It’s time to request a consultation.

Any solar installation company worth their sunbeams should offer a free consultation. Give the company a call or fill out the form on their website, and you should be contacted shortly by a representative to schedule the consultation.

The company will send an experienced associate to your home to discuss your project, goals, and budget. Here are a few of the things to expect during your consultation. The association will:

The best associates will take the time to learn about your unique situation, answer your questions, and address your concerns. Ideally, they’ll also tell you about their company’s history and mission and help you feel comfortable with the entire solar installation process.

Not every solar installer is the right choice for your project. Often, you’ll see red flags during the consultation, such as:

Once you’ve completed all the consultations, it’s time to compare your quotes and make the big decision.


Step Four: Choosing a Solar Provider Near Me

After your solar consultations are complete, you may have a clear winner in mind, or perhaps you were able to cross one or two companies off your list, leaving you with several great options to choose from. Now it’s time to compare your quotes and think carefully about how you feel about each company.

While it’s tempting to simply choose the company that offers the lowest solar power system cost, we encourage you to take a number of factors into consideration, including:

One other important factor to contemplate is whether or not the company is locally established. By taking your business to a local solar company, you are keeping your dollars in your community and supporting local, high-paying solar jobs for your friends and neighbors.

There’s another important reason to “go local.” A local solar installation company will already be familiar with common roofing trends in your neighborhood which can help them avoid issues when they begin their installation. Local companies are also highly experienced pulling permits in your area. They know where to go and how to fill out the forms. Finally, they are also much more likely to know if any local renewable energy incentives – like rebates or tax deductions – are available.

At Semper Solaris, we believe in investing in local communities, which is why we have opened locations throughout California. We are a veteran owned and operated business that instills our military values of integrity, responsibility, and attention to detail into everything that we do. When it comes time to search for solar installers in your area, we encourage you to take a look at all of our reviews on, Angie’s List, and The Better Business Bureau.

We would appreciate the opportunity to compete for your business. Schedule a solar consultation today.


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