Get solar panels in Coronado, San Diego and generate your own source of energy for electricity.

Best Solar Company in Coronado

Solar energy is the most abundant and accessible source of energy on earth; it is also the cheapest. Water heaters, air conditioners, and anything that needs electricity can run on solar power. But not all solar panels are the same. There are several solar companies in Coronado. This can make it hard to determine which company to trust. However, just because you have heard of a company doesn’t mean they are the best.

Semper Solaris has proven to be the best solar company in Coronado, offering the best solar panels and customer service in the business. However, our services don’t just end there. Most people are concerned with the cost of solar panel installation. If you have some concerns about battery storage and roofing cost, you do not need to worry! The cost of installing solar power has dropped by around 70 percent since 2006. Additionally, there are financial programs at Semper Solaris to cut the value of your installation as low as possible.

Coronado has a whole lot of sunshine - perfect conditions for solar!

Go Solar and Save Coronado

People have often wondered, why go solar and save Coronado? As a result of that, fail to realize the benefits of solar technology. This kind of energy has become a trend in renewable energy. Some homeowners in Coronado have installed solar panels on their roofs, and are managing them correctly to reap the various benefits of solar energy. Apart from the financial benefits, there are other reasons why you should consider going solar.

  1. It is suitable for the environment:The apparent fact about solar energy is that it is a clean, green energy source. It is an excellent way to reduce the carbon footprint of Coronado. Nothing about this energy source pollutes mother nature, making it safe and friendly for the environment. Solar energy is secure, and having it installed on your roof is an easy way to contribute to having a sustainable future.
  2. It makes your house go off-the-grid:The reduction in the cost of solar panels in the US, in general, serves as a big reason why more people should make use of solar energy. Traditional electricity depends significantly on fossil fuels such as natural gas and coal. Not just that, they are dangerous for the environment and lead to limited natural resources. By using solar electricity, you will be independent of power. It can easily protect you from the fluctuating rates of energy prices.
  3. It is a free source of energy:The sun gives us more energy than we can ever consume, and nobody can monopolize sunlight. As soon as you have a solar power system installed, it’ll begin saving you money. The longer you make use of this energy source, the more you will enjoy the advantages and support the environment.
  4. Job creation:In 2016, the US was the biggest solar panel producer in the world and had created several jobs around the country. It has also been reported that in five years since 2010, employment in the solar industry has increased by 123 percent. Most of the jobs created were by small businesses dealing with installations and followed by solar designers and service professionals.
Solar panels are very popular in Coronado, San Diego for saving residents on their electricity bill. Contact Semper Solaris to learn more about solar panel installation
Solar panels are very popular in Coronado, San Diego for saving residents on their electricity bill. Contact Semper Solaris to learn more about solar panel installation

Solar and Roofing Company Coronado

Semper Solaris is a prominent solar and roofing company in Coronado. We are an award-winning roofing contractor, as well as licensed dealers in solar and battery storage. We’re even a certified Tesla Powerwall installer! While working with us, you are guaranteed professional craftsmanship from the start to the end. You will not have to worry about logistic concerns, inaccurate quotes, and the pain of hiring different contractors for both solar and roofing projects. Making use of only one company for both jobs will guarantee more reliability.

Best Solar Power Companies In Coronado, CA

Roof Replacement in Coronado

If you are looking for a roofing company in Coronado, Semper Solaris is your best bet! We out as the best roof replacement company in Coronado. Every roofing project we undertake gets backed by Owen Corning Manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty makes sure you get top class craftsmanship and also have peace of mind knowing that in case of any mishaps, you’ll get covered.

We also offer complimentary hip and shingle ridge packages to give your roof maximum efficiency and protection. We have been manufacturing premium roofing products over the years. We provide quality shingles to enable your home to make use of less energy and save you more money at the same time.

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Helping Veterans One Solar System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.