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Best Solar Panel Company in Sacramento

Why are so many Sacramento Residents switching to Solar?

Solar power is the number one renewable energy in Sacramento, California, and the fastest-growing energy source in the world. As the movement towards a sustainable world brings clean energy to places that once had little or no access to modern electric power, California is leading the charge with the most solar installations in the country and growing.

The residents of the 6th largest city in California, are signing on to solar power installations in Sacramento in record numbers and benefitting from the lower energy costs. They are committed to cutting their carbon footprint, reducing greenhouse gases, and slashing wasteful practices for the good of the environment.

And they are profiting from the financial incentives for energy efficiency and solar power available to California homeowners. California is pushing the line forward for renewable energy because it is the right thing to do.

There are many reasons for the residents of Sacramento to go solar.

  • Lower upfront costs with rebates and incentives
  • Save money on power bills
  • Remove obstacles to solar power for low-income families
  • Solar power causes no pollution of the air or water
  • Solar Power will help vitalize the city’s economy

Choosing a local company with experience is the first step towards going solar. Semper Solaris is the best Solar power company in Sacramento, the capital of the most “solar state” in the country. We can offer you the highest quality equipment and installation, bar none.

Solar Panels For Your Home in Sacramento

Why Choose A Local Solar Contractor in Sacramento?

Solar power in Sacramento is an essential long-term investment. The process of installing solar panels and equipment is complicated, with many decisions to make along the way. From choosing the design and size of your system to picking the right equipment, your installer needs to be experienced and knowledgeable.

They must have an excellent reputation for high-quality work and client satisfaction. The right solar company should know your city, city managers, and the infrastructure, with lots of experience installing locally.

Qualities of the right solar company 

  • Experience, Experience, Experience
  • Track Record of Happy customers
  •  Reliable, Attentive, and Helpful

Credentials of the right solar company

Semper Solaris is the best solar contractor in Sacramento and has been serving this city for over 15 years. Our technicians have NABCEP certification along with general contracting, home improvement, and electrician licenses. We provide generous warranties on our products and installations along with a variety of financing options to meet your financing needs.

Best solar panel company of the capital, Sacramento
Best solar panel company of the capital, Sacramento

Sacramento Solar Rebates and Incentives

It is essential to choose a solar company in Sacramento that is knowledgeable about the various rebates and incentives available to Sacramento residents. Semper Solaris offers financing options, including PACE, and other solar loans. We will help you find the right incentives so you can get the maximum benefit possible.

Accessible alternative financing for solar power is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). With this type of financing, a third party owns and leases the equipment to the homeowner with no upfront cost. The homeowner pays a discounted rate and saves money on their power bill from day one. A PPA is a great way to go if you don’t want to finance or pay cash for your solar installation.

Another form of incentive available in many states is Net Metering, where a meter attached to your electrical inverter, measures usage and surplus routes back to the power grid. With this method, homeowners save even more by selling unused solar power back to the utility in the form of credits towards the electric bill. This practice is in use throughout California. You can also find solar incentives through rebates offered in municipalities and local solar companies.

Semper Solaris is the best solar company in Sacramento. Our reputation is second to none. We will take care of your installation from the beginning through the permits and inspections until the day we flip the switch, and you begin enjoying the benefits of lower rates. Call us today and let’s get started going solar in Sacramento.

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